Buyers Guide: Best Selling Inflatable Arches for Charity Walks

Buyers Guide: Best Selling Inflatable Arches for Charity Walks

Walks are classic fundraisers for charity organizations to raise awareness and help grow a support base for future programs.

With the right branded material, you can attract more donors and generate the awareness you need for your charity.

Inflatable arches are perfect for walks because:

  • They are eye-catching and help grab lots of attention to draw larger crowds.
  • They allow you to prominently display sponsors.
  • You can make a lasting impression that will gather support for your other initiatives.

So, you’ll want an arch that will present your organization in the best light possible.

Today, we will outline what you need to look at when selecting an arch for your charity walk.

Selecting a Quality Inflatable Arch for Your Charity Walk

Quality of Material

blue angled arch for charity walk
Blue Angled Arch for Charity Walk

You want to choose a material that sponsors will be proud to affix their names to and durable enough to be reused at future events to save expenses.

Inflatable arches are available in three materials:

  • Plain vinyl
  • PVC coated tarpaulin or polyester
  • Polyester fabric

The table below shows the pros and cons of each material.

Material Pros Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Not durable
  • Difficult to mend
Polyester Fabric
  • Strong if thick enough
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Unlimited printing options
  • Absorbs water
  • Requires heavy-duty fabric
PVC Coated
  • Strong
  • Water-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Fireproof
  • Easy and unlimited printing
  • UV-resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • More expensive
  • Heavier

The best material you can choose is PVC-covered fabric due to its high durability. Polyester fabric is a good alternative but only if the material has a high denier count.

Denier measures the thickness of the strands that make up the material. If the fabric is below 400 deniers, it will be too thin and will split open when filled with air.

Note: MVP Visuals offers lifetime warranties on PVC-coated inflatable arches.

Anchoring and Support Accessories

inflatable arch pegged to the ground
Inflatable Arch Pegged to the Ground

If your arch doesn't have proper anchors, you’ll either be staring down at a huge mass of flat inflatable, or waving goodbye to your arch as the wind carries it away.

To avoid this, you need to check that your supplier provides all the important support accessories such as:

  • Stakes
  • Ropes
  • D-rings

d-rings on arch seam
D-Rings on Arch Seam

Stakes are perfect for anchoring the arch to the ground on grass or soil patches, but you’ll need weights or sandbags to hold it down on a cement surface. Check that the arch has easy access zippers on the legs so you can easily place weights inside if you need to.

Expert tip: You can also use water barrels to support the arch on a cement surface like in the picture below.

water barrels used as anchors
Water Barrels Used as Anchors

Bottomline: The best selling arches for charity walks come with accessories and features for easy anchoring. 

Display Options

multicolored arch with banners
Multicolored Arch with Banners

It's important to make your arch as vibrant and attractive as possible to pull larger audiences. Therefore, invest in an arch that allows for unlimited printing options with no additional fees.

Color can be used to convey powerful messages:

  • Warm colors such as orange encourage passionate responses and can motivate people to give.
  • Cool colors such as brown signify dependability and can foster trust.

It's important then to get the right color and shade so you can better reach your audience. You can use the same colors for all your marketing materials to cement your brand into your supporters’ minds.

Expert tip: Choose an arch that gives you the option of using removable banners. That way, you won't have to change the arch every time you get a new sponsor.


Best Selling Inflatable Arch Options

At MVP Visuals, we offer high quality arches for your charity walks, with three main options, depending on your budget.

    Colorscape 600D Fabric Continuous Air Arch

    • Unlimited colors and customization options
    • Fast set up (takes under 1 minute to inflate)
    • 5-year warranty
    • Available from 15–50 feet wide
    • With blower

    Iron PVC Tarpaulin Continuous Air Arch

    • Premium arch, guaranteed to last a lifetime (comes with a lifetime warranty)
    • Quick setup with more than a minute to inflate
    • Fully customizable in terms of color or design
    • Up to 50 feet wide
    • Includes blower


    All our arches come with a blower, d-rings, ropes, and stakes for added support. You can also upgrade to get an illuminated or misting arch. Watch this video to learn more.

    Get Ready for Your Next Charity Walk

    blue circular arch for charity walk
    Blue Circular Arch for Charity Walk

    We’ve helped countless organizations with inflatable arches to make their charity walks a resounding success.

    We have a 10% discount for all registered non-profits and also throw in a table cover to consolidate your branding and secure more exposure for your cause.

    Here’s an example of the work we did for Ronald McDonald House of Orange County.

    The event was hugely successful with 3,000 participants, $315,000 raised, and sponsorship from companies such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

    angled inflatable arch with crowd
    Angled Inflatable Arch with Crowd

    “Thank you MVP Visuals! You have taken our marketing and branding to the next level!”

    Ruth Wu, Special Events Manager, Ronald McDonald House of Orange County

    Let MVP Visuals help enhance your visibility, raise funds, and increase awareness with a top-notch arch at a budget-friendly cost.

    Go to our website to request a quick quote or chat with us live during working hours. You can also call us on (888) 780-8051.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the arch’s shape affect the price?

    No. Squared, circular, and angled arches cost the same price as long as they are made of the same material. Prices only differ between products of different fabrics. For example, PVC-covered materials will cost more than denier fabric.

    Do I design the arch myself?

    You are more than welcome to submit your designs in AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, TIFF, or PDF format.

    Please avoid the following poor resolution formats:

    • JPG
    • BMP
    • GIF
    • Word
    • Powerpoint
    • Excel
    • Scanned images
    • Corel
    • InDesign

    We can also design it for you at no extra cost and will engage you throughout the design process. You can make as many changes as you see fit until you approve the final digital proof, all for free.

    We will only make the final product once you’re happy with the digital proof. If you need to feel the fabric, simply request a free sample.

    Will I be able to change the design of the arch later on?

    If you need to change any detail of the arch in the future, please remember to request removable banners (see image below) when you place your order. You will not be able to change any printed details.

    Velcro removable banner for arch
    Velcro Removable Banner for Arch

    What kind of blower do I need to inflate the arch?

    Some arches come with an in-built blower in one of the legs. Others require an external blower with a power reading and speed corresponding to the arch.

    Blowers are typically between 250 W and 750 W or more, depending on the size and amount of air that the arch can take.

    You need just the right blower capacity; if it’s too powerful, it will burst the arch’s seams. If it doesn’t have enough power, it won’t fill the arch enough to keep it firm.

    We understand that you don’t want to worry about blowers and all the technical issues, so we include a blower with all our arches at MVP Visuals.

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