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Pop-Up Tent With Logo: The Dos and Don'ts of Customization

Who can skip past an eye-popping display with feisty colors? Not us, and we're betting your prospects won’t either.

Pop-up canopies are a fun and unique way to make your business stand out in trade shows, outdoor restaurant space, or even outdoor sports team events.

There’s just one problem: many businesses are hopping on to the pop-up tent train, creating the need to further differentiate your business with well made and beautifully designed pop-up tents.

Pop-up tents with logos on them are a smart choice for garnering even more recognition for your brand.

Work with a first-rate company that promises and delivers:

  • An easy order process, 
  • on-time delivery (or get your money back!), 
  • and everything custom-made to order

It’s your ticket to showing up audaciously and attracting your dream customers.

We’ve created this guide to help you get a hold of the essential dos and don'ts of pop-up tent customization for your next marketing event.

When Getting a Custom Tent Canopy Package,


Get a Clear Logo

You might view your logo on a computer and think it looks amazing. But a lot of the time, when printed in a large size, it comes out fuzzy, distorted, or pixelated.

You can avoid this by checking with your graphic designer to confirm that your logo is a vector graphic before getting your tent canopy package.

Custom Tents All Star Bundle
Custom Tents All Star Bundle

Vectors are images that are composed of mathematical formulas as opposed to the singular color blocks—or pixels—that Raster Images (JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG) are made of. 

This means that no matter how much you enlarge or how tight you zoom in on the image, the quality remains the same. This comes in handy when creating a branded pop-up tent because your logo will be expanded to enormous proportions.

Check to see that your logo is saved in the following formats:

  • With “.ai” standing for Adobe Illustrator
  • “.eps” standing for Encapsulated Postscript file.
  • “.pdf”  is short for Portable Document Format.

If your logo isn’t a vector file, this is a great opportunity to revamp your logo and elevate your overall brand. 

Ensure Your Logo Is Eye-Catching

Pantone colors are a universal, fixed number of colors. Get the exact color(s) of your logo on your canopy tents by assigning them a Pantone color match.

Pantones come out best in print and are highly recommended by manufacturers and professionals in the textile and design industries.

It’s particularly important to select Pantones over CMYK colors if you’ll be getting “extras" or additional branding material. This is because CMYK color mixes absorb differently into different materials like Spandex and Polyester canopy, versus Pantone colors that have a firm physical match to compare to over a variety of materials.

You’ll want your brand colors to look consistent throughout different fabrics.

Alongside Pantones, choosing the right printing techniques for your logo and tent design is crucial in determining the final look of your pop-up tent.

There are two main printing options: Screen printing and digital printing.

Screen Printing is great for basic designs—for example, a logo with two colors while Digital Printing (or Direct-to-Garment printing) is preferred for more complex designs. Envision a logo with 3–5 colors and stripes.

Comparison Screen Printing Dye Sublimation (Digital Printing)
Set-Up Can only apply one color to the substrate at a time, thus fairly labor-intensive for multicolor jobs. Prints all colors at once.
Ink Mainly uses Plastisol ink Uses water-based inks
Customization Requires preparation of an entirely new screen for customization of designs. Customization only requires changing of the artwork file to print a new transfer.
Curing Ink must be heated after printing for proper curing thus process requires a conveyor dryer. Cured with a heat press during the application of the design.
Finished Product Plastisol screen printing ink sits on top of the fabric creating a heavier print. However, a lighter, softer final print can be achieved with water-based or discharge ink. The ink permeates the substrate material to create a final print with no noticeable weight and a soft hand feel.

Add "Extras" to Make an Impression

From advertising flags to printed table covers with your logo on them and LED lights for a boost of exposure in the dark: Anything that makes your business the center of attention is a win.

Custom advertising flags wave your value proposition right up in the air for your prospects to see. 

Custom Tablecloth
Custom Tents MVP Bundle

With MVP, you can choose from a range of style options, or you can specially craft a unique banner design that augments your brand.

  • Branded tablecloths are creative eye-candy. 
  • LED lights are very practical when it's dark. 
  • If durability is what you’re after, go for Polyester table covers
  • Liquid Repellent tablecloths are fantastic for food and drinks.

In conclusion, tent accessories should harmonize both utility and aesthetics and further enhance brand identity. 

Go for a Company With Flexible Customization Options

Human beings easily get bored. As a business owner, you want to switch things up regularly to keep your would-be customers constantly stimulated and interested. As such, purchasing your custom pop-up tents from a company that supports flexible customization options is an excellent idea. 

mvpvisuals home page
mvpvisuals home page

Here at MVP Visuals, we offer $100 off your order if you place a call on our open hours and a live person doesn't respond. This human touch in the entire process is essential to guarantee that everything regarding your pop-up tent order is personalized exactly the way you want. 


Purchase Ready-made Canopy Tents

Here's a fact: Mass-produced pop-up tents do nothing to make your brand memorable. The ones you can snag for $100 on Amazon do nothing for you or your business in terms of building brand identity.

Because you use cheap brand collateral, customers will have the audacity to price you down at every given opportunity. Plus, since you can use substandard branding materials, that also means your products are substandard. At least that's how your prospects will reason.

Flipping it over, custom canopy tents signal originality and professionalism. Hence making your prospects trust the quality of your products or services. This results in increased patronage and more revenue for your business.

Choose the Wrong Colors

Color has been known to increase conversions by a whopping 24%. In the same vein, the wrong color combination can give your prospects the wrong impression about your brand and send conversions down the drain.

With that, don’t use a color that clashes with that of your business' logo—no matter how fantastic it looks on its own.

Tent colors look good and complement each othe
Custom Pop-Up Tents for food & beverage concession booth 

An idea of color schemes will inform the kind of tones you pick for your tent design. The basis of successful color combination is recognizing how different shades intermingle with each other.

Color has a temperature. When you know this, you have a better grasp of how to mix and match them to adequately convey your message.

For instance, cool colors are linked to peace and calm, while warmer shades signal brightness and energy.

Color combinations shouldn’t only be on-brand but complement your logo nicely. If you opt for a more patterned tent design with a lot of tones, you might want to inverse the color of your logo. 

Make Mistakes On Your Copy

Clean, errorless, straight-to-the-point copy on a custom table cover
Stretch Mural Table Cover - All Over Print

Typographical errors have caused companies like NASA to fork out funds amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sure, it’ll most likely not cost you as much, but it’s important to note that in business, even the smallest spelling or grammar blooper can result in questions to your credibility. One apostrophe short can easily transfer to a corresponding drop in sales.

Get your pop-up tent copy crafted by a copywriter or agency to make it punchy, compelling, and most especially, error-free. Run through a copy checklist if you may.

Secure help from a proofreader to put an extra pair of professional eyes before sending it over to your manufacturer or design company.

Use a Low Image Resolution

For canopy tents, a minimum image resolution of 300 DPI or dots per inch is appropriate. DPI is technically the number of dots that can be placed in a line across one inch (2.5 cm).

A higher DPI translates to a higher resolution graphic. Printers with a superior DPI produce sharper and more detailed images.

DPI is twin to PPI or pixels per inch. The latter is used for digital images, while the former is used in printing mainly with inkjet printers. Dots per inch isn’t applicable to vector graphics. Rather it uses images in Raster formats and is colored using the 4-color CMYK process. 

Get Your Perfect Pop-Up Tent with Logo

Perfection is hardly an achievable destination, but MVP Visuals comes close. With all your branding material fitted to the last Pantone number and in-person support whenever you need it, MVP provides an entire buying experience authentic to your brand.

In addition, a fraction of every pop-up tent sale contributes to our annual social responsibility goal of $10,000. Since 2018, we've made yearly donations to Homes For Our Troops — a non-profit that builds free homes for post-9/11 veterans.

Request a quote to purchase branding collateral that puts the spotlight on your business and, at the same time, puts a smile on the faces of badly injured American veterans

Featured image: Flickr by Frankie Roberto

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