Buyers Guide: Best Selling Inflatable Arches for Product Launches

Launching a product is never an easy task. Even after you’ve done your homework, there’s always the risk that you won’t generate as much interest as you wanted or that customers won’t receive it as well as you’d hoped.

That’s why you want everything about your launch to be perfect.

Your product should be on point, and you should be ready to answer questions and show your unique selling proposition.

Finally, you need to hype up your launch by promoting the event and using branded marketing materials to pull in crowds—think unique inflatables, branded tents, flags, and banners. 

That said, only good-quality branded materials will do. Anything substandard will give the impression that your product and your brand are just as inferior.

Today, we’ll zero in on inflatable arches and walk you through how to pick the right one to make your product launch a success.

How to Pick an Inflatable Arch for Your Product Launch

Choose the Best Size and Shape for Your Venue

angled inflatable arch with removable banners
Angled Inflatable Arch With Removable Banners

Choose the right size to give your product and brand maximum exposure.

If you’re holding the event outdoors, large inflatable arches that can easily be spotted from afar will increase your visibility.

For indoor launches, a small arch will do at the event entrance to usher your customers in style. It’ll also make an excellent spot for selfies and photos helping you gain free marketing mileage on social media.

Arches typically come in three main shapes shown in the table below:

Shape Image Description
Rounded orange rounded inflatable arch
  • Smooth round semi-circular shape
  • D-rings and mounting supports near the top
Angled orange angled inflatable arch
  • With two angled “shoulders” on the sides
  • Supports mounted on the top bar seams
Squared orange squared inflatable arch
  • Shaped like a rectangle
  • Supports mounted at the seams

The size of the arch determines which shape it comes in. For instance, rectangular arches don’t work for large sizes since they are not as stable as other arch shapes. You wouldn’t want a lopsided arch ruining your launch.

If you need a large arch, opt for semi-circular or angled arches for more stability.

Bottom line: The best selling inflatable arches for indoor events are small, rectangular, or semi-circular arches that work well at entrances or as photo booths.

For outdoor launches, choose large angled arches. If you’re drawn to rectangular or semi-circular arches instead, ensure adequate anchoring to prevent collapse.


Choose the Best Air Option

Inflatable arches come in two options—sealed or continuous air.

Sealed Air Arch

You pump a sealed air arch full of air then disconnect it from the air supply. It’s best suited if you’re holding your launch at a venue where there is no access to a constant power source.

Sealed arches are easier to manage since you don’t have to worry about the rain or customers tripping on cables.

However, they take longer to inflate than a continuous air arch. They won’t work if you’re single-handedly planning and setting up the event as it’ll take quite a bit of time to set up.

Sealed air arches also have the following disadvantages:

  • Temperature sensitivity. As the temperature increases, so does the air pressure inside the walls.

    The arch will release a little pressure to prevent the seams from bursting, then sag or collapse when the temperature goes down since it will no longer be full.

  • Size. The larger a sealed air arch is, the harder it is to set up.

    You need to fill the arch with just the right air pressure. Too little and the arch will sag but too much and you’ll burst the seams. It may take a bit of practice to get it right.

  • Weight. Sealed air arches are heavier, which means a lot of heavy lifting.

Continuous Air Arch

Continuous air arches require the blower to be connected to a power source.

They are easy to set up; you just connect the blower, switch it on, and the arch inflates in a few minutes.

Choose continuous air arches if you're looking for a display that you can easily set up yourself.

Another advantage of the constant air supply is that temperature changes won't affect the way your arch looks.

The main challenge with continuous air arches is that you have to keep them connected to a power source (typically 240 V) which may be a problem at some venues.

If you're hosting your product launch outdoors, you will need to get a generator. However, the blower fan might make noise which may interfere with your program.

Plus, you'll have to figure out how to hide the cables to reduce tripping hazards.

The table below summarizes the main considerations for choosing between sealed and continuous air arches.

Factor Sealed Continuous
Setup effort Harder Easier
Rain use Can be used Risky
Setup time Longer Faster
Temperature Sensitive Insensitive
Power No connection Continuous connection
Size Best for smaller arches Suitable for large arches

Bottom line: Choose a continuous air arch for your product launch. It’s easier to set up and works well for both outdoor and indoor events. In addition, it won’t be affected by the heat.

Watch this video to see how hassle-free they are to set up which is why they are the ultimate best selling arch for business events.

Select the Customizations

A successful product launch should help to create a good and lasting impression of your brand. That way even if the new product doesn’t take, customers can easily recognize your brand so they buy something else from you.

Choose color options and messaging that portray your brand in the best light.

While getting a solid color arch may be cheaper, it does a major disservice to your promotions.

If you're working on a tight budget, consider a simple display rather than nothing at all. For instance, you can print only your logo or business/product name across the top.

simple printed inflatable arch
Simple Printed Inflatable Arch

Remember to stick to your brand colors when creating your arch design. Using the same set of colors will help customers remember you and send a message about who you are.

The best part about customized inflatable arches is that there is no limit to what you can do.

For example, you can incorporate a 3D image of your product into the arch’s design. Take a look at the arch below with bottles for legs. It draws attention from afar and helps customers remember your product.

On top of that, it's highly likely to earn a lot of views on social media when people post their selfies.

custom 3D inflatable arch
Custom 3D Inflatable Arch

Here's another idea: a 3D logo atop the arch to create a vivid display that sticks in your customers' minds.

inflatable arch with 3D logo
Inflatable Arch With 3D Logo

Tap into your full creativity to express your brand and product's uniqueness. You can also opt for removable banners, which allow you to reuse the arch for another launch or event.

Bottom line: Choose a manufacturer with unlimited printing and design options to get the best arch.


Level up Your Product Launch With an Inflatable Arch

A fully customized inflatable arch will take your launch to a whole new level.

Let MVP Visuals help you create the perfect inflatable arches for your product launch.

We offer the following:

  • All inflatable arch shapes plus unique custom styles
  • Unlimited color and printing options
  • A simple and efficient process from concept and design up to product completion in under ten days
  • High-quality denier fabric and PVC polyester
  • Warranties: three years, five years, or a lifetime depending on the product you choose
  • All our products come with a blower, D-rings, stakes, and a carry bag
gray inflatable arch inflatable arch with special features large squared inflatable arch
Stable and long-lasting angled arches Special features to increase visibility Large squared arches with removable banners

Get in touch to request your quote, and let’s get started preparing for a successful product launch. 

“ Everything we've ordered from MVP has come out looking SO GOOD! Highly recommend!

Kristen, Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any colors on my inflatable arch?

You can get any color of your choice with the Pantone Matching System, which we use at MVP Visuals to get an effective color match. Your colors will also look more vibrant with dye-sublimation printing.

Can I upgrade my inflatable arch after purchase?

Inflatable arches can be upgraded by adding modifications such as lights to accentuate the design. You can also change your arch’s message with removable banners. 

How do I care for my inflatable arch?

To extend the life of your arch:

  • Ensure that you clear the ground before inflating to remove debris that can cause tearing on the fabric.
  • Inflate and deflate according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Don’t drag the arch on the ground.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and ensure the arch is dry before putting it away.
  • Wipe the arch down with a soft cloth and warm water—no harsh detergents.
  • Avoid using the arch in strong winds over 15 mph.

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