Turn Heads at Your Next Trade Show with a Themed Design

Turn Heads at Your Next Trade Show with a Themed Design

It’s a well-known fact that event booth gimmicks work – even if they might sometimes verge on the tacky or ridiculous. Whether it’s a Price Is Right sized prize wheel or a free product with mailing list sign up, any tactic that draws visitors to your booth is probably a good idea. But then again, we’ve all seen some truly bizarre or desperate-looking gimmicks that don’t make much sense – and those should be avoided.

Trade show booth football themeThe good news is that you can absolutely add some excitement to your display space without banishing good taste or logic. A theme of some sort is a good way to draw attention and bring people in for a closer look – without going overboard into questionable lead gen tactics. Take some hints from this themed booth success story that we spotted in Exhibitor Magazine:

A Creative – and Targeted – Theme

Mindbody, Inc. provides managers/owners in the health and wellness industry with software to efficiently manage their small businesses. I’ve never been to one, but I can only imagine the types of lively, hands-on displays you see at a health and wellness industry trade show! Mindbody Inc. crunched the numbers and realized they had a problem standing out and engaging visitors. But how to do that when you’re selling something more abstract that doesn’t really visualize well? They decided to design their display around a theme that spoke to their target audience: the orange.

event theme orange

What’s the takeaway?

Choosing a theme to brighten up your booth design is smart, but it’s critical to know your audience. Mindbody chose a theme that appeals to their health-conscious demographic; you should choose a theme that matches your audience and their interests, even if it’s in a slightly abstract way. Mindbody doesn’t sell oranges, but their product helps promote wellness by assisting wellness business owners.

Know Your Brand

Just as important as knowing your audience, you must also choose a theme that fits with your brand in style and practicality. A great theme speaks to what you actually do, whether literally (your products or function) or metaphorically. Check out this traffic themed display below – it illustrates what the business can help visitors with in a familiar, eye-catching way.

Traffic theme trade show booth

This doesn’t mean they’re selling road signs – it’s about how they can help customers navigate through those issues in a business setting. But it’s also fun and impossible to miss, which is key!

Get Your Colors Right

The colors you choose for your display have a big effect on trade show visitors. Mindbody, for example, was able to color-coordinate with a totally orange booth – it’s bold and more than a little kooky, but it fits with their brand and the industry they’re in. And certainly no one is going to miss their booth at the event! To read more about the effects of color in booth design, check out this blog.