Why Buy Custom Table Covers vs. Plain Color Tablecloths?

Why Buy Custom Table Covers vs. Plain Color Tablecloths?

Imagine yourself walking through a trade show or festival. All around you are tables that showcase their brand from far away. You know exactly who each table represents. Then, you come across a table with a plain white tablecloth and no branding. To learn about that brand, you would have to push through the crowd and initiate a conversation. Without a custom printed table cover at trade shows and events, you’re putting the onus for your success on the people attending the event. You have to hope that there are people willing to work to learn who you are. 

MVP Visuals Custom Table Cover

A good rule of thumb with marketing is that you should always go to your customers rather than making your customers come to you. At trade shows and other events, you are physically in front of your customers, but to actually reach them, you have to catch their attention. Custom tablecloths with branding are the bare minimum customers expect from brands at events. Without custom table covers, you risk appearing under prepared and unprofessional--two impressions you don’t want to give to your customers. If that’s not a good enough reason to invest in a custom tablecloth, let’s examine some other reasons these are a smart marketing decision. 

Affordable Event Branding

The marketing rule of seven states that, on average, a customer needs to hear about a brand at least seven times before they’ll consider making a purchase from that brand. In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world where brands are constantly competing for attention, the number of impressions a brand needs to make is likely even higher. For brands that are just starting out, every penny spent on marketing has to yield results. For these brands, the affordability of custom trade show tablecloths makes them a smart choice. 

MVP Visuals Custom Trade Show Table Cover

Once your brand has a custom printed table cover, you can begin making appearances at trade shows, festivals, charity events, and local conventions. Personalized tablecloths with branding ensure that you begin making those impressions even on customers who don’t stop to talk to you directly. Meanwhile, eye catching branding is likely to draw customers in, increasing the traffic that does stop by your table at these events. 

Custom table covers come in all shapes and sizes. Brands with especially tight budgets should look into 1-color front panel polyester tablecloths or table runners. These options ensure your brand looks professional and prepared without breaking the bank. As your brand grows, you may choose to look into more personalized options like liquid repellent tablecloths, perfect for food or beverage companies; or convertible tablecloths, which can fit on multiple trade show table sizes. 

Portable Marketing for Distance Events

Hosting events can be fun and profitable, but it’s not something your brand can afford to do year round. To truly make an impression on the maximum number of people, it’s important to attend as many events as possible. Events physically place you in front of your potential customers. They allow you to interact 1:1 with the types of people who would be interested in your brand. 

MVP Visuals Custom Trade Show Table Covers

Unfortunately, not all events relevant to your brand take place just down the road. While local branding is great, for many brands, achieving maximum marketing impact requires traveling to events across the state or even across the country. Unless you’re renting a U-Haul every time you attend a distance event, the portability of your advertising products matter. 

Custom trade show tablecloths pack a lot of punch in a compact package. They can even be folded neatly and tucked into a carry-on bag if necessary. This allows you to bring customized marketing to distance events without needing a caravan to do so. 

Reusable Investment

When you purchase an ad in the paper or even a Facebook advertisement, there is a very limited window of time that your advertisement runs. After that period of time, the money you invested is spent, and you would have to spend more money to continue that type of advertising. But when you invest in personalized tablecloths with branding, you can continue benefiting from that investment for years

MVP Visuals Machine Washable Table Covers

Custom table covers are designed to withstand the test of time. When you purchase from a reputable company, they are durable and can withstand years of use without losing their sheen. In fact, many table covers are even machine washable, making it easy to care for them and keep them looking professional for every event you attend. 

Showcase Your Professionalism

One of the ways to put your brand over the top is to show that you care about customer perception. Attending an event with a vibrant, customized tablecloth neatly spread across the table not only shows forethought, but it also shows that you know what’s expected of you at an event. It tells customers that your brand isn’t new to the game, and sets you apart as professionals in the industry

 MVP Visuals Custom Printed Table Runner

For smaller brands or brands just trying to get off the ground, this perception is critical. Displayed professionalism at events can ensure that customers treat your brand like a company rather than treating you like a hobbyist. This may allow you to charge more money for your products or land clients for your services

For larger brands, looking professional at events is even more important because your customers expect it of you. Without a custom printed table cover, you run the risk of looking like you don’t care about the event you’re attending. This can come across as disrespectful to the event and to the people attending it. Custom printed table covers help you avoid this faux pas. Even if you are under prepared for an event, your customers don’t have to know about it. You can pull out your reusable branded tablecloth and be ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

Eye-Catching Event Marketing

At trade shows and events, you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention. Vibrant, high-quality, custom printed table covers can help draw a customer’s eyes, attracting them to your table. Meanwhile, anyone who knows you’re going to be at an event and wants to talk to you will be able to find you more easily when they can see your brand logo from across the event. 

MVP Visuals Custom Printed Tablecloths

If you’re looking for particularly eye-catching custom table covers, consider all-over printed tablecloths. These table covers can have unlimited custom artwork printed on every square inch, allowing your brand to tell its story in 360 degrees. 

Versatile Branding Opportunity

Once you’ve worked the event circuit for a while, you begin to realize that no two events are the same. Branded advertising that works at one event doesn’t always work at another event. Sometimes, you have plenty of space to work with, while at other events your space is limited. Weather constraints can further hinder your branding opportunities. 

MVP Visuals Custom Trade Show Table Covers

Despite the differences between events, however, you can almost always count on having a table. This makes custom table covers an amazingly versatile marketing investment. While other marketing materials may only be pulled out for specific events, your personalized tablecloth can be used at every event. 

MVP Visuals Custom Printed Tablecloths

To increase the versatility of your tablecloth, consider looking at a convertible tablecloth. These custom printed tablecloths are designed to fit the most common event table sizes of 6' and 8', allowing you to take the same branded tablecloth to each event you attend over the course of the season. 

Customized Seasonal and Event Advertising

If you’re looking for a way to put your brand over the top, intentional, tailored advertising is the way to go. Whether you’re decorating your business for a specific season or you’re looking to get into the spirit of an event you’re attending, going above and beyond your typical marketing efforts will get you noticed by your customers. 

MVP Visuals Event Table Covers

Custom table covers with seasonal printing can be pulled out year after year for seasonal events. This makes them an easy, reusable investment that will give your brand a beautifully intentional look. 

If you sponsor the same charity event every year or go to the same local festival, you may also consider getting a table cover for that event. Local customers will love seeing your commitment to these events. They’ll get the sense that your brand is committed to their community. It’s this type of commitment that draws lifelong, loyal customers in your area. 

Numerous Personalization Options for Your Brand

Every brand has different personalization needs. For some brands, a printed table runner offers the affordability and portability they’re looking for. For other brands, there are specific concerns to consider before purchasing a tablecloth. Luckily, these concerns can be addressed just as easily with custom printed table covers as with plain tablecloths while still providing these brands with the customization they need. Some of these personalized options include: 

  • Custom Sized Printed Tablecloths: You can get a customized tablecloth in almost any dimension you can come up with. Don’t let your need to work with a specific table size limit your marketing! 
  • Liquid Repellent Tablecloths: Beverage and food companies need liquid repellent tablecloths, especially if they plan to do product demonstrations or offer free samples at events. Liquid repellent branded tablecloths can be great investments for these brands to bring to every trade show and event they attend. 
  • Outdoor Tablecloths: Sponsoring charity walks or attending sports tournaments are great ways for brands to get their name in front of an audience. Outdoor branded tablecloths are designed to withstand whatever the weather throws your way, allowing you to use them again and again, season after season. 
  • Tablecloths in Bulk: If you’re ordering 100 tablecloths for an event you’re sponsoring, you may be wary about adding to the costs in any way. But just like with plain colored tablecloths, you can get bulk pricing when ordering large quantities of custom printed tablecloths. Placing your branding on every table at the event your sponsor elevates the professionalism of your event while increasing exposure to your brand. 

    Custom printed table covers aren’t one size fits all. Personalization options allow you to create beautiful, useful advertising materials for all of your brand’s needs. You don’t have to choose between functionality and branding: custom printed table covers can fulfill both needs. 

    Wrapping Up

    MVP Visuals Custom Table Covers for Events

    At the end of the day, only you can decide on the best marketing decisions for your brand. For many brands, custom table covers are an affordable advertising tool with a great return on investment. Even if you only attend one or two events a year, having a custom table cover you can pull out for those events elevates your brand for those events. You appear professional and put together. 

    With today’s customization options, creating a custom printed tablecloth that perfectly captures the soul of your brand is easier than ever before. Your tablecloth can serve your needs while simultaneously telling your story. For more information on the types of custom tablecloths we offer and how they may best serve your brand, contact our team at MVP Visuals today!

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