Customizable Tablecloths: 3 Reliable Fabrics for Outdoor Events

Customizable Tablecloths: 3 Reliable Fabrics for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are unpredictable and only the weatherman can tell you what to expect. And even then, you still have no control over the weather you get on the day of your event.

However, you can cut corners by having marketing collateral that weathers all kinds of storms. This might sound like you need to invest in quality Custom Pop Up Tents, but we insist you also get tablecloths that’ll serve you well in rain or shine.

Reliable tablecloth fabrics for outdoor events have some distinct features that ensure they can handle hot summer days and gloomy rainy days. 

Here’s what to look for in the fabrics you choose for customizable tablecloths for outdoor use:

  • Durability
  • Liquid and stain-repellence
  • Fire-retardance
  • Protection for your furniture against stains and scratches

Here are the best fabrics to use for your custom tablecloths meant for outdoor events that’ll ensure your brand stands out.

Fabric Choice #1: 600 Denier Polyester Fabric

Outdoor 600 Denier Polyester Table Cover

Polyester is a popular material that can easily be dubbed the traditional tablecloth fabric, especially for outdoor events. There are many variations of the fabric, and all of them are great for outdoor use.

At MVP Visuals, the 600-denier polyester fabric is our best pick for Outdoor Polyester Table Covers. The fabric is the same one we use for our custom pop-up tents, so you can be sure it’ll stand up to anything the weather throws its way.

The fabric is heavily structured and has a tight boxy fit that’s not easily blown around by the wind when you’ve set up your table outside. Additionally, it’s super durable and element resistant—it won’t fade when set up under the sun and has water-repellent properties that come in handy when it rains.

Here are more reasons 600-denier polyester is reliable for outdoor events:

  • Flame-retardant: The structure of its fibers, plus a special fabric treatment, decreases its flammability. This is important because when you have an event outside, the wind can accelerate the development and spread of fire. Most of our tablecloth material meets the CPAI-84 flame retardant standards.
  • UV-resistant: The vivid dye sublimation print won't fade if left out in the sun without being covered by an advertising tent.
  • Easily washable: Though we don't recommend machine washing our 600 denier polyester tablecloths, they're super easy to spot clean! Just use a damp washcloth with warm, soapy water. 
  • Liquid & stain-repellent: It's resistant to picking up stains, making it perfect for outdoor settings - especially food and beverage brands that may have a high risk of spills. Water and other liquids simply bead up and slide off thanks to a special coating on the fabric.
  • Available in 40+ colors: We have a preselected swatch of stock colors for our Front Panel Print models, or print any Pantone or CMYK color on our All Over Print models.

Fabric Choice #2: Liquid Repellent Polyester

custom liquid repellent table cover

Liquid Repellent Polyester Table Covers are a great option and the fabric is the most versatile alternative for outdoor use. The fabric is similar to standard polyester but includes a special coating that makes the fabric liquid-repellent.

The coating turns liquid drops falling on the fabric into spherical balls that slide off without wetting the fabric. The coating is fairly durable and holds up well to rubbing.

Even with a coating, the fabric retains its durability and can be used for many consecutive events. 

Besides, it has easy-to-customize features, such as the ability to have your logo and brand artwork printed on just the front, or on the front, back, top, and sides. Here at MVP, we use vivid dye-sublimation printing to produce crisp, clean artwork that appeals to prospects and leaves a lasting impression.

custom tablecloth for coffee brand

Liquid-repellent polyester is perfect for beverage companies to elevate their customers’ experience. With this fabric, even the youngest customers can sip your drinks without the worry of spilling and staining your tablecloths. 

If you sell food, the flame-retardant quality of the fabric ensures you can prepare or reheat food samples without fear of causing a fire.

Even better, unlike the 600-denier polyester Outdoor table cover, it’s machine-washable, which makes the process of washing off spills or dirt easy and convenient. 

We recommend the fitted style liquid-repellent table covers with tucked corners that ensure you and your customers can walk around the table without tugging on it and causing spills, or allowing the wind to blow the corners around.

Fabric Choice #3: Stretch Polyester

Stretch polyester tablecloth

Are you looking for a dynamic and chic-looking tablecloth that's a bit more durable than the typical spandex tablecloths? The 240g stretch polyester is a good option for your outdoor booths.

The stretch polyester fabric is a more durable fabric, compared to spandex (which is the most popular for stretch table covers). It can be used from event to event in various seasons without losing its luster and elasticity.

Its fitted nature makes it great for wind resistance, so you don’t have to worry about your branded tablecloth blowing right off the table - and potentially taking your merchandise and other displays with it.

It’s truly wrinkle-free, which ensures your booth always looks clean and professional.

Like spandex tablecloths, the stretchy polyester tablecloths spread over tables to give you a fitted modern look. However, they give you a straight edge at the bottom, not the 2” arches you get with spandex covers. Since the fabric is thicker, you won't notice as much light filtering through, either.

We offer covers that are made to fit standard folding tables in the 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft configurations. If you need a custom size Stretch Mural Table Cover, you’ll need to provide your supplier with the following dimensions:

  • The full L" x W" x H" of your table 
  • The dimension of the space between the legs of the table
  • The dimension of the space between the feet of the table at each end

MVP Visuals includes rubber footing on all of these tablecloths to make sure the table covers are slip-proof - they grip right to the feet of the table!

They may be a bit expensive but their flame-retardance is a selling point if you often display at events with stringent regulations, and they look much sharper than traditional tablecloths, giving you a little edge over the competition.

Stretch polyester also offers a more cohesive appearance than spandex and three different backing styles, depending on how you intend to use the tables.

  • Closed-back: Perfect when you have every side of your table customized and want attendees to enjoy a 360-degree view. It makes your table look uniquely tidy.
  • Open-back: Features a high arched opening on the rear of the table. They're ideal for vendor fairs, conferences, and some trade shows if you're planning to sit at the table. They also provide easy access to merchandise stored under the table.
  • Zipper-back: The perfect balance between open and closed back! It allows you to have easy access to storage underneath the table, but still maintains that tidy 4-sided look when zipped up.

Get Customized Outdoor Tablecloths that Represent Your Brand

Custom table cover for outdoor events

Whatever polyester tablecloth fabric you choose, MVP Visuals can help you customize it to perfectly fit your brand’s needs. 

We’ll be with you throughout the process, from design to delivery, and ensure we produce a table cover that uniquely tells your brand’s story.

We offer 40+ color fabric options for the any of our Front Panel Print tablecloths, and unlimited fabric color options for our All Over Print tablecloths, including the Stretch Mural. We use dye sublimation for all fabric options to ensure vibrant, crisp, and long-lasting prints on your covers.

A few features that are consistent across all polyester tablecloths from MVP Visuals:

  • Free zippered vinyl storage bag
  • Volume pricing
  • Price match guarantee
  • Pantone Color Matching

Why Should You Order Your Polyester Outdoor Tablecloths from MVP Visuals?

Our team is the best when it comes to fully customized tablecloths with intricate detailed printing. 

When you order from us, we dedicate one team member to you who’ll take the time to understand your brand intimately and offer you personalized service.

You can choose to design your own tablecloth with our digital templates, customize it with Adobe Illustrator or other vector-based programs. Alternatively, take advantage of our design staff to help you capture all the essential elements of your brand.

We also guarantee peace of mind throughout with:

  • Free priority shipping on all table cover orders
  • Always-live help during business hours - no chatbots or robotic call menus!
  • Free design layouts, free fabric samples, and no set-up fees

Need some extra assurance? Our clients can attest to this:

“I have ordered tablecloths through MVP Visuals many times, and Danielle is always great to work with. She goes above and beyond to make sure my order is processed correctly, the approval process runs smoothly, and the product arrives timely.” - Summer Grisamore

“The ordering process was smooth and the art coordinators I worked with were very helpful and always responded to my questions promptly. The final table covers were shipped within 2 business days, so we had them on our hands well before our event.” - Anonymous

Order online to get the most reliable customizable tablecloths for outdoor events today!

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