Why a Custom Table Cover is a Must-Have Marketing Tool for Your Business

Why a Custom Table Cover is a Must-Have Marketing Tool for Your Business

Trade shows and exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity to meet with potential customers and build high-profile networks in an engaging, low-pressure environment. Your competitors know this too and they endeavor to bring their A-game, and so should you.

The goal is to make your business stand out from the crowd, grab attendees’ attention, and drive traffic to your booth. If you do it right, just a few minutes of encounter with customers can help you:

  • Create brand awareness and memorability after the exhibition
  • Collect highly-qualified leads and build your database
  • Close sales and increase your revenue

One of the ways you can achieve this is by using eye-catching promotional items like custom table covers. Although they seem simple compared to large showstoppers like banners and enticing giveaways like tote bags, custom table covers can turn a plain booth into an attractive, professional space for your business.

We’ll discuss why you should use custom logo tablecloths in your marketing events and how to make them work for you and bring in the numbers.

#1: It Helps You Grab Customers' Attention Effortlessly

colorful custom table covers

You’ve probably heard of the 10-second rule. That’s how long you have to seize a customer’s attention at a busy exhibition filled with tens of other competitors.

There’s no room for subtlety. Those with vibrant, attractive tablecloths will overshadow a booth with a drab, oversized table throw.

Luckily, custom table covers allow you to play with versatile designs and unlimited colors to ensure your brand stands out.

MVP Visuals provides two print options for tablecloths for you to choose from.

All Over Print for a Vibrant Look

custom table cover with full printing

There’s no limit with all over print custom table covers. The background can be a splash of vibrant brand colors with your company’s logo plastered on the front and any other message you want printed on all four sides.

An all over print custom table cover is perfect if:

  • Your display is visible from all angles, and you want to maximize the advertising space
  • You want to bring out your brand image, including color patterns and intricate graphics, to create a polished look

Front Panel Prints for a Minimalist Design

minimalist custom table cover

Even if you’re operating on a tight marketing budget, your display table needn’t look lackluster, thanks to our functional yet affordable front panel print table covers.

This print design comes with two options:

  • Full-color print: Decorate the front side of your table cover with any design and color combination of your choice to make it radiant
  • One-color print: Enhance the face of your tablecloth with a simple design, such as your company’s logo or tagline, using a bold monochrome color

Design Tip: Choose contrasting colors for the fabric and the prints to ensure your design doesn’t fade in the background.

#2: It Helps Your Brand Earn Professional Presentation Points

trade show table covers

A disorganized booth portrays your business as unprofessional and puts off potential customers from approaching you.

Dressing your display table with a well-fitting tablecloth is a good starting point to ensure you look the part. You’ll need to combine the right size and style in order to achieve a polished look.

Here are some ways to style your display table and enhance your brand image.

Match the Tablecloth Size with the Display Table

If you are attending external marketing events, chances are the display tables will have standard sizes of either 6 or 8 feet tall. Your table size might depend on their availability or the booth size you rent. It’s therefore a good idea to confirm with the event organizers beforehand to ensure you order the right custom table cover.

The table below shows the standard tablecloth measurements for common table sizes.

Table Cover Measurements

Table Size

48” long X 24” wide X 29” tall

Rectangle 4ft table

72” long X 30” wide X 29” tall

Rectangle 6ft table

96” long X 30” wide X 29” tall

Rectangle 8ft table


If you want to display your merchandise on unique stands or your guests will be seated at round tables, take the exact measurements for the right fit.

Buying Tip: If you regularly attend marketing events, buy a convertible custom table cover to avoid the hassle of carrying different sizes of tablecloths. This table cover is usually made to fit a standard 8-foot table but can be easily adjusted to 6 feet using hoop-and-loop fasteners.

The video below shows you how to change the size of a convertible custom table cover:

How to convert an 8ft tablecloth to 6ft

Choose the Appropriate Tablecloth Design

When choosing a tablecloth design, you’ll need to not only consider its beauty but also ensure that it’s functional and meets your marketing needs.

Our custom tablecloths come in various styles, including:

  • Table throws: Flexible design that can fit a variety of table sizes, making them a perfect choice for marketers who attend lots of events.
  • Fitted tablecloths: Made to flawlessly dress a specific table size to achieve a sophisticated look.
  • Stretch Table Covers: Made with elastic fabric that gives your display table a taut, fancy appearance, making them ideal for high-end marketing events.

The table below shows the different custom table cover designs:

one color custom table throw
fitted custom table cover
stretch custom tablecloth



Buying Tip: If you need to quickly access stored products under the display table or want to have sufficient legroom, go for an open-back custom table cover. You can also opt for a closed-back with zippers for a neater appearance while still maintaining accessibility.

#3: Its a Hassle-Free Advertising Tool for Branding on the Go

If you’re planning on attending numerous trade fairs, then carrying along hassle-free promotional items, like custom table covers, should be on top of your list.

According to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), approximately 13,000 trade show events occur in the US annually. Although it’s impossible and impractical to attend all of them, you have a large pool of events to pick from because they spread across various regions, industries, and target audiences.

Here’s why custom tablecloths are your go-to advertising tool for busy marketing schedules:

  • Easy to transport: They are made with lightweight material, such as polyester and spandex, which fold up neatly and take less storage space, leaving more room for your products.
  • Quick setup: Unlike tents and banners that take time to assemble, table covers require little effort.
  • Easy to maintain: Polyester and spandex tablecloths are stain-resistant, machine-washable, and wrinkle-free while canvas tablecloths are waterproof and need only to be sponge-cleaned to get them ready for the next expo.
  • Affordable and reusable: The high-quality polyester and spandex tablecloths can withstand numerous washes while still looking crisp. In addition, they are quite affordable compared to other advertisement tools like custom giveaways.

Steal the Show With MVP Visuals Custom Table Covers

Attending trade shows places you in front of willing buyers. But you’ll have to get them to notice you before closing those sales. 

At MVP Visuals, we’ve perfected the skill of making attractive promotional displays, from pop-up tents to custom table covers.

Our success stories speak for us.

For instance, our client, Perfect Bar, wanted custom displays that would help them create a consistent visual identity for their nationwide Costco activation. 

To ensure we captured their brand image perfectly, we:

  • Used Pantone color matching to ensure the displays represented their true corporate colors
  • Worked closely with their team and sent samples for review before trade show tablecloth printing
  • Printed the final products with dye-sublimation, giving the displays a sharp and vibrant look

We delivered 67 custom table covers and 12 tents to over twenty stores and their brand activation was a resounding success.

Our team is thrilled as our new Perfect Bar brand visual identity comes to life at these in-store demonstrations." Lisa Parady, Brand Manager Perfect Snacks, LLC

Get started with a free quote and find out how much your custom tablecloth costs or call us at (800) 980-6871 and speak to our friendly, dedicated designers.

"This was our first time using MVP and it was fantastic! Quality of the spandex cloths is AWESOME and it was a very quick turnaround from ordering to delivery." Joanne Duganiero, US