5 Inspiring Concepts for Your Own Custom Inflatables

Custom inflatables are a must-have if you’re keen on getting your brand noticed in public and corporate events. They strengthen your brand visibility and public perception, significantly drawing people to your brand.

There’s no offline advertisement method that transcends custom inflatables in arresting and detaining public attention.

Interestingly, most of the pictures and videos your prospects and customers take featuring your custom inflatable end up on social media platforms, adding an online character to the custom inflatable niche.

Consider these five inspiring concepts for your own custom inflatables to make them even more effective.

Concept #1: Add Misting to Custom Inflatables

During hot weather, misting is not just a custom inflatable tweak; it’s a basic need.

Guests can get disoriented and uncomfortable in high temperatures. That’s why we’ve assembled the best misting kit to incorporate into your custom inflatable upon your request. It’ll help relieve your visitors from discomfort, dehydration, and inertia during extremely hot weather.

custom inflatable misting tent

Misting capability is especially handy on:

Fit it in your custom mascot tunnel and watch how your team finds it indispensable. During hot game days in the early fall or late spring, it can give players a quick re-fresh before game time and energize them to take the field.

The table below shows how stock and custom inflatables differ in terms of value and convenience.

Stock Custom
Minimalistic Accommodation Luxurious / Comfortable
Limited Brand Publicity Display of Ingenuity / Creativity
Leaves Brief Impression Leaves Lasting Impression
Easily Comparable With Competitors’ Inflatables Special and Unique

custom inflatable sports entry tunnel
Custom Inflatable Sports Entry Tunnel

Additionally, misting will have a psychological influence on your prospects. Most likely, a majority of your customers have never enjoyed misting in a custom inflatable before. Therefore, experiencing it for the first time in your inflatable will give them a unique reason to always remember your brand.

Expert tip: Misting will work for them the same way air conditioning at the retail store works for you.

Request a quote here to receive personalized pricing for a custom misting inflatable.

Concept #2: Make Larger-Than-Life Inflatable Replicas

Turn heads with an imposing inflatable product replica, cleverly positioned at a high traffic point.

MVP Visuals can make your brand the center of attraction by designing a custom inflatable that’s as big as you want.

The intricate design and skillful architecture we use to create your custom inflatable will endear as many customers to your brand as it excites. It's too hard to miss or ignore.

giant inflatable shoe replica
Giant Inflatable Shoe Replica

A giant inflatable will automatically attune your customers’ impression and expectations of your brand to match the size of the inflatable. For instance, if you set up a giant inflatable product replica near your store, your customers multiply the value of the actual product by the size of the replica.

Concept #3: Use Interchangeable Banners

Interchangeable banners are an excellent money-saving concept for your custom inflatable. That’s because, with interchangeable banners, you don’t need to buy new inflatables for every event.

man removing an interchangeable Velcro banner from inflatable arch

MVP Visuals will create your inflatable with infinite versatility, enabling you to use it at any event. We’ll also supply you with custom and printed Velcro, hanging, and interchangeable wraparound banners whenever you have an event coming up.


Concept #4: Curved Custom Inflatable Arches

Curved custom inflatable arches offer a more graceful view and are more relatable to your customers due to their resemblance to various natural objects, such as hills and rainbows.

Also known as rounded inflatables, they rise from one end and descend on the other side without breaking the flow. 

custom inflatable curved arch
Custom Inflatable Curved Arch

Curved custom inflatable arches offer a more generous view of long text and large images because they don’t break off as suddenly as angled or squared arches. 

Request a quote today and find out how we can help you connect more closely with your customers with our curved custom inflatable arch.

Concept #5: Let the Inflatable Mascot Be the Spokesperson

Mascots have a mysterious way of appealing to people’s emotions. This truth is evident in the outbursts they elicit during sports competitions. They’re sometimes more popular than the best players.

custom giant inflatable mascot
Custom Giant Inflatable Mascot

We can create a custom inflatable mascot to build a solid emotional bond between your brand and customers. Make it your brand’s spokesperson and watch it speak right into the hearts of your prospects, converting them into die-hard loyalists at little cost.

Contact MVP Visuals for a custom inflatable mascot to help your brand find a place in your prospects’ hearts.


We're Closer Than You Expect

We’re proactive and available with always-live service during our business hours, giving you timely updates on the progress of your order. Our no-robot communication policy practically makes MVP Visuals an extension of your own brand.

Get the Highest Value

Get us to tactfully assimilate these inspiring concepts into your next inflatable to make it:

  • Memorable for the longest time
  • Yield higher return on investment
  • Command attention
  • Double up as a portable shelter

For every custom inflatable arch you buy from us, you’ll enjoy

  • On-time delivery
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Exceptional quality

Here’s what our customers feel about our service and products.

testimony of a happy MVP Visuals customer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best custom inflatable for my event?

It depends on:

  • The function
  • The expected number of visitors
  • Your budget
  • The venue

We’ll be glad to help you choose the most suitable custom inflatable for your event once we are clear on the purpose of the inflatable.

What is your assurance of producing a replica?

Our design team will create a to-scale 3D image of your envisioned custom inflatable and share it with you before advancing to the actual production.

You can then offer suggestions and request necessary modifications.

We’ll again send the resulting 3D rendering to you for approval. Once we have your consent, we’ll begin the production process immediately.

How large can a giant inflatable get?

At MVP Visuals, we combine the best material quality with the best artistry to produce giant inflatables of practically unlimited sizes. Whether it's 4 feet tall or 30 feet tall, if you want it, we can do it. 

Can the sun pale the colors of my inflatable?

We use the special heat-based Dye Sublimation printing technique, which is an high-quality method for custom printed inflatable and custom printed banner material whether it's denier polyester or PVC. This guarantees long-lasting durability and enduring freshness of the colors of your inflatable.

However - as with anything, we don't recommend permanently leaving your inflatable out in the sun for days on end, and proper storage in a cool, dry place will ensure its longevity.

Can you make inflatables of all shapes?

Yes! So far, we’ve always satisfactorily produced the most complex custom inflatable shapes. We have special equipment and techniques to recreate and invent any inflatable shape.

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