4 Best Selling Custom Inflatables Under $5000

Custom inflatables are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use for your brand.

From universities to product designers, sports teams to event organizers, you’d be hard-pressed to find a successful brand that isn’t tapping into their potential.

And the cool thing is, with where printing technology is today, you can pretty much recreate whatever item you wish.

If you can conjure it up, we can make it! And more to the point, the scope of application for custom inflatables is pretty big:

  • Inflatable games - bouncy house, soccer field
  • Advertising inflatables - custom shoe, soda can
  • Sports inflatables - marathon arch, entrance tunnel

As we go on about the rigorous business of bringing these bad boys to life, we want to help spur forth your imagination.

Check out these four profiles of custom inflatables—all designed by MVP Visuals, all under $5000, all best-sellers.

Quick overview of some sub-$5000 inflatables.

Inflatable All-weather? Portable? Large events?
green dome-shaped inflatable tent
Green Dome-Shaped Inflatable Tent
red Coca-Cola-branded misting tent
Red Coca-Cola-Branded Misting Tent 
blue Monarchs sports inflatable tunnel
Blue Monarchs Sports Inflatable Tunnel

#1: Inflatable Dome Tent

green dome-shaped inflatable tent
Green Dome-Shaped Inflatable Tent

By making use of a well-placed advertising tent, any brand is poised to catch the eyes of passers-by, inviting them closer to your station.

This incredibly popular inflatable tent is one of MVP Visuals’ best-sellers. It sports custom print, both in its interior and exterior, making it quite the looker. In addition to its fun, vibrant, and exciting look, it also features:

  • Sealed air-circulation
  • Solid window walls and door
  • Waterproof material used for the ripstop
  • Available in both custom and stock print colors

Complementary: With this tent comes a 600-watt air blower, to make the task of getting your tent inflated easier and more efficient!

Durable + Portable

Before buying any inflatable dome tent, you must be sure of its dependability. You don’t want to entertain any worries that your tent could pop and deflate without warning.

This is why this inflatable dome makes deliberate use of ultra-strong ripstop material. With their sturdy, durable, and dense inner fabric, they’re built to serve you for the long haul.

Also, its sealed air-circulatory design ensures it retains the same amount of air volume throughout any match or event—zero slouching, zero sagging.

Finally, MVP Visuals dome tent comes with just a roller bag for convenience—there are no component hardware parts that you need to carry around with it.


Suitable for All-Weather

Your site’s weather is one of the few contingencies over which you wield no control. Some days might be blazing hot; others might be gray and rainy.

Whichever way the winds blow, this dome tent suits all climates. How—you ask? Check this out:

  • Hot days - the sealed inflatable design takes charge, ensuring you don’t need to run electronic devices (blower, generator).
  • Wet days - the tent’s dome shape funnels away the rainwater, creating a cozy space in which potential customers/clients can take shelter.

#2: Custom Misting Tents

red Coca-Cola-branded misting tent
Red Coca-Cola-Branded Misting Tent

With that event getting closer every day, it’s only normal for brands to spend loads of time and resources planning how to make the most profound mark on the attending audience.

Whether you’re hosting a race or marathon in hot weather, this conspicuously branded misting tent will be a focal point for participants. They are bound to associate its pleasing experience with your brand, increasing trust and engagement.

MVP Visuals’ inflatable misting tents are available in any desired size and shape, and the cool thing is, it comes with everything you need to start the process of setting it up. These are:

  • Jet hoses for the misting process
  • An attached blower
  • A stake kit, storage bag, and holding ropes

Ideal for Hot Weather Events

Is there anyone who can say they enjoy spending the whole day in the blazing summer heat? Even during a sports event, players need occasional access to a bit of shade.

This tent’s misting technology considerably lowers the temperatures surrounding the tent. Doing so allows you to “target-cool” the appropriate zones when the breeze inevitably changes direction.

Perfect for Large Events

This misting tent provides the appropriately grand display and wide footprint you need for your intended audience.

Regardless of whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, it’s vital you make an effort to match the scale of the event. See how Coca-Cola commissioned a large “Cool Zone” misting tent to attract customers in an event during a heat wave.

#3: Custom Inflatable Tunnels

blue sports inflatable tunnel
Blue Monarchs Sports Inflatable Tunnel

Whether your school team is searching for an inflatable tunnel to make an entrance through into the field for the finals game or something vibrant and unique for a forthcoming trade show, this run-through tunnel is the right way to start the event.


Affordable tunnels aren’t always easy to find, especially if the intention is to get one customized for your team.

For just this reason, MVP Visuals makes a price-match promise: if you can find a cheaper custom option elsewhere, we’ll match it.


The most freeing thing about getting the right inflatable tunnel is being able to ferry it everywhere you wish at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’re leading a local sports fundraiser or hosting a college event for freshmen, this inflatable tunnel is the ideal, uniquely shaded spot over which to place your station/table.

Expert tip: Make sure to have your tunnel well packed before and during transit.

#4: 600D Inflatable Arches

red sports team inflatable tunnel
Ronald McDonald House of Orange County

A small anecdote, if you will…

Reeling over a bit of frustration from spending a large portion of their marketing budget on balloon arches, which eventually got destroyed, Ronald McDonald House of Orange County contacted MVP Visuals for a permanent solution.

They presented us with a detailed pitch for multiple arches they wanted: it was, indeed, an inflatable, but it had to be something affordable and verifiably durable.

Their annual outdoor charity walk was upcoming—these arches were to be a critical accent.

We presented them with a zero-profit discount offer based on our long-held initiative to contribute to charitable firms while staying within budget.

Each inflatable arch was accompanied by a free custom-colored table cover, which constitutes over $600 in free branding. 600D is an excellent option for fun runs because:

  • The arch is lightweight and easy to carry and use.
  • You can mend tears easily with simple fabric glue or stitching.
  • They’re cost-effective and cheaper than PVC-coated arches.
  • They’re strong and sturdy with good wind resistance.

MVP Visuals: Your Home for Reasonably Priced Custom Inflatables

At MVP Visuals, we make a point of treating each one of our customers like champs, without charging extra for it.

With a long history of working with such brands as NASA, Reddit, Harvard University, Facebook, Whole Foods, and Puma, we’ve cultivated a set of professional values and ethics that exemplifies the mark we’re trying to make:

  • Above & Beyond
  • A Culture of Customer-Centric Positivity
  • Openness & Honesty
  • Always Growing & Evolving

Another One of MVP Visuals Success Stories…

Jolene Rader of Pilots and Places had sought to combine a couple of things she holds dear: her love for travel and her love for children.

After a long chat with MVP Visuals’ designers, she settled for a free-standing replica of the Eiffel Tower, another for Big Ben clock, and a bouncy house customized to take the shape of the Taj Mahal.

The result?

Her clock and tower were quite the success—and not just with the young ones: Don’t take it from us, though:


Frequently Asked Questions

If I get an MVP Visuals inflatable, will I have to set it up myself?

Yes. We can help you set it up the first time, but from there on out, it’s easy. All you’ll need is an electric air blower or a generator for much larger inflatables. To ensure that your custom inflatable remains securely anchored to the ground, use safety cones, a hammer, ground stakes, and some rope to fasten your inflatable firmly into the ground.

Keep these tips in mind during and post-setup:

  • Mind the weather
  • Safety first
  • Invest in a durable, high-quality inflatable
  • Be mindful of storage
  • Clean your inflatable regularly

Are there other arch designs available?

Yes. If you want to opt for a more versatile design, consider two upgrades—misted and illuminated. Arches illuminated with LED lights inside its construction make a glaring splash, especially at night events.

On the other hand, misted arches feature a system that converts any moisture atop your arch into a film of mist.

Do MVP Visuals contribute to charitable causes?

Yes, we do. Since 2018, MVP Visuals has partnered with Homes For Our Troops, a charitable non-profit organization that builds inflatable homes for injured post-9/11 soldiers. Also, a significant portion of every tent sale is contributed to a prior set $10,000 goal.

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