4 Smart Ways to Keep Your Custom Tablecloths from Blowing Away

4 Smart Ways to Keep Your Custom Tablecloths from Blowing Away

Tablecloths are an amazing and effective marketing tool that can be used at trade shows and exhibitions. But this value can quickly decline if you’re having to hold onto them to prevent them from blowing away.

Since you can’t avoid the wind during outdoor events, you’ll need a way to keep your custom tablecloth firmly in place, even on the windiest of days. Having a firmly situated set up will help you maintain a professional and well-organized appearance.

There are several ways to prevent your custom-made tablecloth from blowing away.

Below, we’ll enlighten you on the:

  • Objects you can use to hold your table cover down
  • Customizations of the table cover itself to help it stay put
  • The best fabric to use for making outdoor table covers that won’t be affected by the elements

#1: Use Table Clamps or Clips

six flags custom table cover

Table clamps or clips slide onto the edge of a table to secure the top of the cover to the table. They keep the cloth firmly in place and prevent the table cover from slipping, sliding, or blowing away—even on the windiest days.

Reusable table clamps are usually made of plastic or stainless steel and typically come in packs of four. They are directly hooked onto the corners or edges of a table to hold the tablecloth in place.

Some modern table clamps come with adjustable knobs, which allow them to be used on any table thickness.

Some budget-friendly alternatives to table clamps include:

  • Binder clips
  • Clothespins
  • Tying the corners of the tablecloth to the table legs

Please note that table clamps or clips can only secure the cloth to the top of the table, leaving the “skirt” to flap around. 

#2: Use Tablecloth Weights

Tablecloth weights hang onto the bottom hem of the cover to hold it down and prevent it from being blown away.

They can be made from a variety of materials, including heavy cast iron, stainless steel, or plastic. You'll also find them in different shapes and styles, including seashells, eggs, charms, and flowers.

You can also take advantage of objects readily available in your surroundings, such as sand, glass bottles, or rocks, to make DIY tablecloth weights.

Unfortunately, weights can be a trip hazard, so make sure you use them safely!

Like clamps, four table cover weights are enough for a standard rectangular table, but you’ll need more if you have a larger-than-average table.

Another downside to tablecloth weights is that because they’re heavy, they may tear light paper or plastic tablecloths. However, if the fabric of your tablecloths is high quality, like those from MVP Visuals, you won’t have to worry about this issue.

Our custom tablecloths are made using durable materials, like polyester and spandex, which won't easily tear when weights are attached to them.

However, with the right tablecloth, you might not even need weights to withstand the elements.

#3: Customize the Tablecloth Itself

If you’re on the hunt for custom tablecloths that can withstand the elements, we recommend the following options.

A) Fitted Spandex Table Covers

A custom-fitted spandex table cover is a reliable option that's fully secured to ensure it won’t move an inch when the harsh winds blow.

Spandex tablecloths are fitted to your table's specific dimensions, ensuring your display looks sharp and professional, without the risk of sliding, slipping, or being blown away.

Our printed spandex table covers are contoured to form a 2" bottom arch and are secured to the feet of the table with rubber cups. Our non-printed spandex tablecloths are contoured with a 3" bottom arch and polypropylene footing.

Big brands, like Mattel and Amazon, have trusted us to produce secure spandex table covers for their displays at conventions and their tables at events and ceremonies.

We'll work hand in hand with you to provide you with secure and reliable table covers, regardless of the size of the project.

B) Stretch Polyester Table Covers

stretch polyester tablecloths

Stretch tablecloths are a close alternative to spandex tablecloths, but they differ in quality and durability.

Stretch tablecloths are made using 240 g. stretch polyester fabric that expands into a smooth and perfectly fitted tablecloth—one that won't move an inch no matter how strong the wind blows.

These table covers stretch straight to the floor and lack the contoured arch that comes with spandex table covers. However, they’re still secured to the feet of the table with rubber footings, so they’ll stay put throughout your event.

The sizing and fitting customizations of our stretch tablecloths further help to prevent them from moving around or being blown away.

Here's a table highlighting the standard sizing options we offer.

Table Size


Standard 6ft rectangular table

30in X 6ft X 29in

Standard 8ft rectangular table

30in X 8ft X 29in

Standard 4t rectangular table

24in X 4ft X 29in

Standard cocktail table

30in round x 42in tall


C) Fitted Heavy Duty Polyester Tablecloths

Our Outdoor Table Cover is a unique alternative to the above options. What makes them the best outdoor table cover option is their heavy-duty fabric.

MVP Visuals Outdoor Table Covers are made using the same material we use for our tent canopies—600D polyester. You can imagine that since this fabric is used to provide shelter, it's practically unmovable when used to create table covers.

The covers have a box-fitted look, which makes them drape firmly and attractively over the table. With this table cover, you'll never have to think of things like clamps or table weights.

Our outdoor table covers are the best for outdoor events because apart from enduring windy days, they can handle the hot sun and dreary rain without fading.

We also have custom sizing options to match your tablecloth to your table's dimensions.

#4: Place Anti-Slip Mats Under Your Tablecloth

An easy and inexpensive solution to your windblown tablecloth dilemma is to use anti-slip mats beneath your table covers. The materials of these mat options include:

  • PVC mesh
  • Shelf liners
  • Rubber liners

In this case, your custom tablecloth is laid over the anti-slip mat, reducing its chance of slipping, sliding, or being blown away. Anti-slip mats without adhesives are the best option as they won't ruin the table or its cover when removed.

These mats also add an extra layer of protection to your table against spills and heat, and they’re available in multiple shapes and designs.

Keep in mind, anti-slip mats only secure the top of your table and leave the "skirt" to blow around. If you're not crazy about that, we'd recommend going for one of the alternative table cover styles we outline above.

Leave All Your Custom Tablecloth Designing to MVP Visuals

Since 2006, MVP Visuals remains a reliable partner for all your custom trade show tablecloth needs.

We understand your need to look professional and well-organized when displaying your products at an exhibition or trade show.

Therefore, we offer customization options that’ll guarantee your brand is well-represented at all outdoor events. The customizations we recommend will ensure your tablecloth can withstand all the elements, from wind to sun and rain.

Our customized table cover options also eliminate the need for accessories like table clips and anti-slip mats to keep the tablecloth secured.

At MVP Visuals, you're the real MVP, and we'll listen carefully to your needs before pointing you towards the best choice for your specific needs.

“We have done business with MVP for several years. They produce quality products with outstanding customer service and quick production time.” - Stephanie Powell

“The products and support I've received have left me truly impressed.” - Will Tregaskis

Call us today at (800) 980-6871 to order your tablecloth and become the most outstanding brand at every event you attend.

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