4 Little Known Ways to Make the Most Out of Custom Inflatables

Custom inflatables have legitimately become an indispensable advertising tool. A masterfully designed custom inflatable arrests people's attention, making your brand more compelling.

Custom Inflatables of such capability are valuable assets. Therefore, designing them to last and serve for the longest possible time is more economical.

Here at MVP Visuals, we work round the clock to innovate ways to make this benefit a reality.

After years of creating the best custom inflatables for many reputable global brands, we are pleased to share with you these four little-known ways to make the most out of custom inflatables.

Make Allowances for Interchangeable Banners

Having the entire surface of your custom inflatables done with permanent prints can limit you to how often you can utilize your inflatable display.

Instead, get the highest return on your investment by having them designed so that you can reuse them with the fitting of custom interchangeable banners.

custom angled inflatable arch with removable banners
Custom Angled Inflatable Arch With Removable Banners

The art of making the most out of your custom inflatables involves their use on different occasions and functions without purchasing new ones. A custom inflatable worth your money should rise to almost all occasions while it’s serviceable.

squared custom inflatable arch with removable banners
Squared Custom Inflatable Arch With Removable Banners

Once put in place, our customized removable banners will give your inflatable a new and vibrant look every time you use it in advertising and corporate social events.

The table below shows some popular custom removable banners in the MVP Visuals repertoire.

Custom Removable Banner Method of Fitting on Inflatable
Hanging Hanging from the horizontal part of the arch
Velcro Attached with Velcro strips
Wraparound Wrapped around the vertical or horizontal tubes


Rounded Custom Arch

Rounded inflatable arches signify continuity, inclusivity, and predictability. They are more naturally appealing to people’s eyes than angled ones.

Pitching a curved custom inflatable arch is a creative way of saying your brand has enough room for everyone and an effortless way of endearing your brand to the public.

rounded custom inflatable arch
Rounded Custom Inflatable Arch

Rounded custom arches are the boldest and most convincing way of stating that your brand is forever growing. These reiterate the infinite nature of your brand more unequivocally thanks to their continuous character.

Since rounded inflatable arches don’t break off abruptly, they offer the most generous view of the intended images and text. This makes them more visually cognizable, giving them an edge over angled or squared arches.

Use Custom Inflatable Mascots and Entry Tunnels

It’s amazing how people get emotionally attached to mascots. And that bond automatically extends to your team or business because that's what the mascot represents.

Below are two ways you can use mascots to persuade visitors to choose your brand over others during business exhibitions.

Custom Inflatable Mascots

Capitalize on the chemistry between your mascot and customers by making your brand presence more palpable. You can achieve this by having a giant custom inflatable mascot prominently positioned as the center of attention.

custom inflatable mascot
Custom Inflatable Mascot

Having your guests ushered into your company event by their favorite mascots and the chance to take photos with it will leave an endearing memory in their minds. They have been watching it on TV, and standing face-to-face with it will be a real emotional moment deserving of a photo.

There are high chances that most of your visitors will post the pictures on the internet, affording your brand an effortless global presence.

Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnels

custom inflatable helmet tunnel
Custom Inflatable Helmet Tunnel

Custom inflatable entryways are unquestionably more dignifying than stock tunnels.

Our custom inflatable tunnels are especially popular with football teams and are a sure way of psyching your players for victory.

These lavish symbols represent class and intimidation to the opposing team, earning your team an early psychological lead.

custom inflatable mascot bull tunnel
Custom Inflatable Mascot Bull Tunnel

You can also use custom inflatable tunnels on special days and trade exhibitions to usher your customers into your business.

Create Giant Inflatable Product Replicas

It’s almost impossible for customers to ignore the imposing size and beauty of your customer’s favorite (or to-be favorite) product as it towers over everything else.

A giant inflatable will easily inspire infinite loyalty even in the most indifferent passer-by.

custom inflatable shoe
Custom Inflatable Shoe

At the heart of all advertising sits a clever touch of ostentation.

As such, a larger-than-life custom arch is a lavish display of luxury that shows how far you can go to afford your customers an irresistible visual treat.

The further up your inflatable goes, the higher your brand will soar. The number of heads that will turn towards your inflatable will vindicate this wisdom.

This video shows how to safely set up and deflate your custom inflatable arch.

Why Buy Custom Inflatables?

As you can see, custom inflatables are more sustainable and offer higher perks because they are

  • Economical in the long run - ditch rental costs or disposable displays
  • Able to amplify brand visibility
  • Easy to customize and manipulate
  • Adaptable to usage for different functions
  • Unique and specific to your brand or product

Stock inflatables come with several limitations which are impossible to rectify. They are

  • Rigid
  • Disposable
  • Financially wasteful
  • Plain and monotonous

Get Your Custom Inflatables From Specialists

At MVP Visuals, we produce custom inflatable designs of the highest quality by using the unique heat-based dye sublimation printing technique. This technique ensures your brand colors, images, and text maintain their sharpness even through extreme weather.

Do you want to make a bold statement that cuts through the noise? We have an unlimited range of custom inflatables such as tunnels, product replicas, arches, and mascots.

Allow us to ease things for you today.

testimony of a happy MVP Visuals customer

Contact us today, and let us help you with all of your advertising needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a custom inflatable?

Custom inflatables can cost anywhere from $800 to $5,000 or more. The prices of custom inflatables depend on the:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Size
  • Color code
  • Artwork

The more intricate and extensive your specifications are, the higher you may expect to spend.

However, we determine the exact price after creating the final digital design. Please request a quote here for your brand’s custom inflatable.

Is my custom inflatable safe?

Ordinarily, all inflatables undergo quality checks at the production plant to appraise their safety. That said, read the end-user guide carefully to get a comprehensive tutorial before setting your inflatable up.

Besides, always do a trial run and an emergency simulation before commissioning a custom inflatable for official use.

How can I make my custom inflatables last longer?

  • Always clean your inflatables with a soft, damp cloth and a gentle cleanser.
  • Dry them thoroughly, and keep them in their original containers. If these containers are no longer available, keep them in clearly labeled snuggly-closed jars.
  • Roll them instead of folding them before putting them in their containers.

Find more guidelines and precautions on inflatable safe usage here.

For how long should I use my custom inflatable?

If you buy a high-quality inflatable and provide it with the best care, it can serve you for 5 to 10 years.

However, the prevailing weather elements in your area also profoundly influence the durability of your custom inflatable.

How much wind is a threat to my custom inflatable?

Once winds reach 15 mph, we advise you to halt inflatable operations. This remains to be the case even if it’s a small well-tethered inflatable.

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