What is a Feather Flag and Why You Should Use One

What is a Feather Flag and Why You Should Use One

You're all set.

Your branded tent is up. Your custom-made tablecloth is spread. And your products are on display.

But why aren't your customers recognizing your brand in the sea of companies attending the event or trade show you're at?

Well, it could be because there are so many companies already clamoring for their attention. Or it could be because your customers have to get so close to your booth to know what you're all about.

How, then, do you stand out more and make it easier for them to notice you even from a distance?

Here's the secret: adding feather flags to your marketing collateral.

What is a Feather Flag?

A feather flag is a versatile and dynamic advertising tool, characterized by its tall, slender design that resembles a feather. These flags are designed to move with the wind, attracting attention from passersby with their motion and vivid graphics. Easy to install and highly portable, feather flags are an effective way to increase visibility for businesses and events in any setting.

These customized flags act as a beacon, leading people towards your trade show display or event setup. And that's not all they do.

From the roadside to your storefront, they can draw in customers from different places, working as a 24/7 marketing technique. Add to that the constant flapping in the wind, and you will get the attention of any passerby.

So, how much more can you get from a feather flag?

Let's delve deeper into this.

1. These Personalized Flags Boost Brand Recognition

Since feather flags are customizable, they’re a perfect way to increase brand recall.

They are best known for high-impact advertising because of their attention-grabbing nature.

From color to motion, they'll make your message pop and draw people in.

You get to choose colors that align with your brand and use them on your rectangle flags to make it easier for your customers to recognize your brand instantly.

At MVP, we print the fabric you choose with our proven and tested 4-color (CMYK) process known as full color dye-sublimation.

Here’s a brief video explaining what it’s all about.

This printing process ensures the flag has rich tones and perfect detail–-high-quality, vivid graphics–-that’ll surely turn heads.

The best part is that the visuals are printed into the fabric meaning that they won’t fade on you no matter how often you use the flag.

You also get to create your own design layout using our free templates. Alternatively, you can send us your color requirements, graphics, and logo and we will create the visuals for you.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll receive digital proof within 24 hours to confirm if we’re on the right track and representing your brand just the way you want it.

Pro-tip: Use contrasting colors for your logo and flag so the logo can pop more and draw attention to itself. This way, your custom flag will grab your customers’ attention even from afar.

Customization doesn’t have to end at color and graphics. You can also opt to have your flag shaped like your logo instead of the standard flying, vertical, or teardrop flags styles we have.

2. They Are Easy to Assemble and Carry

Feather flags are pretty easy to assemble especially when compared to other traditional marketing methods. Think billboards, large signs and banners, which all need technical know-how to set them up.

Feather flags come in a bag containing a slip-on flag, pole and base. With these in hand, all you need to do is fit the flagpole to the base, slip the flag on the frame, then set the base firmly on the ground. And you’re all done.

Dismantling the flag is just as easy: disconnect the frame, slip the flag off the pole and put each item separately back into the bag.

Because these flags can fit well in a bag, they’re easily portable. But more than that, the flag’s frame is built with aluminium, so the flags are lightweight making it easier to move them from one location to another.

So, you'll save more on transportation.  

3. They Are Cost Effective 

Besides promoting your company on-demand, these feather flags are very pocket friendly. 

Here’s what we mean.

If you want to use other traditional marketing tactics:

  • You’ll part with $1,200 to upwards of $50,000 a month to set up a billboard
  • You’ll be looking at an average of $342,000 for a 30-second TV ad on a national network without factoring in production costs which range between $2,000 and $3,000, and that’s on the lower end

Say, you want to use paid digital advertising instead, you’ll be looking at spending:

  • $9,000 to $10,000 per month on Google advertising or
  • An average of $10 CPM on Facebook, which means $10,000 per ad for 1 million impressions

But when you use MVP Visuals’ flags, you’ll pay a one-time investment cost depending on the size and type of flag. Here's how much you'll pay.

Three differently sized flying feather flags

Economy Flying Feather Flag

From $139

Buy Now

three different sizes of rectangle banner flag next to a 3d model for scale

Economy Teardrop Feather Flag

From $139

Buy Now

Economy Teardrop Feather Flag

Vertical Feather

From $239

Buy Now

This is good news for you because:

  • You won’t deal with the hassle of ongoing costs to maintain the flags, save for cleaning and ironing costs which are minimal and
  • You’ll have a clear-cut price for your budgeting

Moreover, these promotional flags don’t fade or grow old, so you won’t need to replace them every so often, meaning you'll save more.

But the best part is that you can swap graphics when your logo or brand colors change to update your design at no extra cost.

4. They Don’t Take Up Much Space

Feather flags are relatively small when compared to banners and billboards.

They also utilize more vertical than horizontal space, making them the best choice for crowded places and small spaces.

Our large size flags go up to 15 feet high, making them super easy to spot.

flags advertising pole guide

You may immediately wonder, “If these flags occupy little horizontal space, then will my messaging be legible?”

The answer is a resounding yes.

Despite their size, these flags have a large printable space for your logo and brand message. Also, the font used is large enough for someone to read it even from a distance.

At MVP, you can choose how much information to have on the flag with our single-sided or double-sided printing options.

5. They Can Stand-up-Against Poor Weather 

Promotional flags offer 24/7 advertising because they can withstand poor weather thanks to the type of fabric and frame used.

The Material Used on the Flag

Our flags are printed on lightweight, sturdy nylon that’s tear-resistant, meaning it can withstand even the strongest winds. So, the flags are long-lasting and perfect for long-term use.

The Flag’s Frame

As mentioned earlier, the frame is made of aluminium. Aluminium isn’t only lightweight, but also durable.

But more than that. It’s sturdy enough even in terrible weather.

We also incorporate banner arms to the frame to prevent the feather flags from entangling over the pole when a gust of wind blows. The banner arms keep the flags stretched out at all times so your messaging stays visible.

Economy Teardrop Feather Flag

Another amazing feature that promotional flags have that makes them stand the weather test is the ability to rotate with the wind. This way, they remain firm on the ground and not tip over no matter how strong the winds get.

With MVP Visuals' custom feather flags, you also get stable bases that keep your flag planted firmly on the ground and prevent it from falling off in poor weather.

We have three types of bases you can choose from depending on where you plan to mount your flag. 

Base Location
Ground stake Outdoor
Cross base with water weight bag Indoor or outdoor
Square steel base Indoor and outdoor

6. Take Your Advertising to the Next Level With Our Custom Flags

Flags, as we've already established, are some of the most overlooked tools for marketing. Yet, they have quite distinctive benefits.

Whether you're on a tight budget or just want more brand visibility at an event, our flags will surely draw your customers in. Why? Because they are printed in a way that makes them pop more with rich colors and extensive detail.

Also, they are made for durability. So, they can withstand both poor weather and the test of time.

But more than that, they are cost effective.

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