Buyers Guide: Innovative Inflatable Entrance Tunnels for Sports Events

Nothing gets sports fans riled up like seeing their favorite players emerge from a custom-branded entrance tunnel.

But first, you have to get your custom entrance tunnel designed.

The simple part (ideation, proposal) starts with you but the rest of the work (schematization, fabric processing) is done by the designer/manufacturer.

Having the inflatable tunnels at your sports events is worth it because:

  • It draws your customers’ attention
  • It makes an excellent first impression
  • It sets you apart from other teams

    To get the perfect entrance tunnel for your team, you need the right benchmarks against which to compare the various design(er)s in the market.

    And it’s precisely towards this end that we’ve curated this guide.

    #1: Why Get an Entrance Tunnel—and How Do You Set One Up?

    Quick overview of some of MVP Visuals’ entrance sports inflatables.

    blue Monarchs branded inflatable tunnel Trojans branded inflated tunnel Panthers branded inflatable tunnel
    Entrance Sports Tunnel With Flap Enclosure

    Customized Entrance

    Custom Entrance Tunnel With Helmet

    Inflatable entrance tunnels allow your team to distinguish itself from its competitors—a process that begins with tunnel customization.

    At MVP Visuals we use dye-sublimation to create the prints on our inflatables. It involves infusing an image onto the desired surface. The art is first transferred to paper and then to the target surface using heat.

    Dye-sublimation printing has many advantages which include:

    • Images get a sharp and clear look
    • It’s easy to print in bulk
    • The colors don't fade easily
    • It allows printing on rigid surfaces

    The Setup

    Each inflatable is folded and ready for use when it arrives. Take it out of the bag to begin the setup process

    1. Untangle the ropes which you’ll use to secure your inflatable later.
    2. Unroll and unfold your inflatable tunnel so that it’s sprawled out on the floor and ready to be blown up.
    3. Double-check that all zippers have been correctly closed; each tunnel has an average of four to six zippers. It's critical to close all zippers since your tunnel will not inflate if one is left open.
    4. Locate the fan tunnel to connect the fan blower.
    5. Turn the red knob on the fan blower to activate the air.
    6. The inflating process takes roughly two to four minutes.
    7. To prevent tunnel movement, locate the ropes and attach them with stakes.
    8. Your tunnel is now complete and ready for use.

    Expert Tip: Do NOT set up the inflatable if the wind is too strong that day.

    #2: Innovative Entrance Tunnels

    1: Monarchs 18’ x 10’ x 10’ Printed Tunnel

    Monarchs inflatable tunnel printed using MVP’s proprietary dye sublimation
    Monarchs Inflatable Tunnel

    Whether your school team is in search of an inflatable tunnel through which to make their grand entry in the finals game, or something vibrant and unique for a forthcoming trade show, this run-through tunnel won’t disappoint.

    It also features:

    • Unlimited custom and print option
    • Refined PVC material
    • Both sealed and continuous-air circulation designs
    • 5-minute inflation process

    Affordable entrance tunnels are really not all that easy to get, so MVP Visuals makes a price-match promise: if you can find a cheaper custom option elsewhere, we will match it.

    Expert Tip: Do NOT set up your inflatable when it’s raining.

    2: Lakeside Red Lined Entrance Tunnel

    Lakeside football entrance tunnel inflatable
    Lakeside Football Entrance Tunnel

    Now here’s one of the more affordable yet popular MVP Visuals entrance tunnels. It features a sleek-edge design with enough space for the custom team name, logo, and colors on the sides.

    With its dye-sublimation print that so cleanly and crisply prints its surface, this tunnel is bound to make for the perfect team entrance. It also features:

    • Heavy duty PVC material
    • A storage bag, tie-down ropes, ground stake kit, and blower
    • 10-minute setup time
    • 15-20 business day production time
    • Unlimited custom design options

    Expert Tip: Avoid poor quality fabrics which tear easily and quickly sag.

    The table below shows the main considerations for choosing the best fabric. 

    Feature Best Choice
    Type of Material Durable PVC
    Printing Printable through dye-sublimation

    3: Blue, Ultra-Sized Football Entrance Tunnel

    interior perspective of an entrance tunnel on a football field
    Interior Perspective of an Entrance Tunnel

    This inflatable entrance tunnel is a budget-friendly and practical option and can be moved around at a moment’s notice.

    After the game season, this entrance tunnel inflatable can be easily tucked in and stored away until the next use.

    It also features:

    • A 5-year durability guarantee
    • 1-minute inflation process
    • 10-day turn-around time
    • Removable banners with Velcro finishing for removable banners
    • A storage bag, stakes, ropes, D-rings, blower
    • Unlimited custom and print design options

    #3: What Should You Look Out for When Choosing a Manufacturer?

    Amish Country half marathon custom inflatable
    Amish Country Half Marathon Custom Inflatable

    The Level of Intricacy & Detail in the Customized Design

    A custom inflatable sports tunnel designed from the ground up is a considerable undertaking.

    Ensure that your manufacturer can handle every step of the design and manufacturing process, so you end up with a product you're in love with.

    This involves looking through their online presence, portfolio, and customer reviews to ensure that they can handle the complexity of your project.

    Pricing—Getting the Bang for Your Buck

    When you contact a business team, they should be able to break down precisely how they price their products.

    Avoid manufacturers with “setup fees” and other vaguely defined costs. At the minimum, make sure they offer a comprehensive customization service: zero-cost follow-up design modifications.

    The manufacturer should not charge extra based on the amount of artwork you want on your inflatable sports tunnel.


    History & Accrued Reputation

    Some companies will promise delivery within a specific time limit then leave you stranded once they have your deposit.

    At MVP Visuals we’ve been providing stunning advertisement collateral, including custom inflatables since 2006.

    Over the years, we’ve developed a tight-knight team of service, design, and product experts to offer you a 5-star experience every time you work with us.

    Impressive Customer Support

    When you partner with a manufacturer on a large-scale project such as a custom inflatable, you should be able to get hold of a real person whenever you contact them during their operating hours.

    Open and easy communication is critical to ensuring that they have your vision in mind and that they are committed to bringing your vision to life.

    This is why, at MVP Visuals, you don’t just get affordable inflatable sports tunnels you’ll love. You also get MVP-level service.

    Whether you represent an NFL team or a pee-wee touch football team, we strive to treat all our customers with the same level of modicum and professionalism; from providing free fabric samples and digital proofs to our guarantee that you’ll have access to an available MVP Visuals rep when you call. 


    “This is our second time ordering with MVP Visuals. The products, customer service, and timeliness are excellent.”

    ★★★★★ Amanda Trent

    At MVP Visuals, we make a point of treating each of our customers like a champ

    With a long history of working with such brands as NASA, Reddit, Harvard University, Facebook, Whole Foods, and Puma, we have cultivated a set of professional values and ethics that exemplifies the mark we’re trying to make:

    • Above & Beyond
    • A Culture of Customer-Centric Positivity
    • Openness & Honesty
    • Always Growing & Evolving

    Another One of MVP Visuals Many Success Stories…

    Seeking to add a bit more flair to the start of the football season, Delta State University resolved to have their players walk into the pitch from a custom inflatable helmet and tunnel.

    By choosing that specific design, they managed to make the most of their investment and hype their players and fans.

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