3 Stunning Inflatable Can Ideas to Help Advertise Your Brand

3 Stunning Inflatable Can Ideas to Help Advertise Your Brand

Did you know that product replica props attract more customers than any other form of visual imagery?

Potential customers visualize themselves using the products when they see the product images. It’s the reason multinational beverage companies like Coca-Cola use product replicas in most of their advertisements.

Visual displays also improve brand awareness, as humans retain visuals better than text messages. Your business can consequently turn prospective customers into paying clients with improved brand awareness from visual displays.

If some averaged product replica can accord you these benefits, imagine what a giant, larger-than-life inflatable display can do. It’ll reach an even bigger audience and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Large product inflatables are also suitable for a wide variety of events, such as:

  • Product launches
  • Special sales events
  • Trade shows

Today, we'll share some inflatable can ideas to help you advertise your brand at indoor and outdoor events, as well as public places.

#1: Super-Sized Inflatable Cans for Trade Shows

Stand out at your next beverage trade show with giant exact replicas of your drink cans. Large inflatable cans will draw in your target audience by commanding attention and evoking curiosity.

This will help you spread information about your products, which will encourage potential customers to buy.

The giant inflatable can will also make a good impression and make sure they remember your products even after the trade show. This will help increase your sales, as customers are more likely to buy from companies they’ve had positive one-on-one interactions with.

MVP Visuals is a reliable inflatable advertising partner that’ll help you build a strong and recognizable brand. We've created custom cocktail inflatables for other cocktail brands to help them stand out at trade shows.

Here’s one such example:

Custom inflatable cans

Wild Roots is an all-natural spirits brand that makes authentic-tasting spirits infused with flavorful fruits from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

We made cocktail inflatable cans that are exact replicas of their cans to help them promote their brand. The inflatables were 84 inches tall and drew attention to their booth with their gigantic size.

And since the average floor-to-ceiling height of convention and conference centers is 10 feet, the 84-inch inflatable works well for indoor events as well outdoors.

custom inflatable cans

#2: Giant Exact Product Replicas for Public Spaces

Your giant inflatable product replicas can also be used to advertise your products in public spaces such as theme parks or outside of retail stores.

Hundreds of potential buyers are visiting theme parks every day, and your giant inflatable cans will immediately grab their interest, evoke curiosity, and influence potential customers’ buying decisions.

Another public space to set up your inflatable is outside of retail stores during product activation campaigns. Potential customers are driving past retail stores every day, and a promotional inflatable can draw them in to buy your beverage product.

Even if they don't stop that day, they'll aid in brand recall - potentially leading to independent research and a purchase through another touchpoint later on, or seeking it out at the store when they come back.

The inflatable will also elevate the appearance of your setup and give it the image of a strong, reliable brand.


#3: Wow Your Guests With Indoor Inflatable Retail Displays

Large inflatable cans are selfie magnets that your customers will love to take pictures with. This will create memorable and enjoyable experiences for your customers.

Positive experiences and emotions will keep your customers loyal to your brand, and they’ll keep coming back for more. They might even tell their family and friends about your canned beverages, which will help you gain more sales.

inflatable cans

inflatable cans

Are Inflatables Suitable for Indoor Use?

They are! Our inflatables made with 300 Denier or 600 Denier nylon polyester fabric also have flame retardant properties.

Constant air inflatables work best for indoor use, as they need a constant power hookup. If you plan to take them outside, you'll need to be close to an outdoor outlet, utilize an extension cord, or get a portable generator.

Sealed air inflatables will work well indoors or out, since they only require one inflation per use. Once fully inflated, they’ll last up to 72 hrs or more before beginning to deflate. This will eliminate loud blower noise.

The inflatable cans are also energy-efficient, as they only need power during inflation, unlike constant-air inflatables that require power throughout.

The table below lists the differences between sealed air and constant-air inflatables.

Sealed Air Inflatables

Constant Air Inflatables

Need only one inflation per use

Need constant inflation during use

Are energy-efficient since they only require power during inflation

Use more energy since they require constant power during use

Can be used in areas without power

Can't be used in areas without power as they need a power connection to operate


To help you blow up your cocktail inflatable can, every custom inflatable purchase comes with the exact blower needed to inflate it. You don’t have to worry about purchasing an industrial blower after you make your order.

Create a Recognizable Brand With Inflatable Cans From MVP Visuals

MVP Visuals can help build your brand with exact cocktail inflatable cans to improve your brand awareness.

With your brand name and colors on the inflatable can, potential customers can’t help but notice your brand. Seeing your inflatables repeatedly in public spaces will imprint your brand name in their minds, and they’ll most likely buy your canned beverages.

Once you order your custom inflatables, you’ll receive them within 30 days.

We additionally offer these four guarantees to ensure your peace of mind:

  • Free layouts before production: To ensure we get the correct sizing, placement, and colors of your custom order, we’ll send you free renders before production for your approval.
  • On time, or it's free: We’ll refund your order within 24 hours if your inflatable is not delivered on your desired date.
  • Same coordinator from start to finish: To ensure impeccable customer service, the sales representative who took your order will help you through the entire production process until your order is finalized.
  • Live help is always available: We’ll slash $100 off your order if no one answers your call during working hours.

“Working with MVP was such a positive experience. The process is seamless; they listened and delivered a great, quality product.”


Stand out from your competitors with custom inflatable cans from MVP Visuals. Call us today at (800) 980-6871 and get a quick quote for your personalized inflatable can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fragile are inflatable displays?

MVP Visuals inflatables are made with a variety of commercial grade materials, such as 300D and 600D polyester, or heavy-duty PVC, and have sturdy exteriors that don’t tear or puncture easily. This means that it’s impossible for an accidental hand graze to damage your inflatable.

Read more about some safety tips to ensure your inflatables last longer.

How long does it take to blow up an inflatable can?

It’ll take approximately 2–10 minutes to inflate your custom cocktail inflatable, depending on its size. A 10-ft inflatable, for instance, will take approximately six minutes to blow up, while a 5-ft inflatable will take four minutes.

What’s the warranty on MVP Visuals’ inflatables?

Our custom inflatables come with a one-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.


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