Buyers Guide: Popular Inflatable Sports Tunnels for Big Games

Nothing gets your fans more fired up than the sight of their team running onto the field through a custom inflatable tunnel.

There’s excitement as the band strikes up, the cloud of fog pours out onto the field, and then as the players burst out through the haze.

Cameras start snapping, and the crowd roars to life, rocking the stands as cheers and team chants fill the air!

Nothing says GAME ON like an inflatable sports tunnel.

But how exactly do you pick the right tunnel for you? Better still, how do you customize an inflatable tunnel to convey your team's essence for big games?

Well, with the right manufacturer, it’s easier than you think.

Here’s a look at the most popular inflatable sports tunnels to help you pick (or design) the best one for your team.

The Different Kinds of Inflatable Sports Tunnels

Inflatable sports tunnels can be simple tunnel shapes or intricate inflatable mascots. Their uses are as varied as the sports they complement — as you can see in our ultimate guide.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular inflatable sports tunnel variations.

Custom Inflatable Sports Tunnels

inflatable sports tunnel with Lakeside team branding
Inflatable Sports Tunnel With Lakeside Team Branding

These are the most popular and affordable inflatable tunnels. They typically consist of a tunnel shape with your team colors, name, and logo printed on the sides.

You can also sell advertising space on the sides of your inflatable sports tunnel and include sponsored banners and logos to bolster support for your team.

Even with the simple design, regular inflatable sports tunnels are a brilliant way for your team to make an entrance during a big game.

It’ll make your players feel special and get them pumped up for the upcoming match, boosting morale while giving the fans a thrill.

Some notable features of the regular inflatable sports tunnel include:

  • Unlimited printing and customization
  • Constant air or sealed-air inflatable tunnels available
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Storage bag, air blower, and stake kit
  • Heavy-duty PVC material

Inflatable Helmet Tunnels

black and gold custom inflatable helmet tunnel
Black and Gold Custom Inflatable Helmet Tunnel

Inflatable helmet tunnels feature a giant inflatable replica of your team's helmet. You can use the inflatable helmet as is or pair it with an inflatable tunnel to create the perfect entryway.

Despite their size, inflatable helmet tunnels are practical and easy to transport, making them usable for home-field and away games.

They are also excellent collateral for event promotion and photo opportunities when you need to garner support for your team.

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Inflatable Mascot Tunnels

Mascot sports tunnels feature a giant replica of your team's mascot at the end of the tunnel. Similar to the other inflatable tunnels, they come in your team's colors, with the name and logo printed on the sides (or however you want).

Inflatable mascot tunnels are a crowd-pleaser. They get your fans off their feet and give them something to cheer for when the team bursts through the tunnel.

They are also a visual treat for your fans. Everybody loves lining up to take pictures in or next to an inflatable mascot tunnel.

If your goal is to garner as much team spirit as possible at every game, you can’t go wrong with an inflatable mascot tunnel.

Custom Shape Inflatable Tunnels

inflatable bull sports tunnel
Inflatable Bull Sports Tunnel

This is a miscellaneous category where all the rest of the designs fall. There is no limit to the amount of customization you can have on your sports tunnel. When effectively implemented, it can replicate any 3D object you can dream of.

Custom shape inflatable sports tunnels are particularly popular because of their limitless potential. They can be small or large animals, product replicas, or anything you choose to represent your team and what it stands for.

If you’re looking for an inflatable sports tunnel that captures the essence of your team, then that falls under this category.

At MVP Visuals, we won't limit your creativity when you trust us to create your custom inflatable tunnel. Our team is committed to helping turn your dream into reality.

blue Monarchs branded
Inflatable Tunnel
Trojans branded inflated
Mascot Tunnel
Panthers branded
Inflatable Helmet

Custom Inflatable Sports Tunnels

Custom Inflatable Sports Tunnels

Custom Inflatable Sports Tunnels

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What to Look For in Your Sports Tunnel Manufacturer

Design Capabilities

A custom inflatable sports tunnel designed from the ground up is a considerable undertaking. Not all manufacturers will be up to the task.

Ensure that your manufacturer can handle every step of the design and manufacturing process, so you end up with a product you're in love with.

This involves looking through their online presence, portfolio, and customer reviews to ensure that they can handle the complexity of your project.

Reputation and Reliability

Some companies will promise delivery within specific time limits only to leave you stranded once they have your deposit. You end up getting your inflatable sports tunnel much later than promised, sometimes in the middle of or even after the season.

Thankfully, that's not something you’d need to worry about with MVP Visuals. But don’t take it from us. Here’s what a happy client had to say:

“This is our second time ordering with MVP Visuals. The products, customer service and timeliness are excellent.”

Amanda Trent | ★★★★★

At MVP Visuals, we’ve been providing stunning advertisement collateral, including custom inflatables since 2006.

Over the years, we’ve developed a tight-knight team of service, design, and product experts to offer you a 5-star experience every time you work with us.

Straightforward, Affordable Pricing

When you contact a business team, they should be able to break down precisely how they price their products.

Avoid manufacturers with “setup” fees and other seemingly inexplicable costs.

At the very least, they should include customization as standard. The manufacturer should not charge you extra based on the amount of artwork you want on your inflatable sports tunnel.

Reliable Customer Support

When you partner with a manufacturer on a large-scale project, such as a custom inflatable, you should be able to get ahold of a real person whenever you contact them during their operating hours.

Open and easy communication is critical to ensuring that they have your vision in mind. It also shows that they are committed to hearing and bringing your vision to life.

At MVP Visuals, we appreciate this fact. That is why when you partner with us, you get a dedicated service rep to help you through designing all the way to delivery.

That's our 360-service promise.

“Our experience with MVP was exceptional, from design to the final delivery! Would highly recommend.”

Dan Virkler | ★★★★★


Get Your Team a Custom Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Custom inflatable tunnel designs are virtually limitless. Just use your imagination, or ours. Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to create an inflatable sports tunnel that will get your fans screaming.

Your custom inflatable sports tunnel will also come with an assortment of accessories, including a high-quality blower to get you set up in minutes.

So if you’re ready to get started with customizing your inflatable tunnel, reach out and:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to inflate my sports tunnel constantly?

Not necessarily. That depends on the kind of inflatable tunnel you’ve got. At MVP Visuals, we offer two types of inflatables:

  • Sealed-air inflatable tunnels—require inflation only once
  • Constant-air inflatable tunnels—need continuous airflow

Which is the best inflatable sports tunnel for my team?

While all the options are good, custom inflatable sports tunnels are unique to your team, and its specific needs. They give you the flexibility to be as creative with your custom design as you wish.

Where do I buy custom inflatable sports tunnels?

MVP Visuals is the best company to entrust with your custom sports tunnel. We offer free consultations with real humans and free unlimited samples and layouts.

Our prices are unbeatable, with open and honest pricing and we’re guaranteed to deliver your order on time or its free.

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