Inflatable Mascots: 3 Best Options, Costs & Customizations

Inflatable Mascots: 3 Best Options, Costs & Customizations

There's no better way to get an audience excited than an inflatable mascot. People build an emotional bond with mascots that lasts long after the event.

Our mascots are sturdy and can be used for years without fading colors, holes, or wear and tear.

You can design whatever mascot you like, however you like with modern 3D technology.

Today, we’ve listed the three best inflatable mascot options in the market along with their costs and customizations.

Option 1 - Inflatable Costume Mascots

MVP Visuals Inflatable Mascot Costume
Inflatable Mascot by MVP

Inflatable costume mascots are designed for various environments and weather conditions.

To use them, simply unzip your costume mascot, step into it, zip it back up, then fasten your feet to the velcro straps and flick on the switch.

They also use a battery-powered blower to expand the mascot around the wearer and reach 9–10 feet when fully inflated.

Also, there is a transparent mesh glass on the front of the mascot for easy communication. Or, you can even order an open face costume so that fans can have face-to-face conversations with the wearer.

How Much Do Inflatable Costume Mascots Cost?

Prices for inflatable costume mascots range from $200 to $15,000 depending on your needs. You can get:

  • Standard stock mascots
  • Custom mascot costumes
Standard stock mascots (the most basic of mascot costumes great for a one-time use), without any customizations, range from $200 to $1,000.

Meanwhile, custom mascot costumes (which are crafted to meet customer specifications) cost between $1,000 to $7,500.

When you buy advanced mascot costumes from MVP Visuals, choose between specialized fabrics like leather, suede, spandex, custom-printed cloth, and different shiny materials to appeal to your audience.

Customizing Your Inflatable Costume Mascot

At MVP Visuals, inflatable costume mascots are often made with a blend of lightweight denier polyester and PVC materials. These materials are more durable, light and packable, air permeable, resistant to biological damage, and easy to clean because they don’t absorb moisture and sweat.

When designing the mascot’s feet, we ensure they’re wearable and versatile because it’s probable that different performers will wear your outfit at different events.

We make the costumes’ feet bottom using high-quality PVC to protect the main material from wear and tear. This way you’ll not need any special shoes to wear with the costume.

We can also add extra padding to your costumes for the hands, especially those used for meet-and-greets. This improves the outfit’s comfort and prevents the audience from feeling the performer’s hands.

A customized inflatable costume mascot usually comes with a small battery-powered blower that allows you to move around with your costume freely. However, you’ll need to purchase the batteries separately.

The mascot's vision is another key aspect we consider when customizing your costume. At the line of sight, we utilize a small mesh or Clear PVC material so that the wearer can see well.

Cold collars and cooling vests are also viable options when you get your mascot custom-made.

Option 2 - Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnels

inflatable mascot tunnel
Inflatable Mascot Tunnel

Inflatable mascot tunnels create an unforgettable impression for your team.

Mascot tunnels can incorporate custom colors and logos. You can hang removable banners on them to advertise team sponsors.

Finally, these inflatables can be folded and stored at the end of the night or season so other teams can also use the field.

How Much Do Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnels Cost?

An inflatable mascot tunnel with two blowers will cost over $3,000 before customization.

Here is a table to show you what inflatable tunnels cost based on type and size.

Type Dimensions Cost
Standard tunnel 18’x10’x10’ (LxWxH) $3,374
Custom inflatable helmet 18’x15’ (LxH) $3,934
Custom inflatable mascot with tunnel 26’x10’ (LxH) $7,542

*L: Length
*W: Width
*H: Height

Customization Ideas For Inflatable Mascot Tunnels

Inflatable mascot entryway tunnels are made out of either a team’s mascot head or its entire body. It gives audiences the impression that a team is sprinting out of its spirit animal.

Helmet or head mascot tunnel combinations are multifunctional and practical, with the separate components being zipped together and inflated with a blower. The advantage of them being zipped together is that you can use each piece individually for smaller gatherings without bringing out the entire tunnel.

Did you know… you can customize the helmet using your team colors or print your logo on the mascot?

The custom arch and mascot tunnel combo allows you to combine arches with a mascot tunnel that has your team logo and colors.

Option 3 - Giant Inflatable Mascots

Custom inflatable mascot by MVP Visuals
Custom Inflatable Mascot by MVP Visuals

These enormous giant inflatable mascots instantly steal the show and draw the audience's attention from afar.

Fans enjoy being wowed by their favorite sports team or mascot, especially when they see the giant inflatable mascot from a distance.

Remember, there's no greater photo op than posing next to a 20' tall mascot during a big event.

Cost Of Giant Inflatables

Smaller mascots (6–7 feet tall) range from $1,000 to $2,000+ depending on complexity and overall size. An additional charge to consider is shipping and freight costs, which can quickly send you over-budget if you're not factoring this in ahead of time.

Remember: Some companies will charge extra for shipping. Depending on how heavy the inflatable is, this can be upwards of $100+. We charge a $49 flat-rate fee.

Customization Options For Giant Inflatable

You can choose a sealed air inflatable or a constant air inflatable.

Sealed air inflatables are inflated by a pump which is disconnected once full.

On hot days, sealed air inflatables expand and sag when it’s cooler and without a continuous air supply. Therefore, they are only suitable for use with small inflatables.

For giant inflatables use constant air inflatables because the blower runs the entire time it is in use.

If constant air inflatables have a steady power source they stay inflated all day. You don’t need to worry about temperature changes.

You can also choose between mains or generator power. Small inflatables can run on standard 240 V mains outlets, but giant inflatables require a generator.

MVP Visuals. Experienced. Reliable. Affordable.

At MVP Visuals, we provide top-quality custom inflatables and excellent service.
Our mission is to make your experience as pleasurable as possible by offering:

  • Experience: We have a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years working with thousands of top-tier organizations.
  • Affordable Pricing: MVP Visuals is straightforward with affordable pricing. Our products don’t have hidden costs and we don’t charge extra for standard customization or artwork.
  • Reliable Customer Support: When you contact us during our operating hours (8am–7pm on weekdays), we are always ready to help.

Our dedicated sales reps will help you from design to delivery. We have your vision in mind and are dedicated to making it a reality.

Contact us today for a quick quote for your next project.

“The sales rep I worked with was very flexible and willing to send me multiple quotes as my ideas changed. Once I submitted payment, the table covers were shipped quickly and delivered on time, even around the holidays. Thanks for making this process so simple!”

Samantha Jamison

MVP Mission Statement

The Rangers 5K Success Story

MVP Visuals Custom Shape Inflatable
MVP Visuals Custom Shape Inflatable

We've enjoyed working with Madison Square Garden (MSG) since 2018 and produced many creative displays to decorate the annual Rangers 5K charity race.

MSG's goal for 2018 was to develop unique branded pieces that would boost brand awareness at the event.

What we did: We set up a conference call with MSG to discuss their requirements.

They settled on 65 branded items including 13 custom tents, an inflatable arch (to mark the start/finish line), customized sideline flags, and a one-of-a-kind custom inflatable.

All event items were developed and delivered to the MSG team in less than three weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a design to buy an inflatable mascot?

No, you don't need to have a design.

Most companies have designers who will work closely with you to understand what you need. You then get to choose the best design from 2 or 3 concepts.

If you’ve got a character and logo that you need to do some final touches on you can look to companies like MVP Visuals. Our team can redesign a concept illustration and finalize a mascot.

Can my official team colors be incorporated into my inflatable mascot?

Most definitely!

All you need is to provide a high-quality file with the colors you need.

Pantone Matching enables most companies to print in any color and MVP Visuals offers unlimited color options for you to get the best results.

Can my inflatable mascot have my team logo printed on it?

Yes. Just send a high-quality file of your team logo to MVP Visuals and let us know where you would like to have it printed.

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