3 Things to Know About Custom Table Covers with a Logo

3 Things to Know About Custom Table Covers with a Logo

Custom table covers with your logo are a marketing tool that won’t go out of style anytime soon. 

You’ve probably seen them whenever there is a display stand or an event going on, and it’s easy to tell how valuable they are to a business.

Branded table covers are a simple and affordable way to enhance the value of your event or show. They’ll help you to:

  • Showcase your brand’s professionalism
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Market and draw customers to your table
  • Display crucial brand information

A custom table cover with your logo will increase your brand’s awareness and help you reach your sales goals.

Let’s look at some important things you should know about custom table covers with a logo.

#1: They Capture the Attention of Prospects 

spandex table cover with front printing

When exhibiting at a trade show or convention, trying to differentiate your business from a crowd of brands can be difficult and intimidating. That’s why you need custom table covers with your logo to successfully attract prospects’ attention. 

Let’s take a look at three ways branded trade show table covers can help you achieve this:

  • Make a strong first impression with your logo.
  • Your logo visually communicates the unique identity of your brand and what it represents.

    When you’re at a large event where different companies sell similar products and services, displaying your logo on custom table covers will help you stand out from the rest.

    For better visibility, you can also use background displays and advertising flags with your logo and company name on them.

  • Promote your business.
  • One of the most affordable ways to promote your business is by purchasing custom table covers with your logo. 

    Generally speaking, the price of a typical 6’ custom table cover with a logo ranges from $150 to $300. 

    Considering the impact it’ll have on your event marketing success, that's a very small investment compared to what you may have spent on email marketing or paid advertising.

    However, the price will vary based on a number of factors. In particular, the type of fabric, print style, and size will play a role in how much a custom table cover costs. 

  • Establish your brand’s professionalism.
  • When people see your custom table covers with your logo, they see a professional company that loves investing in its brand. This tells potential buyers that you take your business seriously.

    As you can see, when it comes to creating brand awareness and grabbing people's attention, custom table covers with a logo play a significant role.

    #2: Reliable Custom Table Covers With Logo Vendors Display Reviews and Social Proof on their Website

    MVP Visuals Instagram

    We frequently feature customer projects on our Instagram! Follow at @mvpvisuals_usa

    A simple Google search will display a ton of branded tablecloth vendors. There are other print companies selling branded table covers on other platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

    With so many options available, how do you pick the best vendor?

    Look for a company that showcases its work on its website and social media platforms. This will allow you to analyze customer feedback and other social proof to assess the company’s track record.

    An ideal vendor will have a steady stream of glowing 5-star reviews. On the other hand, a terrible vendor will have customers sharing the bad experiences they’ve encountered with the company.

    For instance, MVP Visuals has a specific section on its website that displays hundreds of 5-star reviews from reputable brands.

    “I'm a new customer, super picky, with my own thoughts and ideas on design. In a word, I'm kind of a pain... yet I was given the highest level of customer service from beginning to end. I was beyond impressed with my service rep. 10 stars!!” Anonymous

    “I had fast responses to questions. They helped me select the proper product for my needs, they also helped me place my order, and they met my insane deadline. We will not hesitate to reorder with MVP Visuals.” Troy Moss


    #3: Dye Sublimation is the Best Printing Method for Custom Table Covers with a Logo

    If you’re going for a branded table cover, choose a printing method that gives you realistic and high-quality graphics that won’t bleed or fade over time. 

    There are two popular printing methods—screen printing and dye sublimation.

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing involves applying ink to the surface of the fabric using mesh screens with an image design on them. 

    It’s one of the oldest printing methods, but is less popular today due to the following disadvantages: 

    • The image is prone to peel, crack, or fade when exposed to sunlight or washed because it's only printed on the cover’s surface.
    • It’s not practical when you need custom or small orders because of the long setup process.
    • It poses a risk of print misalignment, which can lead to uneven transfer resulting in poor-quality images.

    Screen printing vs dye sublimation

    Dye Sublimation

    Dye sublimation entails using transfer paper, sublimation inks, and a heat press to completely embed the image into the material. 

    It’s the preferred method in the industry today as it allows for high-quality printing of artwork, colors, and images. 

    Dye sublimation uses the CMYK 4-color process for printing and achieves more accurate color matching than inks used with screen printing. 

    Advantages of dye sublimation include: 

    • High-quality images with vivid colors and clarity 
    • Long-term use because the image won’t fade 
    • Swift delivery due to the fast setup process 
    • Unlimited design flexibility—no color limits

    In the following table, we compare the features of dye sublimation to those of screen printing to help you see the difference:


    Dye Sublimation

    Screen Printing


    Best for multi-colored designs

    Allows limited color designs

    Image quality

    Produces high-definition vivid images

    May have inferior quality due to print misalignment


    It’s long-lasting 

    The image can bleed, fade, or crack

    Ease of setup

    Allows for a simple setup process with fast delivery time

    Complicated setup process


    At MVP Visuals, we understand the fine line that must be drawn between your brand’s tight budget and distinctive branding. That’s why we provide three distinct printing methods for your custom table covers with your logo. 

    • Front panel print: With our front panel print option, you’ll get unlimited printing on the front panel of your tablecloth. For the remaining parts of the cover, you can choose from nearly 50 stock fabric colors. 

    This option is available in extra-thick stretch mural material, polyester, or stretchy spandex

    • All-over print: Choose printed table covers that have an all-over print for a more customized experience. With this option, you can enjoy unlimited color printing on the whole surface of your table cover. 

    It’s available in spandex, polyester, and stretch mural materials. 

    • 1-color front panel print: If you’re on a tight budget, consider our 1-color front panel print. This option is available in polyester material and allows you to choose from up to 50 stock color fabric options.

    The following video shows how custom logo table covers are printed for events and trade shows.

    Ready to stand out from the rest of the competition at your next trade show?

     Check out our collection of custom table covers with a logo

    If you’re not sure which of the branded tablecloths will best suit your needs, contact us, and we’ll send you free samples to help you make an informed decision. 

    Once you decide, you’ll have your branded table cover in a record three days. If we don’t deliver on time, we’ll make your order free. 

    At MVP Visuals, we understand the value of having attractive and high-quality advertising. That’s why innovative start-ups and established brands trust us to supply custom table covers with their logos for corporate events. 

    “Dealing with MVP Visuals is always such a pleasure. Their professionalism, quality, and customer service are exceptional. MVP Visuals takes the stress completely out of the process, I know the final product will be exactly what was ordered and that it will arrive on time, or earlier.” George Koutsakis 

    Looking for more inspiration? Check out how we brightened the 2018 and 2019 Food and Brew Festival at Six Flags New England by supplying branded table covers and custom pop-up tents.

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