A Buyer's Guide to Custom Tablecloths in 2022

A Buyer's Guide to Custom Tablecloths in 2022

Table space at events, trade shows, and exhibitions is prime advertising real estate.

You can customize your tablecloths to help you tell your brand's story and advertise your products. Custom logo tablecloths capture the attention of potential customers in seconds and create a lasting impression.

As a result, custom tablecloths are effective for helping you:

  • Maximize brand visibility and recognition
  • Collect highly-qualified leads
  • Close sales
  • Earn professional presentation points

But - how can you confidently decide on the best custom table cover for your event?

We know it’s not easy. That's why we’re here to help guide you through the decision process involved in creating the best custom tablecloths for your brand in 2022.

Below, we’ll discuss the two biggest custom tablecloth options, their advantages, and features to help you narrow down your choice.

Types of Custom Tablecloths

At MVP Visuals, we offer a wide variety of custom tablecloth designs, distinguished by fabric, fit, usage, and budget. However, despite how wide our range of custom tablecloths is, all of them fall into one of the following fabric categories:

  • Custom polyester tablecloths: These are made using polyester, a synthetic fabric that feels and looks like linen. It comes in a variety of weights and substrates, such as standard 300 denier or heavy duty 600 denier.
  • Custom stretch tablecloths: These are made using lightweight, smooth, and elastic spandex or 240g weight polyester, which stretch to give them a snug fit over any table. Stretch tablecloths are made to fit snugly on standard 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft folding tables.

Polyester Custom Tablecloths

polyester custom tablecloth

Polyester is an extremely versatile fabric that’s suitable for a variety of custom tablecloths. 

For instance, at MVP Visuals, we have three categories of polyester tablecloths:

Important Features of Polyester Custom Tablecloths

  • Wrinkle-resistant: Polyester custom tablecloths are made from fabrics that are resistant to creasing, wrinkling, or shrinking, even when machine washed. If they do get wrinkles or creases, they easily come out with a steamer.
  • Versatile: Polyester can be utilized for various usages, including indoor and outdoor events. Furthermore, polyester tablecloths are able to be made in different fits, including the classic throw-style or more boxy fitted styles.
  • Durable: This material is highly durable and stands up well to machine washing, drying, and stains for the covers with specialized coating. 
  • Flame retardant: Chemically treated to pass national safety standards in providing fire prevention

Stretch Custom Tablecloths

Are you looking for a tablecloth that fits like a glove? Consider custom spandex table covers.

These table covers are constructed with stretchy materials that expand to cover your entire table. It’s slipped under the legs with rubber footings to keep it in place. 

Our custom stretch table covers are made using a 180g weight spandex or 240g weight stretch polyester, and are fitted to your table’s specifications, giving your event displays a sharp and professional look.

Important Features of Stretch Custom Table Covers

  • Stay firmly in place: Once fitted to your table, your spandex covers won't be blown away by the wind or slip off the table.
  • Flame retardant: Like our polyester tablecloths, our stretch covers are also chemically treated for fire safety.
  • Versatile: Made-to-fit for rectangular or round tables, and the rectangular covers can be stylized with different back panel options - such as closed back, open back, or closed back with a zipper.

How Do Polyester Custom Tablecloths Compare With Stretch Custom Tablecloths?

Both polyester and stretch tablecloths are highly customizable to help you increase your brand exposure. The one you choose should have the qualities you desire in a tablecloth and be suitable to the environment where you’ll be using it.

The table below outlines the main differences between polyester and stretch tablecloths.





Various options for indoor and outdoor use with element-resistant coating available

Best optimized for indoor use or in gentle weather conditions


Highly durable 

Long lasting, but can be damaged by dry cleaning or ironing


Comes in multiple fabric weights and many different fits

Two fabric weights, but one main fit style


Low maintenance: Machine washable with synthetic detergents

Can also be machine washed and tumble-dried on low heat


The video below shows you how to effectively and safely wash your custom spandex tablecloths.

What is the price difference between polyester table covers and stretch table covers?

The following outline gives you an idea of price differences based on the design of a tablecloth, which can include front panel print or all over print. Pricing is affected by tablecloth size and print area. For instance, a 4ft tablecloth with limited print on the front panel will cost less than an 8ft tablecloth that lets you print all over the entire cover with custom colors.

 Product Lowest Price Highest Price
Polyester Table Cover - Front Panel Print $179.00 $259.00
Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print $199.00 $269.00
Polyester Table Cover - All Over Print $209.00 $249.00
Printed Spandex Table Cover - All Over Print $159.00 $299.00


Custom Tablecloth Reviews for MVP Visuals

Custom tablecloths have numerous benefits for both large corporations and small businesses. As a result, many companies and agencies have come to MVP Visuals for custom tablecloths because, well, nobody does it like we do.

Other than manufacturing high-quality products, we also take pride in our commitment to treating every customer like the real MVP.

Don’t take it from us, take it from our customers:

"The table covers and tents are all across the country now, and they look great. Our team is thrilled as our new Perfect Bar brand visual identity comes to life at these in-store demonstrations." 

Perfect Bar Brand Manager, Lisa Parady

“MVP is fantastic! Excellent customer service, great communication, I highly recommend!” 

Aurora Corteville

What tablecloth fabric is best for outdoor events?

Polyester-based custom tablecloths are our best option for outdoor events because of their sturdy and durable nature. 

Our Outdoor Table Cover, made using 600-denier polyester fabric, is the ultimate choice for all of your outdoor events. The material is heavy-duty and the same used , making it wind-resistant. It’s also fade and water resistant, meaning you can use it rain or shine.

What is the best printing method for custom tablecloths?

Dye sublimation is the best printing method for custom tablecloths. 

Dye sublimation is better for producing complex designs when compared to screen printing, and its designs also last longer.

Furthermore, dyeing designs into (instead of onto) the fabric ensures that the artwork, colors, and images are all of the highest quality, and it guarantees accurate color matching.

Get Custom Tablecloths for Every Event from MVP Visuals

colorful custom tablecloth

MVP Visuals is a leading manufacturer for all your event marketing collateral. We manufacture high-quality polyester and spandex tablecloths for a variety of event applications.

We offer front-panel and all-over prints, open, closed, and zipper backs, plus custom sizing options if your table has unique dimensions.

Call us today at (800) 980-6871 to discuss the design of your new custom tablecloths. If you’re already clear on what you want, go right ahead and click the Quick Quote button to get pricing back in just 1 business day.

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