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8 Factors to Consider When Selecting Custom Tents for Events

Brand visibility is one of the best ways to bring exposure to your business.

Whether you are hosting school events or exhibiting at trade shows, a custom pop up tent with your brand logo can boost your marketing efforts.

But imagine what could happen if anything goes wrong with the tent?

Say it falls or is blown away by a strong gust of wind in the middle of your event? A disaster like that could cost you and ruin your chances of securing new business deals.

That’s why the type of tent you choose for your event is an important consideration.

It’s not just the structural integrity of the event tent you have to worry about. A lot goes into choosing the best custom tent that will help successfully market your business.

Here are some of the most important factors you have to consider when selecting a custom canopy for your event setup.

The Type Of Tent 

There are a variety of custom pop-up dome-shaped tents available on the market. You have the option to choose from three main types, depending on the nature of the event.

Custom Canopy Tents

custom pop up tent with logo on PVCdome-shaped polyester tent fabric

Custom canopy tents are square or rectangular with a customized fabric branded with your company logo sitting atop a steel or aluminum frame. These pop-up tents are best for small events or exhibitions at trade fairs. 

Custom Dome Tents

custom canopy tent dome shaped production
Custom Inflatable Dome Tents

Dome tents are inflatable tents that can be set up without the metal base. They typically come in different shapes and designs with your company’s logo printed on the fabric. The unusual shape of the tent will make you stand out from the crowd at events.

Custom Summit Star-Shaped Tents

high product quality and printing options

Summit or star-shaped canopies stretch out to form a star shape. They are usually more suited for large events requiring a wider area for guests.

Size Of the Event

product pages

Your event set up should be memorable enough to gain the trust of new and existing customers to grab more business opportunities.

A tent that’s too small will give the impression of a struggling business. So it’s essential to consider the size of your event before you look for an event tent.

Smaller 10’ x 10’ pop-up tents are a good option if you have a small event or need a vendor booth for shows.

The bigger your event, the bigger your custom canopy tent needs to be. A star-shaped tent is usually the best option for large events since it covers a larger area. Here are some guidelines for event and tent sizes. 

Ten size(ft) Area(sq ft) Standing event(number of people) Sitting event (number of people)
10*20 200 33 20
10*30 300 53 30
20*20 400 70 40
40*60 2400 425 200

The Weather Conditions

Your tent should be as comfortable as possible for your guests, so you’ll need one that provides an effective shield from the elements.

Canopy tents provide good coverage for hot weather. The canopy design gives shade while allowing for good air circulation.

For colder weather, you will need to add some accessories to the canopy, such as side tent walls, to keep guests warm.

The weather will also determine the fabric of the tent you choose. For example, a waterproof tent is best for rainy conditions, and a lightweight, breathable material would work better in hot weather.

The most popular fabric choices for your tent include:


Your business needs custom tents for various marketing efforts like trade shows or making your brand visible at charity events.

Getting a new tent for each event won’t be so kind on your bottom line. That’s why you need to consider the durability of your tent.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is it strong enough to withstand scratches and dents? 
  • Will the print not fade away in the sun?
  • Is the material flame retardant?

A good tent must be sturdy, and the tent frame should be resistant to corrosion. The canopy should be able to stretch and fold repeatedly without tearing. Plus, the material should hold out well in different weather conditions.

Getting a durable tent will save you lots of money in the long run. Check out MVP Visuals for durable custom pop-up canopy tents. All frames come with a two-year warranty, and the canopy is made of flame, water, and UV-resistant material designed to give you value for money for a long time. 

The Tent Frame 

The frame determines the portability of the tent and how easily you can set it up at events. You have two main choices when it comes to frames, aluminum or steel.

An aluminum frame is much lighter than a steel frame, plus it’s more resistant to rust. Consider getting a canopy tent with an aluminum frame if you are looking for something easily portable and faster to set up.

Steel is heavier but more durable than aluminum, making it the best option for long-term use.

Apart from the material, you will also need to think about the angle of the frame’s legs. Event tents usually come in two different leg angles; straight and slanted.

  • Straight-legged tent frames have all four legs standing vertically in right angles to the ground. Tents with straight legs are easier to set up and fit into tighter spaces, so they’re more suitable for crowded events like the farmer’s market or trade fair exhibitions.
  • Canopy tents with slanted legs have their legs standing at an outward angle to the ground. The slant makes the tent more stable, but it takes up more space. They are more suited for private events, especially in windy areas where stability is the chief concern. 

Ease Of Cleaning

Having a dirty-looking tent at an event will be a major turn-off for customers. Moreover, if it’s hard to clean, you will run into excessive cleaning expenses that chip away at your bottom line.

That’s why you need to consider if the tent is easy to clean.

Thicker materials like canvas are often more difficult to clean. Consider getting easy-to-clean materials like PVC-coated fabric for your custom events tent.

With PVC coated materials, you can get away with a simple wipe down or occasional wash with a mild detergent and soap. 


shipping options available

A reasonably priced tent will make your marketing efforts worth the while. Find a tent that fits seamlessly into your budget to give you the highest return on investment.

Custom canopy tents are the best for tight budgets. If you can afford to splurge a little more, you can consider dome-shaped custom pop-up tents, which are more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Regardless of the size of your budget, a cheap-looking tent will give the wrong impression and soil your brand. Look for affordable tents that don’t compromise on product quality.  

Printing and Graphics 

Custom Inflatable Dome Tents
Custom Inflatable Dome Tents

The best custom event tents make a strong brand impression. The color, graphics, and design of your custom pop-up canopy tent must blend in well with the rest of your marketing materials and messages on other media channels.

Some suppliers charge separately for each design feature. For example, you will pay a separate fee for the logo, color, or graphics. An arrangement like this will drive the price up, jeopardizing your return on investment.

Choose a supplier that offers a complete printing package on the whole canopy for a fixed price. 

Getting the Best Custom Pop Up Tent for Your Event

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Don’t stop at the tent. Strengthen your visibility at events with distinctive tent packages that include custom tablecloths, custom printed back walls, and rail skirts. 

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