Logo Tablecloths: 4 Reliable Options for Every Occasion

Logo Tablecloths: 4 Reliable Options for Every Occasion

Premium logo tablecloths do not just give a professional look—they turn any blank table into an excellent advertising booth where clients recognize and remember your brand for a long time.

And it doesn't end there…

Custom logo table covers bring a lot more to your business table that's because they’re:

  • Easy to set up, transport, and carry from one event location to the next
  • Strikingly versatile—they come in different colors, fabrics, and styles, and work well for both outdoor and indoor venues
  • A unique display option for your brand’s giveaway items, business cards, brochures, and literature

Think of your logo tablecloth as the billboard for your business. When paired with an eye-catching custom banners or outdoor advertising flag, your display will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

MVP Visuals offers endless options of custom tablecloths in which your brand’s logo is precisely printed on each in a vibrant digital format.

Below are 4 viable options to consider.

#1: Spandex Tablecloths

A spandex, or stretch tablecloth, is remarkably elastic and stretches to snugly fit an entire table. Thanks to its smooth concave curve, your table will have a sleek, modern design.

A stretch table cover is easy to maintain because its snug form fit removes wrinkles and creases, eliminating your need for ironing. 

Some tablecloths cover the top, front, and sides of your table, but leave the table’s back open. This gives you extra storage space and easy access to any items stored underneath.

NOTE: MVP Visuals provides the table covers in both close-back and open-back options. This lets you choose the design that works best for your brand.

Our spandex table covers come in multiple shapes, print styles, and 40+ fabric color options. The table below highlights a few options to consider.

Spandex Table Cover



Front Panel Print Tablecloth

america east custom spandex tablecloth

Logo or brand’s name appears on the table cover’s front center 

  • 40+ fabric color options
  • Machine washable
  • Includes a free vinyl zipper bag

All Over Print Spandex Tablecloth

fully printed spandex table cover

Brand’s name or artwork is printed all over the table cloth to give your business a 360 degrees exposure

  • Displays logo, brand name, and product images
  • 100% flame retardant
  • Unlimited printing on the whole tablecloth

Blank/Non Printed Spandex Tablecloth

non printed spandex table cover

Lacks any print or design; it's simple and subtle

  • 20 fabric color options
  • Available in open back option
  • Arch size of 3"


Spandex table covers provide a unique base for displaying items in both professional and informal settings. Companies use them for their setups at street fairs, trade shows, product demonstrations, and conventions. They’re also common in tournaments, competitions, and celebrations like weddings and birthdays.

#2: Convertible Logo Tablecloths

Stay flexible and save more money with a convertible table cover

MVP Visuals convertible table covers are designed with your tight budget and schedule in mind. They fit the two most common trade show table types—the 6ft and 8ft rectangular tables—letting you adjust to different events without extra budgets or adjustments.

Convertible table covers also provide a last-minute solution. So, in case you attend an event and realize that the table doesn’t match your dimensions, you simply adjust your tablecloth to the preferred size and proceed with your setup.

See how easy the cover is to adjust:

Custom convertible tablecloths are ideal for every event. Once an event is over, wash it and store it in its zippered storage bag for the next use.

Learn More: How Do I Wash My Trade Show Table Cover?

#3: Fitted Logo Tablecloths

Fitted logo tablecloth

A fitted table cover fits firmly to your table, providing either straight seamed or inverted pleat corners that give off a stylish, elegant, and tailored look. 

It’s most ideal for tables with a definite shape and size. Since it’s tailor-made with your table’s dimensions in mind, it gives a perfect fit—not too tight or loose. This enhances the table’s final look. 

A fitted tablecloth helps to remove wrinkles and provides a flat tabletop surface to display drinks, promotional merch, or any other item for your event. 

MVP Visuals’ custom-fitted tablecloths come in both open and closed back options. Similar to our other tablecloths, the fitted covers can be printed in 50+ premium colors. 

Check out their other features below:

  • Have a free zipper storage bag that keeps them clean and secure between events
  • Are 100% flame retardant 
  • Have a flexible imprint area—on the front panel or entire cover

Fitted logo tablecloths are used mainly for job fairs, farmers’ markets, conferences, cocktail parties, and corporate events.

Expert Tip: You can design your own fitted tablecloth with digital templates. Visit our templates page to download and customize yours.

#4: Outdoor Logo Tablecloths

custom outdoor tablecloth

An outdoor logo tablecloth will come to your rescue when the weather starts acting up during a presentation at an outdoor event. It's made with sturdy material that can handle any weather, from the blazing sun to the heavy rains.

The commercial-grade canopy fabric, the very same as our custom tents, help outdoor table covers to keep your furniture dry and free from mildew and moisture that can damage your products.

 "...no wear and tear at all with a cover of this quality—no fading, mildewing in storage, or laundering issues, nothing." Paul, Long Island

Regardless of your preferred choice from our vast collection, all the outdoor tablecloths have three key features: 

  • Durable 600 denier polyester fabric: It’s water repellant, flame retardant, and UV resistant—the perfect combination for fighting harsh outdoor weather.
  • Free zipper storage bag: Keeps your cover safe and secure after an event.
  • Heavy duty zipper back style: Gives your booth a professional look while still allowing easy access to products underneath.

As their name suggests, outdoor tablecloths are used for outdoor events. They’re your best choice if you hold events frequently in the open

If you also prefer an easy maintenance tablecloth that doesn’t need machine washing, the outdoor table cover is for you. All you need is a sponge and warm soapy water to make it clean.

Screen Printing vs. Dye Sublimation: Which Is Better?

The two most common printing methods are screen printing and dye sublimation.

screen printing vs dye sublimation

For the most alluring and eye-catching tablecloths, you want them screen printed because this method provides authentic, quality logos that won’t fade or bleed with each wash.

In screen-printing, the ink is laid on top of the tablecloth’s fabric. A mesh screen with the logo design is used to transfer the ink onto the tablecloth’s surface.

Screen printing is less popular today, but it’s more cost-effective for large volumes. Since the ink stays on the fabric’s top, it’s susceptible to flakes and cracks, meaning that such logo tablecloths won’t last so long. 

In dye sublimation, however, the sublimation ink, transfer paper, and a heat press are used to fully embed the logo into the tablecloth. This ensures that the ink entirely blends with the fabric.

Dye sublimation is the most preferred printing method for tablecloths because of the quality of images it produces. It uses the CMYK 4-color printing process to produce quality, crisp looking images.

While each printing method has its advantages, dye sublimation is the clear winner, as you shall see in the table below.

Dye Sublimation

Screen Printing

Handles complex, multi-colored logos

Ideal for simple, one-color images

Image is clear and vibrant

Ink can fade or crack, making images invisible

Durable and long lasting

Images won’t last long

Quick delivery because of its fast set up process

Nature of printing makes orders to take longer


Ideally, screen-printed logo tablecloths are your best choice if you have a simple logo design with only one color. Or when you’re tight on budget and need a high volume of orders, as it is easier to print in bulk. 

But if you can stretch your budget a bit for large orders or simply want one tablecloth, opt for dye sublimation which is highly customizable, produces quality images, and best for long-term use.

Choose a Functional Tablecloth Style for Your Event Today

MVP Visuals offers endless options of tablecloths that are practical and functional for all your events. They’ll not only give your table a presentable look but will also attract prospective clients to your booth.

Browse through our entire collection of logo tablecloths here. There is indeed a cover for every occasion, whether it’s a work event or a family celebration.

"We needed a tough tablecloth that could last through a season of fairs and outdoor events, and this is it!" Daniel, Brattleboro, VT