How to Efficiently Store an Inflatable Football Tunnel

The football season has come to an end and it’s time to store your inflatable football tunnel until the next season.

Proper storage of your inflatable football tunnel will ensure it remains in great shape for the next event, while improper storage could result in it being damaged.

Today, we guide you on how to properly store your inflatable football tunnel.

1 - Inspect Your Inflatable Football Tunnel

While inspecting your inflatable tunnel, examine its entire surface and components, including the blower.

Examine the Tunnel Section

After your football tunnel is inflated, inspect it for any foreign objects that could damage the inflatable during storage.

The table below highlights the precautions to take while inflating your inflatable football tunnel.

Precaution Reason
Inflate to the correct pressure Too much pressure can damage your inflatable football tunnel, while too little will make it challenging to inspect and clean
Keep the inflatable tunnel away from abrasive and sharp objects Abrasive objects can pierce the inflatable or ruin your branding
Fill the inflatable using a steady air pressure A sudden increase of intense pressure can damage its seams and cause the inflatable to burst
Choose a sunny day A sunny day makes it easier to dry the inflatable before storage

Once inflated, it should look like this:

fully inflated football tunnel
Fully Inflated Football Tunnel

Do a thorough inspection of the entire surface while removing any foreign items on the football tunnel. Inspect its:
  • Weight bags
  • Flagging
  • Stakes

As you clean, ensure you don’t miss:

  • Loose sticks
  • Metal parts
  • Pebbles

You may find it necessary to sweep or vacuum the tunnel’s surface. If it has some dirt, wipe it using a soft wet rag or sponge.

Note: Don’t use any sort of abrasive substance to clean your inflatable football tunnel. Also, avoid detergents since they can cause its coatings to fade and damage its seams and stitches.

Always ensure you wipe off all moisture before deflating as moisture encourages mildew growth which can stain and damage the surface of your inflatable.

If you notice some mildew from a previous improper storage, you can use the tips in the video below to clean it off.

Check the Blower

Turn off the blower and disconnect it from the mains before inspecting and cleaning it to reduce the risk of an electric shock. As you turn off the blower, open the vents and zippers of the inflatable football tunnel to allow it to deflate faster.

Depending on your tunnel’s size and that of the vents, the deflation process can take up to 20 minutes.

While the tunnel deflates, commence cleaning the blower.

To prepare the blower for storage, examine its entire surface and use a damp cloth to wipe off debris and dirt.

The blower has moving parts made from metal. Thus, moisture can encourage rust formation.

Care for your blower by ensuring it’s completely dry before placing it in storage.

Once the blower is clean, neatly fold the cord to prevent bending, and so it’ll be easy to unwind the next time you want to use your inflatable football tunnel.


2 - Fold or Roll Your Inflatable Football Tunnel

Once fully deflated, close all zippers and begin the folding or rolling process to prepare the inflatable  for storage.

To Fold Your Inflatable Tunnel

Fold your tunnel about two to three feet from each bottom seam, tucking in its colorful designs within the folds. Continue folding the tunnel until its layers overlap.

Also, ensure the ports are open so any remaining air can escape, allowing you to fold it as flat as possible.

Once folded, tuck any remaining materials inside the folds.

To Roll Your Inflatable Tunnel

Begin by tucking in the rope that you’ll use to fasten your inflatable tunnel so you won’t have to lift it later to place the strap.

Start rolling the tunnel from the furthest section from the blower hole to ensure that as much air as possible escapes through the port during the rolling process.

Also, keep the roll as tight as you can to squeeze out all remaining air.

Otherwise, the remaining air will make your inflatable loose, and cause it to fall apart as you squeeze it into its storage packaging.

3 - Tie off and Package Your Inflatable Football Tunnel

Tuck in your inflatable tunnel’s blower ports and tie it with a strap or rope, and tuck in its hoses and other remaining components.

Complete the process by placing your inflatable football tunnels and all its components in its bag. While inserting the inflatable, ensure that it remains upright so it maintains its shape.

While some bags allow you to pack the blower together with the inflatable football tunnel, some only allow for the inflatable. If your blower can't fit into the bag, place the blower near the packed bag, so you can easily find it when you need to use it.

Finally, place the entire setup in a cool and dry area.

Quality Inflatables Last Longer

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some of the brands that trust MVP Visuals
Some of the Brands That Trust MVP Visuals

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my inflatable football tunnel?

Clean it every time you take it down to remove pebbles, metals, and other materials that may damage the inflatable.

Why is it important to keep the inflatable football tunnel dry during storage?

While your inflatable can withstand moisture during use, it must remain dry during storage to discourage mildew growth.

Should I clean my inflatable football tunnel in the washing machine?


A washing machine would ruin the branding on your inflatable, and it likely won't fit, anyway!

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