Should you Choose Spandex or Polyester?

Should you Choose Spandex or Polyester?

Are you part of Team Polyester or Team Spandex? Don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer, and absolutely no fashion involved!

Both types of fabrics are recommended as table covers or other fabric items that can display one’s brand, logo or favorite colors at trade shows and other events. They both can come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and a company may even want to consider investing in both types if they sometimes have multiple shows scheduled in a similar time-frame or large spaces to fill.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the distinctions between both fabric types and what type may work for you.

Polyester. If you’re a fan of wrinkles, you won’t get too many of them with this synthetic fiber that has similarities to linen. You also won’t get too many stains either since this durable material doesn’t pick up many of them either. It’s a common material for these types of events and also folds well. Polyester table cloths are considered soft but long-lasting. It is typically found in two styles: fitted, which gives a clean, crisp look; and throw, which is more like a traditional tablecloth. There are about 70 types of available colors, so one will likely be able to come close to the one your business uses.

Spandex. What’s wonderful about Spandex is that it stretches. Where polyester products sometimes must be draped over a table, a Spandex cover can cover the whole thing with a snug fit, without any bunching, even enclosing table legs. And, rather than having different sizes for different types of tables, the same size of Spandex tablecloth can easily stretch to accommodate 4-, 6-, or 8-foot tables. Its smooth, flat nature also makes it able to include photo-quality images on it, and can also match any color.