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A Simple Buying Guide for a Reliable Farmers’ Market Tent

For ages, farmers’ markets have been the life of the community, bringing people together to share great products. As an industrious farmer, you’ll need a reliable tent for market days. Buying one is an important decision—one that you can't take lightly.

When it comes to buying a tent for your farmers’ market, there are many considerations to make. What should you know before ordering one? Today, we'll answer this question and more to ensure you find the best possible solution for a quick return on your investment.

Finding the Perfect Farmers’ Market Tents

When you have a reliable company like MVP Visuals as your supplier, finding the ideal product is guaranteed. Generally, you can choose from three different models. These are :

  • Pop-up tents
  • Inflatable domes
  • Summit tents
Type Best Attribute
Pop-up tent Most popular
Inflatable dome Most customizable
Summit Toughest option

Please take note that the standard size for a farmers’ market tent is usually 10’x10’. This can comfortably accommodate about five people. Purchasing a larger one might see you missing out on slots where the rules specify a smaller size.

When shopping, there are many factors to consider. For instance, you need to establish the type of product you'll be selling and how frequently you’ll be attending market days. With that said, here are the factors to consider to bring the perfect buy your way.

Type of Fabric

A good quality fabric will provide both you and your customers with a secure operational environment. When choosing a tent, it's essential to consider the prevalent weather in your area. The properties you’ll need to think about are:

  • Wind resistance.
  • Heat regulation
  • UV protection 
  • Waterproofing
  • Fireproofing depending on local fire authority requirements.

Size Considerations

If you're looking for a tent, make sure to measure the space where it’ll sit. This is important because you don't want to get too ambitious with your project and find out that you can't put it up in the end. 

It helps to look at what other farmers are using in the area and decide what size would work best. Keep in mind that the size also determines how much time it takes to set up and take down. You should also factor in how many people you’d like in your booth.

Canopy Requirements

You need to decide whether you’ll need a canopy tent. A market canopy shields your customers from the sun’s rays and heat. Be sure to get one whose size corresponds to the one you have.

The shape of the canopy tent will also be determined by what kind of event it is. If you're not sure what type would work best, ask someone who can help design one specifically for you.

Ease of Setup

Buying is one thing, but the setup is another. You need to make sure that what you're buying is easy for someone who's never put one up before and can be done by just a few people.

The easiest kind is pop-up tents because they come with their frame already built-in, so all you have to do is unfold it like an umbrella. This way, you won't waste time and energy assembling the frame, and they're also easy to take down.


A custom farmers’ market tent can go a long way to making your products more memorable for customers. MVP Visuals are an industry leader when it comes to printing custom visuals. We’ll create a personal touch by adding a logo or an image you want on your fabric.

A customer who buys from your customized display is highly likely to spot you the next time they visit the market. This also helps you stand out from other sellers who are using generic stands with no customization.

Top Custom Canopy Tents for Farmers Markets
Top Custom Canopy Tents for Farmers Markets


Many factors come into play when it comes to strength. The type of metal used, the number of poles in your frame, and how well it’s constructed will help determine if a tent can withstand strong winds.

You must go for quality materials as some cheaper brands may not stand up against weather or wear and tear from use. For instance, aluminum posts, without a doubt, offer outstanding durability. 


You can have various accessories, depending on your needs. In many cases, they're worth the investment as they'll extend your product’s lifespan and boost sales further. For example, you might want to invest in customized table covers and banners.

As a vendor, you can expect to spend considerable time selling your produce. Having vents will ensure that the air within is cooler and help lessen any condensation on your sidewalls.

Your Budget

When choosing between different price ranges, there are many factors to consider, including how long you intend to use the tent, what kind of weather you're expecting to face, and how many people will use it.

If you need one for just a few occasions, then don't fork out a large sum. You can spend within the range of $100. However, if you plan to sell farm produce often, it’s worth investing in something of higher quality that's durable. Good quality will set you back around $500.


A heavy tent can be challenging to move and raise your operation costs, especially when hiring transport. Always go for a lighter one if possible so that you can transport it quickly when the need arises.

Remember to check for the weight requirements in your farmers’ market. You might need to add sturdiness by using loads to prevent your tent from being swept by strong winds.

Simple Tips for Anchoring 

Having a farmers’ market tent comes with responsibility. The wind usually poses the biggest risk when your product isn't well grounded. To avoid endangering people and property when your tent decides to go with the wind, here are a few ways to secure it:

Use Concrete: Most market tents don’t require much force to restrain them. With that said, you can use concrete blocks that weigh at least 25lbs. You just need to ensure you have a firm knot.

Fill Up Some Containers: Filling up containers with substances like water, sand, or stones comes in handy when securing farmers’ market tents. They are readily available and easy to fasten to your rope.

Make Some Custom Iron weights: Iron packs weight with little mass and is one of the best ways to exert force. Finding the ideal iron product to use is as easy as going to your local welder for customization. 

Where to Find a High-Quality Tent

Quality displays for your fresh farm products aren’t cheap but are undoubtedly worth it. Consider investing in a custom branded MVP Visuals model that’ll protect your product and provide a professional appearance to make you stand out from other vendors at the farmers’ market.

Design a logo for your custom tent with the creative MVP Visuals team for a winning look.  Our high-tech dye sublimation printing is guaranteed to bring all the colors on your fabric to life. Look at what one of our clients had to say:

Joanne Duganiero
Joanne Duganiero

Your customers deserve nothing less. So what’s holding you back? Visit our online store for more information on how we can help build an effective marketing campaign to create a memorable brand experience with your customers.