How to Wash a Spandex Table Cover

How to Wash a Spandex Table Cover

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00:14 How to Clean Spandex Table Cover

00:32 Avoid Dry Cleaning

00:35 Effect of Dry Cleaning

00:41 Washing Instructions

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Hi, Emily here with MVP Visuals – your go-to supplier for custom branded displays. We often receive the question; “How do you clean a spandex trade show table cover?” We get it, these stretch covers get a lot of mileage. They’re traveling to different environments and the goal is to stop traffic and market your brand. So, of course you want to keep your cover looking as sharp and clean as possible.

First of all DO NOT have them dry cleaned. Dry cleaning the covers will harm the material and likely ruin the print. These covers are machine washable. You want to make sure you wash with cool water, and tumble dry on low heat. The key is to remove from the dryer as soon as possible to avoid wrinkling.  Once cleaned, fold along the seam lines and store in a dry place. It’s that simple! For more information or to request a quote visit us at

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