3 Customizations to Dramatically Improve Your Inflatable Archway

3 Customizations to Dramatically Improve Your Inflatable Archway

Outdoor events are a great way to meet and greet your customers, make lasting impressions and build relationships that engender trust and build brand loyalty.

For non-profits, your events should spread awareness and motivate people to donate to your cause.

One way to make your brand stand out at an event is by using a custom inflatable arch. Not only will it draw attention, but if you do it right, you’ll create a permanent impression.

However, a bland, not-so-memorable arch just won’t cut it. So let’s talk about how to customize your arch to leave a lasting impact.

Customization 1 - 3D Effects

3D effects turn ideas into reality with larger-than-life designs. Plus, they introduce the attention-grabbing “wow” factor that you’re looking for.

Having an eye-catching 3-dimensional version of your logo or mascot towering above your guests is sure to generate the kind of interest that makes you stand out.

Include a 3D logo front and center on your inflatable arch to make it truly memorable. Pictured below is an inflatable arch for one of MVP Visuals’ happy clients, Trilogy Lacrosse, with a 3D logo right in the middle.

The logo transforms what would have been an ordinary inflatable arch into a stand-out feature that will make everyone pause to take a look.

large blue inflatable tent with 3D logo

“Huge props to MVP Visuals, not only have they been great for the design and ordering perspective, but excellent customer service. Can’t say enough good things!”

Mitch Belisle, VP of Sales and Marketing, Trilogy Lacrosse

Alternatively, you can turn the legs of the arch into 3D shapes to fit a certain theme or give customers a life-size memory of what your company is all about.

Your arch will be easy to spot from a distance. In addition, it will be a one-of-a-kind design that will set your business apart.

Take, for example, this inflatable arch with large water bottles on both ends.

large black arch with water bottle legs

For starters, the novelty of the design will make people come closer just to see what it’s all about. In addition, unrivaled designs like these are bound to find their way to social media, giving you a much wider reach at no extra cost.

The beauty of 3D designs is that you can let your imagination run far and wide to create a unique, hard-to-miss design.

Expert tip: Regardless of the 3D effects you choose, remember to stick to brand colors. Your colors make your brand easily recognizable and provide a consistent message that won’t confuse your customers.

Customization 2 - Special Features

To transform your inflatable arch from ordinary to memorable, consider adding special effects such as mist or in-built lighting.

Special features inject some fun and dynamism into your marketing, and they’re real crowd pullers—increasing your exposure at any event.

Consider the following ideas:

  • Putting an arch that sprays a refreshing mist on your guests at the finish line of a run on a hot summer’s day.
  • Having a tunnel at the entrance of an outdoor event, welcoming customers with jets of cooling mist.
  • Adding an illuminated archway to nighttime events to keep your brand and message visible the entire time.
  • Making an illuminated archway with colored lights that will change the colors of the tent several times during the event.
  • Highlighting a message at the top of the arch by switching lights on and off at various intervals.

Adding special features to your inflatable tents and arches grabs attention, making your marketing more attractive. In addition, you’ll make a lasting impression that your customers aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

misting and illuminated tent for events

Misting and Illuminated Tent for Event

Remember to consider the following when choosing your special effects:

  • Your event location. Misting arches work best on hot days. If it’s cold, the mist will be unwelcomed. At MVP Visuals, we add misting jets to normal inflatable arches. That way, when it’s hot, you can turn the jets on or use the arch without the mist if it’s cold.
  • The audience. Choose displays with a universal appeal to draw in as large of an audience as possible. Use colored lights on certain parts of the arch to highlight your logo or message.

Avoid effects that may be problematic. For instance, while flashing lights may work for some audiences, they will be a major problem for photosensitive people.

Customization 3 - Custom Removable Banners

Inflatable arches are a long-term investment for use at different events over several years. For maximum impact, your arch needs a level of customization to suit the different events, thus, custom removable banners.

removable banner with velcro demonstration
Removable Banner With Velcro Demonstration

Removable banners offer you a way to easily change your inflatable arch’s branding without having to buy an entirely new custom arch.

The removable banners attach to your inflatable arch through:

  • Velcro strips sewn into the arch and on the custom removable banners.
  • Wraparound banners that attach to themselves using Velcro — perfect if you already have an existing inflatable arch or want a more discreet look.
  • Clips and strings that attach to the d-rings that hold the tie-down ropes for your inflatable arch. We can also affix special hooks to the arch during manufacturing on request.

The banners can be placed anywhere on your inflatable arch but are most commonly used on the ‘leg’ tubes and across the top.

Leg banners are commonly used to display sponsor logos and other key information. Top banners are popularly used to mark the ‘START’ and ‘FINISH’ lines at races or show the event's name.

You can also print logos and designs underneath the banner areas for when the banners are not in use. To this end, we match the velcro strips as best as possible to the color of your arch, so they don't stand out when the banners are not attached.

Get Your Inflatable Archway

A brand associated with quality and distinction will leave a lasting impression that drives your business forward.

That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable supplier for your inflatable archway, along with the rest of your marketing materials such as your custom logo tablecloths and advertising flags with stands.

Let MVP Visuals help you market your business.

With over 16 years of experience collaborating with a host of major brands (some pictured below), we’ll put our back into making your event an absolute success.

collage of brand names from of MVP Visuals’ previous customers
Collage of Brand Names From MVP Visuals’ Previous Customers

We know all too well how a delay can affect your business, so we make it a point to deliver on time. We’ll even give you your money back if we’re late.

Plus, we understand the frustration of explaining what you need to a different company representative with each call. We’ll make sure that you deal with only one person on our end.

From concept to the final product, you will have one contact person who’ll make it their priority to ensure your order perfectly represents your brand.

Our process is simple:

  1. Request a quote and place an order. Our quotes have no hidden costs, and you’ll know exactly what you need to pay.
  2. Get started on the design. You can either make your own or we can help you with that—free of charge.
  3. We proceed with 3D rendering to see how the final product will look.
  4. Once you approve the proof, we’ll make the final product.
angled inflatable arch process from digital proof, 3d rendering until the final product is complete
Angled Inflatable Arch Process From Digital Proof

Remember, it takes about ten days to complete your order, so the earlier you order, the better.

Talk to us today, and let us help you make your next event a smash hit.

“We initially bought this arch for our 5K walk but have since used it at almost every event we have. It takes no more than 15 minutes to assemble, and storage is equally as easy. Thank you MVP Visuals! You have taken our marketing and branding to the next level!”

Ruth Wu, Special Events Manager, Ronald Mcdonald House of Orange County

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