Why Buy a Custom Inflatable Arch vs. Renting a Solid Color Inflatable Arch?

Why Buy a Custom Inflatable Arch vs. Renting a Solid Color Inflatable Arch?


With your next event right around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about how you’re going to decorate and advertise your brand. Giant inflatable arches are useful at many events, including charity walks, runs, and races. They can be used to beacon event-goers to your event or to signify an important event location like a finish line. However, not all giant inflatable arches are made equally. When selecting the inflatable arch for your event, you have many choices, from the company you’re going to work with to the inflatable material you want used. But one of the very first decisions you need to make is whether to buy or rent your giant inflatable arch. In this guide, we’ll show why it makes sense to buy, rather than rent, an inflatable arch for your brand’s events. 

The Cost of Buying vs. Renting

When you first compare the costs of buying versus renting an inflatable arch, the cost savings associated with renting may seem significant. But while the one-time cost of renting is lower than the one-time cost of buying, over time, buying will actually save your brand significant amounts of money. 

MVP Visuals Inflatable Arch

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When you rent an inflatable arch, you check it out from a specific company for a specific length of time. When your time is up, you have to return the inflatable arch promptly. Late returns on rented equipment can cost your brand extra money you weren’t anticipating. But even if you return the inflatable arch on time, your money is spent. You can get no more use out of that investment. If you need an arch for another event, you’ll have to rent it all over again. 

When you purchase an inflatable arch, you are making an investment in your brand. Inflatable arches that are purchased from a trusted source and well cared for can last years. This means that not only will the inflatable arch be used at your next event, but that it can be used at every event you attend this season and for many seasons to come. When you consider how much you’d spend to rent arches for each of those events, it’s easy to see how much money you save buy buying your arch instead. 

The Importance of Branding

Of course, one of the most important reasons to purchase rather than rent your inflatable arch is that you can customize a purchased arch. Customized inflatable arches don’t just call attention to your event: they also call attention to your brand

Building Brand Recognition

The marketing rule of seven states that a customer has to hear about your brand at least seven times before they’ll ever make a purchase from you. In today’s technology-laden world, the number of brands competing for your customers’ attention is larger and louder than ever. To stand out from the competition, your brand has to be easily recognizable. When customers think about your industry, you want your brand to be the first that comes to mind. 

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The more familiar customers are with your name, your logo, and what you do, the more likely this is to become a reality. Investing in a customized inflatable arch is a great way to build this brand recognition. Instead of looking for a new display at every event you attend, your customers will learn the type of branding they should expect from you. Your advertising inflatables create a cohesive image for your brand that tells your unique story and communicates professionalism and integrity. 

Your giant inflatable arch will also find itself featured in photographs of the event. As people sprint through the finish line, their loved ones will take pictures of them beneath your brand’s custom inflatable arch. Those pictures will then feature on social media accounts, spreading your brand to an even larger audience than the event itself. 

Creating Your Community Reputation

One of the best ways you can generate loyal customers is by being an active member in your community. When community members consider you a local brand with a respectable community presence, they’re more likely to purchase from you and recommend you to their friends. That’s why it’s important to not only attend local events, but to make your brand stand out at these events. 

MVP Visuals Custom Inflatable Arch

When you invest in a custom inflatable arch, community members instantly know your brand is at the event even if they don’t come up to talk to you one on one. As they see you make an appearance at event after event, supporting local festivals and charities, they’ll begin to make the connection between you and the community. 

Versatility of Custom Inflatable Arches

One reason brands may avoid purchasing a custom inflatable arch is out of fear. If you work with different sponsors or attend different types of events, you may feel wary about customizing your inflatable arch. Luckily, there are options available to make your arches both customized and versatile for different events. 

One great option is to use customized removable banners. These banners, which can have event names or sponsor names on them, can be added to your giant inflatable arch when you need them and swapped out for other banners or removed entirely when you don’t need them. This gives you the versatility to use your arch at different events and appear put together each and every time. 

MVP Visuals Custom Inflatable Arch Banner

Your custom inflatable arch acts as a base in these instances, presenting a cohesive branded look to your customers. Over time, they’ll get to know what your brand looks like from a distance. Your customized banners allow you to dress your archway up for specific events without impinging on your brand’s overall cohesive look. 

Making Your Custom Inflatable Arch Last

Since one of the critical differences between renting and buying an inflatable arch is whether or not you can reuse your inflatable, it’s important to consider how long you can realistically expect your inflatable arch to last. Inflatable arches are made using durable materials that are meant to withstand the test of time. However, there are a number of things you can do to help your inflatable arch last and get the most out of your brand’s investment. 

  • Pay Attention to Weather: While inflatable arches can be used both indoors and outdoors, if you are using them outdoors, it’s important to pay attention to weather conditions. Avoid using your giant inflatables outdoors in extreme weather conditions like rain or sleet, or when winds are over 15mph. 
  • Clear the Ground Before Set-Up: When you’re setting up your custom inflatable, you want to be sure that there are no large rocks or sharp sticks in the area. Clear the ground before you begin inflating your custom inflatable. This will prevent punctures.
  • Clean Gently: It’s natural to want to keep your giant inflatable arch looking its best. When cleaning your arch, spot-treat with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach as these can ruin the crisp dye sublimation printing. 
  • Store Carefully: Store your inflatable in a cool, dry environment. Extreme weather can ruin your inflatable and/or your blower, while moisture can cause mold or mildew to form. Always store your stakes separate from your inflatable to prevent the risk of puncture while your arch is in storage. 

  • It doesn’t take a lot to make your custom inflatable arch last. By following all the instructions included when you buy your inflatable, you can help your investment last longer. Over time, this will increase your overall return on investment. 


    MVP Visuals Customized Inflatable Arch

    If you’re throwing a birthday party for your five year old, it might make sense to rent an inflatable. But if you’re developing a brand and attending multiple events a year, it makes much more sense to invest in a customized inflatable arch that works for you. Giant inflatables have a way of drawing crowds. They make your brand seem larger and bolder than typical advertising products. 

    When you work with MVP Visuals, we’ll help you develop a custom inflatable arch that will wow the crowds at every event your brand attends. Our team will work closely with you, getting to know what matters most to you. One team member will be assigned to your brand to ensure they get to know you intimately. They’ll help you make decisions, from the shape of your giant inflatable arch to how to place your brand name and logo, to help you achieve maximum impact. 

    The best part? Each MVP Visuals inflatable arch comes with a complimentary custom printed table cover and priority 2-3 day shipping! Shop our inflatable arch options and request a quote today.

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