Custom Tablecloths: 3 Rules You Should Follow When Buying

Custom Tablecloths: 3 Rules You Should Follow When Buying

Custom tablecloths are simple, yet powerful promotional displays for marketing and branding events. They’re affordable, durable, easy to transport and set up, and can quickly turn a plain display table into a spectacular advertising space.

That said, you need to put a lot of thought into the custom tablecloth you buy so that you know that it will:

  • Display your company’s information, such as logo, brand name, tagline, and services
  • Portray your professionalism by being well-fitting, clean, and suitable for the event
  • Grab customers' attention and differentiate you from your competitors
  • Be designed with comfort, ease of storage, setup, and maintenance in mind

We’ll discuss three important rules you need to put into consideration when shopping for a perfect custom tablecloth with logo to help you get it right on the first purchase.

Rule #1 - Answer the Question: What Do I Need This For?

custom spandex tablecloth

Customized table covers are versatile and can be personalized to fit your marketing goals and budget.

At MVP Visuals, our custom table covers come in a variety of:

  • Fabric types: All-round polyester, stretchable spandex, and heavy-duty canvas tablecloths
  • Styles: Traditional table throws, custom fitted, and elegant stretch tablecloths with open or closed backs
  • Print designs: Colorful all-over prints, colored front-panel prints, and one-color front-panel prints
  • Sizes: Standard 4ft, 6ft and 8ft rectangular sizes, convertibles cloths, or custom sizes of any size and shape
  • Colors: 50 fabric colors with an unlimited color combination for graphics

It’s therefore important to understand how to combine the right fabric, style, color, and print design to get an attractive, suitable tablecloth for your event.

Here are some guiding questions to help you establish the type of custom tablecloth with logo you require:

Will the event be held outdoors?

Custom outdoor tablecloths are perfect for unpredictable outdoor events because they’re sturdy, water-resistant, and dust-proof. And although polyester is strong, frequent exposure to sunshine might make it fade over time, while spandex is delicate and preferable for indoor use.

See what these three cover styles look like:

Polyester Table Cover — All-Over Print

Spandex Table Cover — Front-Panel Print

Outdoor Table Cover — All-Over Print


Do you know the table size you'll use?

Most event organizers use standard 6 or 8-ft table sizes. Table throws and stretch tablecloths are more flexible and can fit either size, but if you want a fitted tablecloth, be sure to call ahead and get the exact dimensions of the table.

You can also buy a convertible table cover that’s adjustable to fit a 6 or 8-ft table perfectly.

What will you be showcasing?

If your demos include food or beverages that can spill or stain the tablecloth, choose polyester tablecloths that have been treated with liquid repellents. You can also get flame-retardant polyester table covers if you’re cooking on-site and want to avoid fire hazards.

Spandex table covers are a good choice if you’ll be displaying luxurious goods and wish to project a classy image.

Do you need access to the underside of the table during the event?

Go for open-back table covers if you’d like to store your merchandise out of the way, under the table, and still access it easily. These covers are also excellent if your employees will be seated during the event and need extra room to stretch their legs.

If you want customers to approach your table from all angles, or you need to secure your goods away from prying eyes, buy a closed-back tablecloth with zippers.

Here’s a comparison of zipped, open, and closed-back custom tablecloths:

Open-back table cover

Closed-back table cover

Zipper-back table cover 


What's your budget?

Spandex tablecloths are pricier than polyester ones, and tablecloths with all-over prints cost more than those with front-panel prints. 

If you have a limited budget, buy custom table runners, which are cheaper and can be used to accentuate different plain table covers.

custom polyester table runner

Buying Tip: If you’re unsure about the material you require, ask the manufacturer to send you samples. At MVP Visuals, we send our customers free samples on request to help them make an informed decision on suitable fabric and color options. For example, we typically make our runners with 300D polyester - but we can also do them with stretch fabric, or 600D canvas. Just ask!

Rule #2 - Choose Dye-Sublimation Printing

screen print vs dye sublimation

While most manufacturers have resorted to dye-sublimation printing because of its high-quality, rich, and long-lasting images, some may still offer a choice between it and screen printing.

Always pick dye-sublimation printing for your custom tablecloth with logo.

This printing process involves applying extreme heat and pressure to transfer the logo design from a special transfer paper to the tablecloth. As a result, the fabric accurately absorbs the image colors, giving you a vivid, realistic logo.

Here’s a video that further explains the dye-sub printing process:

On the other hand, screen printing involves pushing ink through a meshed screen placed on top of the tablecloth to print the image. The design is printed on the material’s surface rather than embedding it as in dye-sub printing.

Although it’s cheaper than dye-sublimation, the logo is of lower quality and likely to wash off, fade, or crack over time.

The table below gives a summary of the differences between dye-sublimation and screen-printing.



Screen Printing

Logo Quality

Bright, even, soft, and colorful prints

Prints may be dull or smudged because of uneven transfer


Lasts longer because the logo is ingrained into the fabric’s fibers

May crack or flake off because the logo sits on top of the material

Setup and Delivery Time

Quick setup with no minimum order required and fast delivery

Complex setup process, especially for multi-colored logos as each color is applied separately; may cause delays in delivery


May be pricier than screen printing for large orders; best for orders with complex logos

May be cheaper than dye-sublimation for bulk orders 


At MVP Visuals, we use dye-sublimation combined with CMYK (four-color printing), where the image colors are divided into four values—Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (K)—before printing on the custom table cover.

In addition, we use Pantone Matching System (PMS) to ensure color consistency in each tablecloth logo and that the logo is a replica of your brand colors.

You can request color swatches for approval if you want to confirm that we’ve got the logo design right before we produce the final product.

Rule #3 - Only Order From a Reputable Seller

If that super-low price tag seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

The proper manufacturer might appear more expensive at a quick glance, but will ensure that your logo design is brought to life to achieve the show-stopping tablecloth you envisioned.

A reliable seller will have:

  • An experienced design team to help you come up with an attractive logo
  • A seamless ordering process and a friendly customer service team 
  • Timely production and delivery 
  • Attractive custom table covers made from high-quality materials and prints

Luckily, it’s easy to find all the relevant information you require regarding the expertise, professionalism, and customer service of a seller before committing to buying.

Start by checking the online reviews left by customers on the seller’s website or on online market sites such as Amazon or eBay.

If there are too many negative reviews and low-star ratings from unhappy customers, tread carefully as this reflects unprofessionalism.

In addition, scroll through the seller's website and pay attention to the terms and conditions regarding ordering, turnaround time, shipping, and refunds.

At MVP Visuals, we have an excellent track record of making high-quality table covers that match our clients' needs. Our designers are always on standby to help you create an attention-grabbing logo. 

mvp visuals customer reviews

We’ll also assign you a dedicated customer service team member to work with you right from when you order until we deliver your custom table cover.

Check out our happy customers in the review section:

"Dealing with MVP Visuals is always such a pleasure. Their professionalism, quality, and customer service are exceptional…the final product will be exactly what was ordered and will arrive on time…" George Koutsakis, Event Co-ordinator, Friends of Seminole State Forest

Get Colorful Custom Table Covers from MVP Visuals

MVP Visuals has been in business since 2006 and has delivered over 100,000 custom displays. Our success stories feature satisfied customers impressed with our high-quality custom tablecloths.

When one of our regular clients, Six Flags, required attractive displays for their annual Food and Brew Festival that attracts thousands of park-goers, we didn’t disappoint. We delivered 15 colorful pop-up tents that increased their brand visibility, and 21 custom table covers, making it easy for attendees to differentiate the event booths from the rest of the park.

six flags new england table cover

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