Inflatable Arches on a Budget: 5 Tips From Experts

Whether you’re hosting a drive-in event or a racing show, there’s an inflatable arch to suit your every need, but some are exceedingly expensive.

When on a budget, you want to purchase an inflatable arch with the most value for your money—one that’s affordable and high quality.

As you plan for your next event, use these 5 helpful tips to select an affordable inflatable arch without compromising on quality:

  • Set a specific budget
  • Choose denier polyester fabric — it’s a high-quality but affordable material
  • Don’t splurge on an arch you’ll use for a one-time event
  • The smaller the arch, the less it costs
  • Choose a simple custom design

A custom inflatable arch is an excellent marketing strategy for your business. That’s why we offer quality arches at competitive prices. If you find lower prices for the exact arch elsewhere, we’ll reduce our price to match the rates.

Tip #1: Set a Specific Budget

custom inflatable arch
Custom Inflatable Arch

Before searching the market, ensure you have a specific budget for your inflatable arch in mind. It restricts you from spending extra money you don’t have.

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend on your custom inflatable arch helps you narrow down your choices. It gives you answers to questions like: 

  • What material can I afford?
  • Do I have the funds for a 15 or 50 ft. wide inflatable arch?
  • How often do I need to use my inflatable arch?
  • Will this budget buy me a fully or partially customized arch? 

At MVP Visuals, our services cater to event businesses regardless of your budget.

Whether you want a 20 ft. wide inflatable arch worth $1400 or a 50 ft. wide arch worth $5000, we’ve got you covered. Request a quick quote, and we’ll help you select the best arch for your price.

Tip #2: Choose Denier Polyester Fabric: High-Quality but Affordable Material

inflatable arch made of 420D polyester
Custom Shape Inflatable Arches

Even with a tight budget, the quality of your inflatable arch’s material matters. It determines whether you’ll have a deflated arch before your event begins or impress your investors with a standing archway all day.

We use denier polyester and PVC to produce durable and quality inflatable arches.

However, PVC tarpaulin requires a massive investment, as it’s the strongest fabric. It's the most accessible option for larger companies and comes in varying thickness, from 0.25–0.40 mm.

Denier polyester is a great affordable option because of its features:

  • It doesn’t bend easily: It remains steady in the wind, meaning you can use it in all weather conditions.
  • It is durable: You can use it for longer periods before it starts to wear and tear.
  • It is lightweight: This makes the arch easy to transport and set up quickly.
  • It comes in different grades: From 210D, 420D, to 600D, which lets you choose the best for your budget.

The higher the denier grade, the heavier and stronger the material, making it more expensive.

Stay away from cheap but poor-quality fabrics like nylon that will sway or tear in harsh weather. You don’t want a damaged arch before your event begins. It leaves a poor impression on your audience that doesn’t boost sales or promote your brand.

Expert Tip: If you intend to use your inflatable arch for years, a PVC tarpaulin is the most durable (though more expensive).

Tip #3: Don’t Splurge on an Arch You’ll Use for a One Time Event

removable banner inflatable arch
Removable Banner Inflatable Arch

Even though investing in a durable inflatable arch can create lifetime profitability for your brand, there’s no need to spend a lot if you’ll only use it once.

Some business owners prefer renting their inflatable arch on such occasions. However, renting is more costly in the long run, especially when done at frequent intervals.

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That’s why we advise you to still buy a customized arch, but a more affordable one.

For instance, instead of a 600D or PVC tarpaulin for a one-time event, choose a customized inflatable arch made of a 210D or 420D denier polyester.

Apart from its affordability, the custom inflatable:

  • Is strong enough for short-term use, so you still get to use the same arch a couple of times.
  • Builds recognition for your brand. A custom inflatable arch promotes your brand more than a solid solar arch would.
  • Has a professional look which represents your brand appropriately in the corporate field.

Expert Tip: Alternatively, opt for an arch with replaceable banners for versatility. Rather than using it for one event, change the branding on either side for a different occasion.

Tip #4: The Smaller the Arch, the Less It Costs

custom inflatable arch
Custom Inflatable Arch

Even a smaller customized inflatable can help potential customers recognize your brand.

When on a tight budget, invest in a small custom inflatable arch that exposes your brand, compared to lacking an arch altogether.

A small custom inflatable arch is cost-effective and still represents your brand’s:

  • Logo
  • Color
  • Message
  • Reputation

Typically, our inflatable arches range from 15–50 ft. wide. However, if you want an arch outside this range, we can make it happen.

Most companies only provide arches between 20–30 feet and won't customize them.

Tip #5: Choose a Simple Custom Design

custom inflatable arch
Custom Inflatable Arch

Custom inflatable arches come in all shapes, designs, and sizes, from fancy and creative to practical and professional. However, the more complex the design, the more expensive the arch.

The standard shapes for our inflatable arches are:

  • Angled
  • Squared
  • Circle

standard inflatable arch shapes
Standard Inflatable Arch Shapes



Get an Affordable Custom Inflatable Arch for Your Coming Event

If you’re searching for an affordable custom inflatable arch for an upcoming event, we’ll be glad to help.

We offer you the best quality custom inflatable arches at the best prices. We’ve helped brands across the US tell their story using these powerful custom marketing materials. Read our success stories to learn more.

In the following table, we compare our 3 types of inflatable arches to help you see the difference:

Colorscape inflatable arch

(Most Popular)
fabric angled inflatable arch
Colorscape Air

(Lowest Cost)
Iron Arch inflatable arch
Iron Arch

(Most Durable)

Made with 600D Polyester

Shipping weight: 31 lbs. for a standard 20' arch

5-year warranty

Inflates within a minute

Made with 420D Polyester fabric

Shipping weight: 28 lbs. for a standard 20’ arch

3-year warranty

Unlimited colors and design

Made with PVC Tarpaulin

Shipping weight: 53 lbs. for a standard 20' arch

Lifetime warranty

We also offer free digital proofs and layouts as we work on your design. We’ll even send you free fabric samples, so you know how your arch will look and feel.

Reach out today, and let’s make your coming event more memorable—just like Scott’s, who says:


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