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3 Memorable Custom Inflatables That Have Built Brand Recognition

MVP Visuals is a leading company with an excellent 15-year track record of happy customers. We create beautiful customized tents and displays, inflatables, tablecloths, and all things events collateral.

Over the years, MVP Visuals has provided bespoke advertising inflatable products for both big and small brands, including NASA, Pepsi, and Facebook, to name but a few.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind way to capture a potential client's attention, and build brand awareness, look no further.

Our list of three memorable custom inflatables that have built brand recognition will help you get started.

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inflatable and more

1) University of South Alabama’s Custom Inflatable Arch

inflatable of south alabama

The University of South Alabama hosts alumni-centric events annually during homecoming time in autumn. Over this period, former students and graduates get a chance to connect with one another once more—celebrating the reunion by enjoying sports games and events with students past and present.

The University of South Alabama Alumni Association spearheads the majority of the events for its former graduates to participate in.

One of these events is the Jaguar Junction—an activity run before the prime football games at the university. The University of South Alabama Alumni Association wanted to add flair to the event to raise its participants’ spirits and pay tribute to its sponsors.

How did they do it? They made a statement with a custom inflatable arch.

The entryway of the events space needed some livening up in order to unite all the participants under their school identity. The custom arch brought everything and everyone together.

In particular, the school chose the 20ft "Colorscape" inflatable arch, which is a large, high-quality polyester-nylon blend that’s been optimized for outdoor use. And what a great choice it was. The rainy forecast on that day didn’t disrupt the impact these custom inflatables had!

inflatable activity for inflatable for jaguars junction

From the emblazoned Alumni Association's logo to the color palette resembling the school’s own, this arch design complements the school’s identity in a way that’s eye-catching and festive—celebrating school pride.

With the bright blue and red designs of the school flying proudly throughout the day, the custom inflatable went on to be a huge success. The branded display brought joy to both the participants and hosts in promoting the school’s celebrations.

What’s more, the University of South Alabama continued using the arch for their future events. They even returned the following year to order more custom pieces for their events, enjoying an active alumni and highly participative community.

Read more about the University of South Alabama success story.

2) The Rangers 5K Run—Over 500 Participants!

commercial manufacturing inflatable for an inflatable commercial

Another home run event that utilized custom inflatables is the Rangers 5K run.

As a collaborative effort with Madison Square Garden, the Rangers 5K charity race uses inflatable decorations to commemorate this annual occasion.

The events team of MSG needed 13 inflatables for the following areas:

  • Registration
  • VIP Areas
  • Employees
  • Runners
  • Start/Finish marker
  • Branded Flags
  • Custom Inflatable of the race logo

manufacturing commercial shapes as an inflatable

After three weeks from conception to race day, the inflatables had been delivered and set up in the park. And, guess what? The event turned out to be the most successful one it’s ever been!

Over 500 runners ran through the roads on race day in 2018, and the vivid blue custom inflatables played a part in exuding that vibrant and competitive spirit among racers. Many runners used the inflatables as a premier photo opportunity to post on social media platforms. 

These pictures can be found by searching the #Rangerstown5K hashtag on Instagram.

commercial and leading manufacturing inflatables in all shapes

We at MVP Visuals continue to serve Madison Square Garden and The Rangers 5K Run events with custom inflatables every year. The highest record of participants is a whopping 1,000 runners, with our inflatable products providing fun and lively visuals to spruce up the event for the participants and attendees.

Read more about The Rangers 5K Run sports success story.

3) Visit California’s ‘California Plaza’ Gigantic Inflatables

Visit California is a non-profit organization that loyally serves the tourism industry in America’s third-largest state. Considering the large cultural impact and massive geographical area of the state, the task is, by all means, a tall one.

But they do all they can. Visit California’s website provides engaging content that helps curious tourists know what to do and where to go around the Golden State. As their NGO gains more traction and eyeballs, they turn to naturally promote their NGO and mission through physical events too.

This means taking part in multiple celebrations that support their mission and boost their brand awareness.

the reality of commercial inflatables custom in all promotional shapes

One of their biggest events is California Plaza—an event hosted in the Anaheim Convention Center that inspires people by showcasing the enchanting locations dotted around the Golden State.

Event collateral is a must on occasions like this to promote one’s state and bolster the organization’s brand awareness.

Visit California had the excellent idea of engaging their audience and attendees by ordering 50 customizable display pieces—including inflatables like four 15ft tall inflatable arches. And, it worked.

The press release on Visit California’s website reads, “Nearly every attendee will pass through the plaza multiple times a day throughout the convention, garnering numerous impressions from worldwide representatives.”

Needless to say, impressions for the Visit California organization have gone up considerably by utilizing inflatables like the ones they used, cementing their reputation.

Read more about the Visit California success story.

How a Memorable Customized Inflatable Can Build Your Brand's Reputation

An excellent complement or alternative to the often used inflatable arches are custom-built inflatables, which are available in many creative designs.

One straightforward way a company can increase brand awareness is to use custom-made giant inflatables at indoor and outdoor events. They’re an effective marketing tool simply because of their photogenic nature.

People gravitate towards giant custom inflatables as part of an event's experience.

The images taken at the event are then shared on social media platforms, increasing brand awareness exponentially.

Order Your MVP Visuals Custom Inflatable TodayAs seen above, customized inflatables do wonders as a brand booster, no matter what industry you’re in.

This table below is proof of the scope these inflatable designs have when it comes to decorating events.

Name Industry
University of Southern Alabama Education
The Rangers 5K Run Sports and Recreation
Visit California Tourism

Thanks to our years of experience in all things event branding, the MVP Visuals creative Art and Display team will work seamlessly alongside you to make your custom inflatable stand out from the crowd at any promotional event—literally!

Our four-step order process is convenient and stress-free. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose your product.
  2. Send us your artwork.
  3. Approve your proof.
  4. Receive on-time for your event, or it's free!

We can take your custom inflatable design and turn it into the best inflatable shape imaginable.

Moreover, with each custom inflatable, we guarantee:

  • Specialized inflatable advertising.
  • Straightforward and affordable pricing.
  • A simple order process.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • A standard warranty.

Show off your brand by using MVP Visuals exceptional customizable inflatables in your grand openings, trade shows, product launch, and so much more.

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