Logo Tablecloths: 3 Expert Branding Tips to Distinguish Your Business

Logo Tablecloths: 3 Expert Branding Tips to Distinguish Your Business

At busy marketing events, like a trade show, the goal of every business is to get noticed. If you’re memorable, you’ll build your brand awareness, and if you’re approachable, you’ll collect valuable leads and close sales.

There are many tips for grabbing customer attention at trade shows, including:

  • Choosing a strategic booth location
  • Having qualified and friendly staff
  • Handing out freebies
  • Having an eye-catching booth design

Now, at MVP Visuals, we’ve been helping our clients set themselves apart with creative promotional displays for over 15 years, so we know a thing or two about designing attractive marketing booths.

One of the simplest, most affordable, and convenient ways of decorating your trade show booth is by using a branded logo tablecloth. When done right, a custom tablecloth can accentuate your booth, attract customers, and leave your brand etched in their minds.

We’ll discuss three essential branding tips you should keep in mind when ordering a custom logo table cover for your next expo. The goal is to combine the right material, design, colors, graphics, and style to create a unique tablecloth that tells your brand story effectively.

Tip #1: Dont Compromise on Material Quality

Customized polyester table throw

It’s vital to consider your advertising goals before settling on a material. It should be attractive, practical, and in line with the brand image you want to portray.

While tablecloths made from plastic and vinyl materials are inexpensive, they can make your display look cheap, unprepared, and unprofessional.

Although you may spend a bit more on high-quality tablecloths, the return on investment is worth it because they’re long-lasting, low maintenance, and attractive.

At MVP Visuals, our custom table covers are available in three excellent materials that will meet your marketing needs and promote your brand image, including:

  • Polyester: Has a smooth look, a lightweight feel, and a flowy drape that gives your display table a classic feel, making it ideal for traditional brand images. It's also durable, flame retardant, and available in an upgraded liquid-repellent configuration. This makes it an all-round perfect tablecloth for indoor or outdoor events, product demos that involve risk of spills or fire, and long-term use.
  • Spandex or Stretch Polyester: Fits your display table snugly and looks luxurious, making it perfect for projecting an upscale brand image. It's also flame-retardant, but wrinkle-resistant and dries easily. Thanks to its rubber cups on the underside edges of the cover, this material will latch to the feet of your table and won't blow away or slide off the table.
  • Canvas: Made from 600 Denier polyester which is flame-retardant, UV-fade resistant, and water-repellent, this is the ultimate fabric choice for unpredictable outdoor events or just long-term, very heavy-duty use. This material isn't machine washable, but it can easily be spot cleaned using warm soapy water and a washcloth.


Tip #2: Pick a Well-Fitting Size

Take your table’s measurements to ensure you receive a well-fitting logo tablecloth.

An ill-fitting table cover that’s either too big or too small can make your booth look disorganized and your brand unprofessional. Oversized tablecloths can even be a tripping hazard.

For example, in the image above, you can see this stretch tablecloth is baggy because it's made for a larger sized table than is used, versus the tight contoured fit in the other image shown just before it.

For rectangle tables, measure their length, width, and height. For round or oval tables, measure their diameter, height, and length (if oval) at their widest point. Remember that the height corresponds to the table cover’s drop, so consider how long or short you’d like it to be.

A full-length drop to the floor (29"-30") is ideal when you want to:

  • Portray a formal appearance with a complete drape
  • Print large and detailed graphics that need lots of space
  • Store extra stock under the table and hide it from sight

A shorter drop works for casual settings, such as round table events where attendees will be seated and you want more leg room.

Most table covers are available for the standard dimensions of 6 and 8 feet long rectangular tables. The table below shows the tablecloth sizes of regular display tables.

Table Size (Rectangular)

Tablecloth Dimensions (Full Drape)

6 ft (72” length X 30” width X 29” height)

90” wide X 132” long

8 ft (96” length X 30” width X 29” height)

90” wide X 156” long


If you’d like a branded tablecloth that can be used on both a 6 and 8-foot table, go for a convertible table cover. These covers come with hidden Velcro straps that allow you to easily switch between the two sizes.

At MVP Visuals, we make custom-sized table covers, regardless of your table’s shape or size. Give us the measurements and show us the design you want, and we’ll send you a personalized quote within 24 hours.

Tip #3: Keep Your Design Clean and Classy

If you’re going to have a branded table cover, make sure that it doesn’t look like a hodgepodge of colors and designs. You want to attract attention to your brand, but not in a negative way.

Here are some extra branding tips for designing logo tablecloths:

Ensure Your Logo is Visible

Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, you want customers to instantly recognize your brand from your logo. As such, it should be large and visible from several feet away.

For standard 6 or 8-foot display tables, you have enough space to go bold with your logo. It’s also a good idea to increase brand awareness by adding other relevant company information, such as your contact information, tagline, and products.

Just make sure your tablecloth design isn’t cluttered and that all the information is printed in a clear, readable font.

At MVP Visuals, we offer two print styles for logo tablecloths:

  • All-Over Print: Unlimited printing on all sides of the tablecloth - front, sides, top, and back. This style is perfect when you want to maximize the tablecloth's advertising space and show off your brand's colorful design.
  • Front-Panel Print: Limited printing on only the front side of the table cover in either one color or full-color. This style is ideal if only the face of your display table is visible, or if you want a professional look on a budget (since this style is more affordable than all-over printing).

Here's a look at how the two logo print styles compare:

Play With Colors for an Attractive Design

You can make your branded tablecloth stand out by playing with color combinations.

For starters, use contrasting colors for the fabric’s background and logo colors to ensure your design pops and isn’t camouflaged. For example, print a dark logo on a light-colored fabric and a bright, detailed logo on a solid background.

See how we achieved this simple, yet attention-grabbing design for our client, Course Hero, by using the right color combinations to represent their brand.

Colorful all over printed tablecloth

Use Dye-Sublimation Printing for High-Resolution Graphics

Dye-sublimation printing gives you high-quality, realistic images that draw attention to your branded tablecloth.

The printing process involves fusing your graphics from transfer paper to the tablecloth by applying heat and intense pressure. As a result, the logo design is embedded in the fabric rather than sitting on top of it, making it clear and vibrant.

At MVP Visuals, we combine dye-sublimation printing and the Pantone Matching System (PMS)—a universal color matching system—to ensure that the colors that appear on the logo tablecloth are a replica of those on the digital print.

With our custom-branded table covers, you’re assured of color consistency that aligns perfectly with your brand.

Here’s a video explaining our printing process for branded table covers:


Work With a Professional Vendor like MVP Visuals

At MVP Visuals, we work with you every step of the way, from designing your display pieces to printing it on the table cover.

“Alex worked with us for 24 hours, got our order placed, and it arrived just a few days later, in plenty of time for our trade show… great experience with MVP Visuals.” - Kelli, Verified Buyer

If you already have an established design, all you have to do is upload it to our website using an acceptable file format (AI, PDF, or EPS). We’ll then use your design to create the transfer image and send it back to you for approval before printing.

If you need some inspiration for your artwork, we offer free:

  • Vector templates with various styles and sizes
  • Design layouts to reflect the final product before purchasing
  • Fabric samples to help with color matching

Are you just starting out as a young brand? We can also refer you to professional designers to help you brainstorm and come up with a logo design that reflects your brand identity.

Remember to match your logo tablecloth with your other promotional displays to create uniformity and build brand recognition - this is where Pantone color matching is critical!

For example, see how we helped our client Generation UCAN transform their booth into a remarkable advertising platform with matching custom tablecloths, banners, and display walls:

Trade show table cover design

Contact us at (800) 980-6871 or hello@mvpvisuals.com, and we'll help you create stunning custom table covers that reflect your brand identity.

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