Custom Made Tablecloths: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Occasion

Custom Made Tablecloths: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Occasion

There’s something exciting about hosting commercial events. 

Maybe it’s the formal but delightful decorations, the well-positioned banners, or even the anticipated networking. Whatever the case, the aura of commercial events is simply unmatched. 

Perhaps one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of hosting these events is choosing the right tablecloth. Think about it: if the tablecloths complement the décor, the event automatically livens up.

Custom made tablecloths serve as a backdrop for the event setting and bring color and texture to a room. They also set the tone for your brand’s presence

You can enjoy all these benefits when you understand:

  • How to match an occasion with the right tablecloth
  • Why custom made tablecloths are better
  • Various options of tablecloths to consider

Choosing the right custom made tablecloths is a delicate process that requires you to consider several factors and ask yourself some of the key questions discussed below. 

Question #1: Where will the event be held?

You must consider where the event will be held because every location has different tablecloths requirements

The relationship between an event’s location and custom made tablecloths boils down to the weather. 

For instance, if you’re attending an indoor trade show, you may run into requirements from the event venue that your displays must meet certain flame retardant guidelines. Our best-selling Polyester Table Cover meets the CPAI-84 flame retardant certification test so you can set up your booth with peace of mind - both that you're staying compliant with venue rules, and that you're representing your brand at its best.

flame retardant  trade show table cover

On the other hand, outdoor events where there's no cover from inclement weather may require you to choose heavier tablecloths like our Outdoor Table Covers. These custom made tablecloths are professional and made from heavy-duty material that protects your merchandise from the elements. Here’s a table pairing tablecloth fabric to expected weather at your event.

Expected Weather

Type Of Fabric


Liquid-repellent polyester

Cold and Windy

Commercial grade canopy fabric


Standard polyester


Either way, wherever you hold your event, you’ll be spoiled for choice with MVP Visuals’ vast portfolio of custom made tablecloths that fit different locations and weather conditions perfectly. The materials range from canvas to spandex, liquid-repellent polyester, and standard polyester.

Question #2: What's the Occasion?

One of your primary determinants when choosing custom made tablecloths is the occasion and main activity. This is because different fabrics are suited to different uses.

For instance, a company that deals with foods and beverages needs sturdy and liquid-repellent tablecloths that don’t stain like the MVP Visuals Liquid Repellent Polyester Table Cover

On the other hand, corporations that hold events indoors, with a few outdoor ones, will most likely benefit from a mix of polyester and canvas that’s versatile and easy to clean. 

custom tablecloth for outdoor events

When you’re hosting a farmers market and you're expecting lots of traffic, go for sturdy custom made tablecloths like the MVP Visuals Outdoor Table Cover, which will stay in place all day. 

This custom-made tablecloth is designed with durability in mind and can withstand both sunny and rainy weather. Besides, it’s made using commercial-grade 600 Denier canopy fabric that’ll serve you for years. 

“Thank you for the super high-quality table covers. We were looking for something extremely durable for our biggest trade show of the year, and these ended up being perfect.”
- Anonymous

You should, however, note that the fabric choice is also dependent on the budget. For starters, spandex custom made tablecloths are more expensive than polyester. 

Additionally, if the fabric comes with intricate designs and branding information, the tablecloth will be pricier than one with just a solid color or limited branding information.

custom stretch tablecloth

Question #3: What kind of guests are you expecting?

If you’re still unsure of custom made tablecloths to use for your next event, considering the demographics will help you make a better choice.

For instance, will there be children, or are they all adults? If you’re hosting a vendor fair and attendees are likely to tag their children along, you'll want something that sticks snugly to the table and stays in place all day long.

If you're hosting a highly professional event that runs on for a couple of days such as a product launch, or trade show, it’s important that you choose a custom made tablecloth that is durable and dynamic.

MVP Visuals' custom stretch table cover is a great pick for either of these scenarios. It’s thicker than spandex, flame retardant, and comes in 3 styles: 

  • Closed Backs
  • Open Backs
  • Zipper Backs

colorful stretch tablecloth

This custom made tablecloth also displays your brand details perfectly, increasing your visibility. Most importantly, it’s made of flame-retardant stretch polyester that’s vivid and will last you for years.

Question #4: What is the event theme?

It’s important to pay close attention to the event theme as it highly determines the color schemes you can use for your custom made tablecloths.

Nothing beats the allure that results from matching tablecloths with your theme color. It creates a cohesive atmosphere and accentuates the decorations and designs. 

Additionally, incorporating an event’s theme colors into the custom made tablecloths adds ambiance to the occasion and beautifies every shot. So, always use tablecloths that have a similar color or reflect the event’s theme to some extent, such as this custom stretch tablecloth for WTRMLN WTR to promote their retail activation. They utilize part of their packaging design for the tablecloth's pattern, the skin of a watermelon fruit.


Similarly, custom made tablecloths should reflect a company’s primary colors to promote your brand and help you stand out in a crowd. 

For example, Facebook’s iconic brand color is blue, and the company often uses blue custom made tablecloths from us for their corporate events.

Custom Made Tablecloths vs. Plain Color: Which Option to Go For

Building and maintaining strong brand awareness is a key component of hosting events. And when it comes to commercial events, custom made tablecloths offer corporations a simple but effective way to command and promote their brand.

Here are a few reasons to go for customized table covers rather than plain tablecloths:

  • Help to increase brand visibility: Customized tablecloths are among the most affordable branding techniques. They help to put your brand directly in front of customers at events such as trade shows, conventions, and festivals.

  • Reusable marketing investment: You just need one customized tablecloth, and you can use it for all subsequent events.

  • Show professionalism: Custom tablecloths prove to customers that you care about their perception. It also lets them know that you’re a serious business and not just a hobbyist. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Made Tablecloths

How are tablecloths customized?

The best way to customize your tablecloths is by having them inscribed with your company’s main brand elements. You can have this done by having your logo or preferred design screen-printed or dye-sublimated on the fabric. 

Are custom made tablecloths worth it?

Yes, custom made tablecloths are worth it. They are a great addition to your table as they decorate an event, and add a professional touch. They also help your brand stand out from the noise, ultimately increasing your visibility in front of customers. 

What are the main shapes of tablecloths?

Trade show tablecloths are most often made to fit industry-standard rectangular folding tables, but the three main shapes can be:

  • Circular
  • Rectangular
  • Square 

Make your choice based on the various factors such as an event, style, personal preferences, event location, and theme.

Since 2006, MVP Visuals has helped thousands of brands nationwide maximize their return on investment with gorgeous, high-quality custom signage. Shop custom tablecloths online here.