Review of our Inflatable Arches | Why buy an arch from MVP Visuals?

Review of our Inflatable Arches | Why buy an arch from MVP Visuals?

Custom inflatable arches are a significant investment for any brand, big or small. There are many choices that play into the buying process, one of the most major being the company that's going to make the arch for you. There are a lot of inflatable manufacturers out there, so why pick MVP Visuals for your inflatable arch?

We're glad you asked.

MVP's Service Guarantees

One of the ways right off the top that we're unique is with the guarantees that we offer - the first one is our On Time or It's Free Guarantee. What this means: if you place an order and you have a specific event date that you absolutely need to hit, we're going to make sure we get it there on time for that date, or your order is free - and we're going to refund you in 24 hours, no questions asked.

The second great thing is our warranties. The reality is, if you're going to spend the time and the money to invest in an inflatable arch, you want to make sure that it lasts you throughout the years. That's why our arch warranties range from three years, five years, or lifetime depending on the model that you purchase. 

Lastly, we're going to give you a free gift! We make thousands of custom printed table covers every year, and with every inflatable arch that you order, we're going to give you a free table cover with your logo. 

MVP Visuals Ronald McDonald House Inflatable Arch
MVP Visuals Ronald McDonald House Custom Table Cover

Our Arches are Made To Last

Now, we'll talk about a few specifics about the arches themselves. This begins with the different materials that the inflatable arch will be made out of. We offer a varying material types at a few different price points.

Why not just one type of inflatable arch? This variety is really important not just for your budget, but we want to make sure that you have options based on where and when you're going to be using the arch. For example, we've had beach volleyball tournaments use our arches for entryways, all the way up to national snowmobiling tournaments who have used them for finish lines.

MVP Visuals Coors Light Arch


In terms of the material, there's two main types that we offer. We have 420D and 600D versions of a polyester denier material, which is more like a thicker canopy tent top. These fabrics are better for occasional to intermediate use. Then, we have a mega-durable PVC material - think like a bouncy house type fabric. PVC Inflatable Arches are the top choice for getting heavier and longer-term use out of your arch. 

Polyester Inflatable Arch
PVC Inflatable Arch

Unlimited Print & Design on Your Inflatable Arch

We print your arch with dye sublimation heat transfer. To quickly explain the process, the individual pieces of your arch start out white, and then we dye your design into it using a special type of paper to ensure crisp-looking print before our production team hand-sews the pieces together to create your final product.

AAU Cross Country Inflatable Arch

For our arches, you get unlimited colors and design for the same price - meaning we won't charge you for using more than one logo or to match your specific brand color. You can go as simple or as intricate as you'd like - and we love creating and designing awesome, bright, dynamic inflatable arches that are going to get your brand and your message across!

Any Size & Shape You Need

Arthritis Foundation Inflatable Arch


While our most popular choice is a 20ft wide arch, we can do any size! Our standard size offerings range from 15ft wide all the way up to 50ft wide. But if you need a custom size or custom shape inflatable arch, we have you covered! 

Trilogy Lacrosse Inflatable Arch


No matter if you need an extra-tall arch to drive a monster truck underneath, or want a 3D cutout of your logo in the middle of your arch, our team is down for anything you can dream up.

Personalized Customer Service

Our goal is to make the entire order process really easy for you. Part of how we make this possible is the representative that you work with. The truth is, you'll be working with one person the entire time - whether it be a quote, art rendition, sending your tracking info...all of it! We don't pass you off from team member to team member. You're going to have one point of contact who's going to do everything for you to make the experience smooth and enjoyable.

Another part of that experience includes free design mockups and fabric samples to make sure that even before you order the arch, you're ecstatic with the design and quality.

Visit California Inflatable Arch

We hoped that this review of our custom inflatable arches helped! If you're in need of a high-quality, long-lasting inflatable arch to make your brand stand out, check out our Inflatable Arches collection and request a Quick Quote today!

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