Specialty non-printed table covers: From liquid repellant to circular, we have it all.

Specialty non-printed table covers: From liquid repellant to circular, we have it all.

Sometimes, less is more.  Opting for a non-printed table cover is an excellent way to be prepared for any event any time of year.  Not sure if you may change your logo or color scheme?  Don't have your 2014 event calendar set in stone?  We offer a variety of non-printed table covers in 74 gorgeous stock colors.  With something for every budget, you simply can not go wrong.


The eco business industry is on the rise, and consumers are ever more aware of what they purchase and who they are buying from.  With this in mind, we created the Recycled Polyester Table Cover.  Available in both a throw and fitted style, and made of 100% recycled polyester, this is a simple solution to compliment your eco-conscious display.  We personally like to have this on hand in a few different colors for the impromptu event.


Wet weather or liquid at your table?  A non-printed Liquid Repellent Polyester Table Cover will do the trick!  From cooking demonstrations to events serving beverages, or an outdoor farmer's market stand at the rainy Seattle's Pike Place Market, we have you covered and dry.  Get this for only $49 at our online store here.


Don't be a square and go with a round table decorated with either a fitted or throw non-printed table cover.  Set up is always easy with any of our products, and if your table is not the standard 30 inches in height, we'll be able to customize your cover so it fits your table perfectly.  Click here to view all of our Polyester Poplin Colors, or click here to shop online.


If you'll be doing any cooking on or near your table, or are expecting to be around any sort of flame, you'll want to be sure your display is flame retardant.  All of our Flame Retardant Table Covers come with an official certificate — proof that your cover will not catch on fire.  These table covers are available in eight beautiful colors and priced at only $59.



Don't hesitate to get in touch with us when ordering your table covers at hello@mvpvisuals.com.