4 Practical Reasons You Should Buy Tablecloths With a Logo

4 Practical Reasons You Should Buy Tablecloths With a Logo

Some might think tablecloths may not be the loudest or fanciest display option, but they are a great advertising tool that can be repurposed for different events. 

Unlike roll-up banners and advertising flags that you may not always get space to display, tables are non-negotiable at trade shows, so you’ll always have a chance to show off your tablecloth.

Tablecloths are hard to miss or ignore because they’re placed directly on the booth, which is usually your company’s centerpiece at trade shows or business exhibitions. A vibrant, high-quality tablecloth with your logo printed on it is not merely an accessory for your booth, it makes the booth.

Choosing to have your logo printed on your tablecloth has many advantages, including:

  • Enhancing your company’s presence at an event
  • Promoting greater brand awareness
  • Establishing your brand as professional and organized
  • Maximizing your marketing budget thanks to their versatility and durability

Let’s get into the reasons why custom tablecloths with a logo are a worthwhile investment for your brand.

Reason #1: They Grab Prospects' Attention

Isagenix Stretch table cover with logo

We swear by tablecloths. 

For us, trade show logo tablecloths are the key to creating an eye-catching trade show booth that grabs customers’ attention.

With tens or hundreds of other brands vying for customers’ attention at events, you only have a few seconds to draw people to your booth. Thankfully, with a table cover featuring your logo, you won’t need more than a few seconds.

A logo will help prospects who already know you’re attending the event easily spot you before they get distracted by other businesses.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize the power of logos on tablecloths:

  • Have your logo emblazoned on all three sides.
  • Include your business name and ensure it is large and clear.
  • Tell your story boldly with unlimited custom artwork printed on every square-inch.
  • If you have several tables, ensure your logo appears on all of them for consistency.
  • Go for high-quality printing and graphics that are easy on the eyes.

In 2018, Perfect Bar—then an emerging brand—contracted MVP Visuals to deliver durable “Outdoor” custom tablecloths for their nationwide Costco activation. We delivered 67 tablecloths with their logo, company name, taglines, and brand qualities to over 20 Costco stores nationwide.

The table covers and other collateral we delivered to them were able to attract customers, draw traffic to their demo areas, and land them a lucrative partnership.

Reason #2: Increase Brand Visibility

Tablecloths with your company’s logo are brand-boosting collateral. They’re storytelling tools that let prospects know who you are, what you do, and why you’re attending the event.

As such, custom branding on tablecloths makes you increasingly noticeable to customers, even those who won’t stop by your stand during an event. 

As a new business, you can use tablecloths to consistently show your logo and make your brand more identifiable in the future.

You can also use them to show support to the community by bringing them out during charity and community events in your area. This shows that you value your community and establishes you as a trustworthy business to the locals.

Other than printing your logo on a tablecloth, you can also consider the following design elements to increase your brand’s appeal:

  • Have an eye-catching backdrop.
  • Leverage the power of layered marking with table runners with a logo.
  • Add a call to action to engage prospects.
  • Utilize every side of the cover with 360-degree brand messaging.
  • Go with Pantone color printing for the best color consistency across multiple marketing materials.

Reason #3: Boast Professionalism

custom trade show table covers

Whether it's a trade show, business convention, job fair, or community event, every business around you will have a tablecloth with or without a logo. Why then, should you be the laughingstock who displays their merchandise on a naked table?

A branded tablecloth adds a dash of professionalism. This is a great advantage for startups as it takes away the illusion that you’re just a hobbyist.

A customized tablecloth also uplifts the look of your booth by adding a touch of color and pattern. It also shows your prospects that you prepared for the event, and that you just didn’t pop in as an afterthought. 

The portability and versatility of tablecloths with a logo, further ensure you maintain a professional face even though you’re called to an event a few hours prior.

Looking professional gives you a free pass to charge a little more (within the worth of your products, obviously) and wins you more clients because they feel you can be trusted. People become more comfortable and convinced to give you their money when they can tell you care about their perception.

Reason #4: Maximize Event Marketing ROI

Tablecloths with a logo are vastly reusable marketing collateral that ensure you maximize your return on investment, or ROI.

Here are the features that make table covers effective and high-profit investments:

  • Versatility: Branded tablecloths can be used at any and every event where you have a booth. For instance, table covers made using polyester fabric can be used for both outdoor and indoor events and liquid-repellent polyester table covers are great for food and beverage companies whose products are prone to causing spills and stains.
  • Affordability: Purchasing a tablecloth is easy on the marketing budget as it averages between $150 and $300. Considering the impression it creates, we believe this is quite a steal. 
  • Flexibility: We also have the option of convertible table covers, which you can use on either 6-foot or 8-foot rectangular folding tables.
  • Durability: Working with a reputable manufacturer will ensure you invest in a tablecloth that'll stand the test of time. A high-quality tablecloth can be used for dozens of events for years to come and continue to drive traffic and increase sales as it did on day one.
  • Easy to care for: Some, like polyester and custom stretch table cloths, can be machine washed, while outdoor canvas can be sponge-cleaned to prepare them for your next event. You won't have to incur expensive maintenance costs.

Enjoy the Perks of Affordable Marketing With Logo Tablecloths

At MVP Visuals, we understand the value of custom branding on marketing collateral, especially tablecloths. Since 2006, we’ve been helping innovative startups and industry giants maximize their ROI with spectacular custom event displays.

We have a fantastic collection of tablecloths with a logo that we believe has something for everyone. The following table highlights some of our best sellers to help you enjoy all the benefits discussed here.

Type Of Tablecloths With A Logo


Front Panel Print Table Covers 


  • Low-cost option restricted to only branding the front of the table cover
  • Choose a solid base color from a limited “swatch” of stock colors
  • Print your logo and whatever else you’d like across the entire front

custom tablecloth with full printing

All Over Print Table Cover


  • Unlimited printing on all four sides of the table cover
  • Shows off a colorful or more illustrious brand design
  • Allows 360-degrees brand exposure


We can help you design your first batch of tablecloths with a logo, provide you with free samples, and offer you any additional assistance to ensure you nail your first design.

“We started using MVP Visuals a few weeks ago and the results have been great. Their professionalism, helpfulness, turnaround time and creative input exceeded our expectations and we’ve now re ordered 2 more times. They do great work.” - Ben Ferguson

Call us at (800) 980-6871 or request a personalized quote. Then we’ll assign you a member of our reliable team to guide you through the entire process and ensure your satisfaction.

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