Customized Inflatable Tunnels on a Shoestring Budget: Get the Guide

A custom inflatable tunnel is an excellent way to make a big statement at events or for players to make a grand entrance into a sports arena.

However, getting an affordable yet high-quality customized inflatable tunnel with a tight budget can be daunting. If you’re not careful, you may end up with a tunnel that’s:

  • Made of low-quality material that's susceptible to scratches and tears
  • Too small to make a statement, such as a 6 ft. tunnel
  • Made by an incompetent manufacturer
  • Difficult to use or set up

With such an inflatable tunnel, you won’t enjoy a return of investment.

As dealers of affordable and quality custom inflatables, we understand the struggle that comes with having many brands selling inflatable tunnels.

Below are 4 tips to ensure you get the best customized inflatable tunnel even on a shoestring budget.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

custom inflatable entrance tunnel
Custom Inflatable Entrance Tunnel

If you have an already established business, you may have a rough idea of the kind of inflatable tunnel you need to buy.

However, as a first-time purchaser, it’s more crucial to do your research before settling on a manufacturer.

First, you need to consider brands providing exceptional service, offering the kind of inflatable tunnels you are looking for, and are good at what they do.

For instance, some manufacturers sell ready-made inflatable tunnels, while others customize the tunnels according to your size, design, name, logo, and color specifications.

Look for companies with reliable customer support because they’ll constantly engage with you and put your needs first.

Additionally, ensure the company you select has no limitations on customization and no set up fees or hidden charges. Ideally, your manufacturer shouldn’t charge you more based on the amount of artwork you need on your inflatable tunnel.

At MVP Visuals, we offer full prints and free layouts at no extra charge and provide a flat rate shipping fee for all our clients.

Other major factors you need to consider during your research include:

  • Reliability: A reliable manufacturer delivers quality work in good time. Avoid brands that have a reputation of taking longer than the agreed to create and deliver custom inflatable tunnels. Reading the company's reviews can reveal the reliability of a company.
  • Expertise: For a unique custom-made inflatable, you want to work with a manufacturer whose execution and design is near perfect. Most brands can make regular helmet tunnels, but only skilled ones create more complicated ones like inflatable mascot tunnels.
  • Location: Where is the particular manufacturer based? Location matters because, for instance, USA-based companies have a reputation of being higher quality than those manufactured in Asia.

Tip #2: Be Mindful of Size

custom inflatable tunnel
Custom Inflatable Tunnel

If you’re looking to make a grand statement, we provide custom-made inflatable tunnels in any shape and size you can imagine. But remember that the larger the tunnel, the more expensive it is.

Typically, customized inflatable tunnels come in different sizes, from 10–50 ft., giving you a variety at a price you can afford.

While a 30 ft. inflatable tunnel sounds fantastic, you can cut down on costs by going for a relatively smaller one, like a 10 or 15 ft tunnel.

Other factors like the size of your team or how big an event is will help you determine the tunnel’s most appropriate size. For instance, lower-level games or events will work well with smaller tunnels, while bigger teams and professional events will need huge inflatable tunnels.

Furthermore, when on a tight budget, consider a simple or more traditional tunnel shape with your team or brand’s color and a logo printed on the side.

We produce different types of inflatable tunnels to fit your budget and expectations. We compare these in the following table.

Inflatable tunnel Description Example
Football Helmet Tunnel A giant replica of your team’s helmet. The players run out through the face mask football helmet tunnel
Football Helmet Tunnel
Regular inflatable run through tunnel It’s a simple tunnel with your team or brand’s name on the side and a logo at the door inflatable run through tunnel
Inflatable Run Through Tunnel
Mascot Tunnel You have a mascot at one end of the tunnel as an entrance point mascot tunnel
Mascot Tunnel

Whether you choose a 10 ft. regular sports tunnel or a 20 ft. mascot tunnel, we’ll offer you MVP level customer service. With free fabric samples and digital proofs, we’ve got you covered from production to delivery.


Tip #3: Ask About Flexible Payment Options

inflatable helmet tunnel
Inflatable Helmet Tunnel

Some manufacturers provide payment terms or financing options for their clients. Payment terms often vary depending on the purchase.

For instance, for custom-made inflatable tunnels, a brand may request a 50% deposit and the balance to be cleared before the shipping date. This gives you time to get the remaining half before your tunnel’s delivery time.

Other manufacturers also connect clients to financing partners who provide them with loans to purchase their inflatables for business purposes.

A financing option is ideal if you urgently need a custom-made tunnel but lack the necessary funds. Thus, it’s best to select a manufacturer who understands and empathizes with your current financial situation.

As you search for an affordable inflatable tunnel, remember that its pricing will vary depending on:

  • The material used to make the tunnel
  • The complexity of its design
  • Its design—whether it’s a constant air or sealed air design
  • The size

Expert Tip: At MVP Visuals, we’ll provide you with custom-made tunnels at the lowest price. If you get a price lower than ours, we’ll adjust our costs to that price, so you get a quality tunnel without breaking the bank.

Tip #4: Take Care of Your Inflatable So It Lasts

inflatable entrance tunnel
Inflatable Entrance Tunnel

Even when on a budget, you want to purchase a custom tunnel that will give you a return of investment. Proper care and maintenance of your custom inflatable tunnel are guaranteed ways to enjoy this value year after year.

To ensure your tunnel’s durability, clean it after every use, except for instances when you’ve used it indoors, and it’s not dirty or dusty.

For effective cleaning and sterilization, you’ll need a sponge, water, soap, and a disinfectant. Ensure you have sufficient water supply—wash your tunnel close to a tank, tap, or other running water sources.

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Proper setting up of your custom tunnel is another way to ensure it lasts long. To effectively set it up, you’ll need to:

  • Prep the stage: Remove anything that could damage your tunnel, such as debris, sharp metals, and fallen barks.
  • Blow up the tunnel: Lay it flat on the ground and ensure your blower is connected to the generator.
  • Anchor the tunnel: Use stakes, a rope, a hammer, or safety cones to anchor it firmly on the ground.

Other care tips to keep in mind include:

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your tunnel.
  • Don’t set up your tunnel under extremely bad weather, like heavy winds or snow.
  • Ensure your inflatable tunnel is dry before storing it in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not release any anchor materials before deflating your tunnel.
  • Check for any holes or tears if your custom tunnel won’t inflate.


Get Quality and Affordable Customized Inflatable Tunnel for Your Event Today

Now that you have the tips you need to select a quality custom inflatable tunnel on a budget, you’re probably wondering where to purchase one.

At MVP Visuals, we’re confident that you’ll find the best quality inflatable tunnel at the best price. With 15+ years in business, we’ve gained massive experience working with brands like yours.

You’ll get:

  • Free samples and layouts, with no set-up cost
  • Unlimited printing and customization
  • Exceptional service from a human representative, not a robot
  • Timely delivery for your inflatable tunnel

We promise you’ll love the end product we deliver, just like our client Chris:

"Excellent service...Used many times over the years. Just none better!"

Chris Berry

Shop our range of customized inflatable tunnels today for your coming game or trade show. We have an option for every budget and brand.


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