3 Myths and 4 Truths About Inflatable Displays

3 Myths and 4 Truths About Inflatable Displays

Inflatable displays have proven to be a cost-effective marketing tool to attract crowds at events and widely advertise brands.

They are: 

  • A one-time investment that will be used repeatedly upon purchase
  • Cheaper yet more effective than traditional advertising, like billboards and TV ads
  • Eye-catching and memorable, creating a lasting impression to potential clients
  • Customizable to virtually any shape, color, size, or design

But despite these outstanding qualities, several misperceptions regarding inflatable displays have held people back from investing in them and enjoying their many benefits.

Knowing whether these claims are true or false is challenging, especially if you’re a first-time buyer or user.

That’s why as industry experts, we at MVP Visuals will discuss some of the most ludicrous myths about inflatable displays and set the record straight with 4 honest truths.

Myth #1: Inflatable displays are fragile and puncture easily

custom inflatable helmet

Does this look fragile to you?

The myth that inflatable displays are fragile and will easily pop and deflate is probably the greatest passed around. There’s some truth to it - cheap yard inflatables you see from big box retailers certainly aren’t designed for durability and longevity.

But for us, this is far from the truth. MVP Visuals’ quality custom inflatables have sturdy exteriors and are resistant to abrasions.

This means that it will take a lot of time and effort before your inflatable’s surface forms scratches, let alone puncture or tear.

Our inflatables are also designed to handle regular use. They’re made with grade-A commercial materials such as heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin, which is water-resistant and extremely durable, providing a lifetime of service for your business. 

Myth #2: All Inflatable Displays Need a Constant Power Source

If you’ve walked into a store or attended an event with a sky dancer inflatable on site, then you’ll understand why people believe that all inflatable displays need a continuous power supply.

And indeed, sky dancers need a constant power source to wiggle and move in the air to attract onlookers. 

But this is not the case for all inflatables.

Regarding power sources, there are two key types of inflatable displays: 

  • Sealed air inflatables: They’re inflated using an air blower or pump, then disconnected, and the inflatable is sealed. You won’t need a power source after inflation, making them energy efficient and ideal for areas with limited access to power.
  • Constant air inflatables: They use a blower attached to a power source to provide constant airflow. They’re more cost-effective and most ideal for inflatables that won’t be moved after inflation, like arches and bounce houses.

MVP Visuals offers most inflatables for both power sources, except for larger inflatables, like branded inflatable games or obstacle courses, which must have their blowers running the entire time they’re in use to keep them firm.

Myth #3: Inflatable Displays Can Only Be Used Outdoors

Most believe that inflatables can only be displayed outside. On the contrary, these versatile pieces of advertising are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

Your custom inflatable can be set up anywhere, from the rooftop to the yard and in a conference hall, provided there’s enough space and the conditions are appropriate.

custom inflatable display


The location must, however, be on flat level ground, and away from shrubs, rocks, or thorns that might poke the inflatable and damage it.

Set your constant air inflatable only where there’s an electrical outlet or generator since it’ll need a continuous power supply. 

For sealed-air inflatables, you can inflate it at a permanent power source and move it to its final location, or use a portable generator.

Now that we’ve debunked 3 common myths surrounding inflatable displays, let’s discuss 4 honest truths that everyone interested in them must know.

Truth #1: (Good) Inflatable Displays Are Made With Quality Materials

An inflatable display may look fragile and less durable, but the moment you touch or stand on a quality one, you’ll instantly change your mind.

Quality custom inflatables like those from MVP Visuals are made with solid and durable materials such as nylon polyester blended fabrics or PVC tarpaulin. We're not making inflatables for your front yard - we're here to help organizations display their message or promote their products in a dynamic way.

inflatable hat

These materials make your inflatable display rigid and capable of handling almost anything thrown at it, from scratches to varying weather conditions such as: 

  • Wet Weather: Our inflatable displays are water-resistant and won’t get ruined in the rain or snow.
  • Sun: The UV protection in their materials prevents them from fading or becoming brittle with time.
  • Wind: They’re designed to withstand moderate wind gusts up to 15-30 mph depending on size and material. Their sturdy materials and firm anchorage will ensure they stay in place.

inflatable arch in the snow

Truth #2: Inflatable displays are easy to set up and take down

When people see how enormous some inflatables are, they get concerned about how they’ll blow them up or take them down. 

But in reality, setting up your inflatable display can be done in just 2–10 minutes, depending on the type of inflatable you have.

And with these 3 simple steps, your inflatable will be up and ready for use:

  1. Unpack your inflatable and lay it on a flat surface, clear of any sharp objects that could puncture it.
  2. Attach ropes and an air blower, and guide the inflatable upwards as it inflates.
  3. Once inflated, secure the ropes and a weight source firmly on the ground to prevent it from being blown away.

Taking down your inflatable will take about 10–20 minutes, depending on the size of your inflatable’s vent or air entrance. 

 To take your inflatable display down, all you need to do is:

  1. Confirm that everyone is clear from the inflatable, whether inside or around it.
  2. Turn off the blower and disconnect it from the power source for a constant air inflatable. Skip this step for sealed air inflatables.
  3. Open all the vents or velcro/zipper flaps to allow air to escape.

Note: All MVP Visuals’ custom inflatables come with all you need for fast and easy setup and convenient transport and storage; including ground stakes, tie-down ropes, and a carry bag, all for free.

Truth #3: Inflatable Displays Aren't Hard to Care for and Maintain

blue inflatable display

A major factor that gives inflatable displays an edge is their ease of maintenance. Cleaning and caring for them requires minimum effort, just like setting them up. 

To clean your inflatable, spot-treat it with a gentle cleanser and a damp cloth. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals, as this will damage the dye sublimation printing that’s responsible for its vibrancy.

Proper cleaning and caring for your inflatable display will extend its service life. Just follow the simple care instructions, and it will remain as good as new even after several years of service:

  1. Set your inflatable display in an area clear of debris, power lines, thorns, and poles, which may poke it.
  2. While inflatables can withstand snow, rain, and wind gusts, avoid setting them up in severe weather conditions, like hail storms, tornadoes, and downpours, which will severely damage them.
  3. Take down your inflatable at night and put it back the next day if you’re participating in a multi-day event. This will save it from being destroyed by harsh weather or animals during the night.
  4. After it’s deflated, fold your inflatable and store it in a carry bag in a cool, dry place. Subjecting it to moisture and high temperatures will damage its print quality and the air blower.

Truth #4: Inflatable Displays Come in All Shapes and Sizes

There are virtually no limitations when it comes to inflatable displays. Pretty much anything can be transformed into an inflatable, whether it’s a knitted beanie or your brand’s bottles and cans.

Check out some of the most common inflatable displays and where they’re frequently used in the table below. There’s an option for everyone, regardless of your industry.

Inflatable Cans & Bottles

custom inflatable cans

  • Ideal for companies in the beverage industry

Inflatable Arches

inflatable arch

  • Used at races and business events to mark unique entry or exit points

Inflatable Tunnels

  • Ideal for school events and political rallies, and trade shows 


Product Replicas

  • Used at events to advertise the company’s specific products

Inflatable Mascots

inflatable mascot

  • Ideal for photography studios, school playgrounds, and outside stores

Inflatable Bounce Houses

  • Ideal for hosting sponsored events where children are present


Don't Pay Attention To The Myths; Only Focus On The Truths

Now that you know what’s true and untrue about inflatable displays, it’s time to take advantage of all their benefits, both functional and aesthetic. 

MVP Visuals is ready to meet all your inflatable advertising needs. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve created thousands of unique inflatable displays for businesses like yours.

"We’ve done business with MVP for several years. They produce quality products with outstanding customer service and quick production time."

Stephanie Powell, Verified Buyer

Request a quick quote for your chosen inflatable display, and we’ll send you a personalized estimate within 24 hours.

For more info, call us at (800) 980-6871 or email hello@mvpvisuals.com, and we’ll be more than happy to help you discover the inflatable display that's right for you!

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