4 Perfect Events to Show Off Your Branded Tent

4 Perfect Events to Show Off Your Branded Tent

Custom-made branded tents are a business’ best friend.

They do so much, all at once. They are a shelter under which people convene, they create awareness by having the company’s logo beautifully emblazoned on it, and they give you the flexibility to take your business anywhere.

Any business looking to make an impression during an event ought to invest in a custom pop-up tent. And no one does it better than MVP Visuals. We know that these tents are a star player and a key asset to have for your business’ marketing operations.

At any event, potential or interested clients go around comparing and contrasting different businesses to engage with before making a decision.Having a good custom tent with a logo and branding is the best way to stand out in a sea of competitors because it will grab clients’ attention.

Below, we have curated a list of the perfect tents for you to consider for popular events like music festivals, sporting extravaganzas, trade shows, and corporate events.

Concerts/Music Festivals

Concerts and music festivals are a great way to create brand awareness using tents. For these events, you want to get custom pop-up tents that announce themselves to the party.

We have a bold and innovative option; our Custom Misting Tent will be the talk of the town at any music festival. Revelers can cool under it from the sweltering heat, all while creating brand awareness for your business.

Custom Misting Tents
Custom Misting Tents

Our giant misting tents are unique. They will stand out from any other branding at the festival because of their size (they are huge) and their interesting function (the cooling mist).  They also come in custom offerings of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

With a 30 minute set-up time, the 0.6 mm heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin tent is an investment that your company should make.

The made-to-measure tent also comes along with all the misting tent’s accessories: jets, hoses, and air blowers, as well as a storage bag and the ropes to hold it down. 

After making this purchase, you best believe that your brand’s name will be on revelers' lips after the event, and engagement will positively skyrocket. 

Another excellent tent for music festivals is our custom-made illuminated tents. When the sun sets and the real fun starts kicking in, your brand’s lit up tent will still be visible. No more relying on strobe lights to briefly light up your tent during nighttime performances.

Custom Printed Illuminated Tents
Custom Printed Illuminated Tents

The best part about this tent is that the lighting is inbuilt— it doesn’t take the attention away from your company’s logo, and branding. Your products or wares will be easy to see, regardless of the time your event is.

If the rain decides to come down’ the tent has a water-repellant canopy to protect you and prospective clients from getting soaked. 

Sporting Events

For a long time, there has been a positive relationship between sports and branding. Sporting events draw lots of crowds both physically and virtually. In 2019, 154.4 million people watched sports at least once a month and the number will rise steadily in the coming years.

Don’t be left behind in the sporting mania. Be it lacrosse, soccer, polo or motorsports, a branded summit tent will make sure that your company gets noted, and a piece of the engagement pie.

A good tent for such an event is our star shape  Summit Tent. This tent has a single pole that runs at the center, holding up the peak. In addition, it is water and UV resistant as well as flame retardant. The tent’s star shape ensures that water doesn’t collect on the tent when it rains - and it looks really unique.

Custom Summit Tents
Custom Summit Tents

Star shape tents have more visible peak space, so anyone who passes by your tent or comes toward it will notice your business with ease, without having to lift their head.

Custom Summit Tents
Custom Summit Tents

Trade Shows

Having custom event tents branded with your company’s logo at a trade show is a no brainer. Trade shows live up to their name and are one of the best places to drum up interest in your product or service.

Considering how early some trade shows start and how quickly you need to be prepared before the crowds start growing, you need a pop-up tent that you can put up ASAP. Our Flash Custom Tent was made with such events in mind.

Flash Custom Tents
Flash Custom Tents

As its name denotes, this tent will be up and standing in a jiffy. The Flash custom canopy tent is sublime and functional. It’s a good choice for businesses that have been in the custom branding arena for a bit and want to make a stronger impression.

A sturdy steel tent frame in either black or white will hold the tent up. It comes with a deluxe rolling bag; meaning you can easily transport it, set it up for use ,and store your tent after the trade event. The wheels on the bag come in handy especially when the trade show is indoors, you can move the tent to your stand, hassle-free.

Corporate Events 

Corporate events are always buzzing with activity and intuitively, you would want to have a pop-up tent, custom printed with your company’s logo. These events are quite frequent — galas, conferences, CSR functions —so investing in a good custom printed tent will pay off in the long run. 

We have an excellent bundle for corporate events that will give the event a personal touch and give a good first impression. The Custom Tents MVP Bundle is irresistible. It comes with the following useful components:

  • The Spark custom canopy pop-up tent
  • A branded polyester tablecloth 
  • A tent back wall with custom branding on a single side
  • A feather flag with your company’s logo and artwork emblazoned on it

To top it all off, it comes along with deluxe packaging. When put together, the bundle looks something like this: 

Custom Tents MVP Bundle
Custom Tents MVP Bundle

The tent having sides ensures that the customers come up right to the front, and it gives whoever is manning the stand a better bearing in controlling the crowds because they can only approach the tent from the front.

The components of this bundle complement each other effortlessly. With these useful additions to the tent, prepare to be the MVP at your next business conference or CSR drive. 

Buying a Custom Pop-Up Tent is the Best Decision Ever

MVP tents are made with all businesses in mind, small to large. We have an impressive array of products to ensure that your brand and business is well represented. You only have one chance to make a good impression, so invest in a custom tent and watch your business flourish.

Take a quick look at our video to understand why you need a custom MVP tent today.

Why Buy MVP Visuals Custom Tents
Why Buy MVP Visuals Custom Tents?

We can confidently say that we give you a combination of quality materials, superb prices and unrivalled customer service.

Below is a review from one of the customers we have had the pleasure of serving:

Tim Customer Review
Tim | Customer Review

Any of our tents can be yours today too, all you have to do follow 4 steps:

  • Select the tent that you would like to be customized from our website.
  • Share your logos and branding content that you want on the tent with us.
  • Send through your proof of payment
  • Sit pretty and wait to receive your tent in a few days.

For some of our more unique tents that have custom prices, request a quote and we’ll be able to make the tent with the exact customization options that you desire.

Rest assured we walk with you throughout the process to refine your artwork and logos and offer you free templates and mock-ups before you make the order.

Our tents also come with a one to two-year warranty and free shipping in the USA.

Aside from tents, we sell custom tablecloths, advertising flags, inflatable arches and custom banners.

To be the star of the next event that you attend, get your business a custom MVP Visuals tent today. 

Featured image: Flickr by Loc' Sport Event