Best Ways to Make Your Custom Printed Tent Last Longer

Best Ways to Make Your Custom Printed Tent Last Longer


Custom canopy tents are a major investment for your brand. To get the best return on your investment, it's critical that you care for your custom printed tent so that it can live its best life in your care. Making your custom pop up tent last as long as possible comes down to two major factors: how you treat your tent when you’re using it and how you care for your tent between uses. In this guide, we’ll break down best use practices to help you protect this investment every step of the way.

How to Protect Your Custom Tent During Transport

MVP Visuals Custom Tent Carry Bag

Some business investments are placed on your property once and can be forgotten about afterward. But when it comes to event advertising, that’s not the case. Your custom event tents not only have to do their job at each event, but they also have to be transported to the events.

Unfortunately, transportation can be a major source of damage to event tents. Jostling around in the back of a truck can lead to problems, including dented tent poles, scratches on your custom tent design, and even tears in the fabric. To prevent these transportation nightmares, there are several things you can do to ensure your tent’s safe passage.

  • Always use a carrying case. A carrying case or carrying bag for your custom printed tent is the first line of defense against scratches and scuffs. It provides a barrier between your custom tent and any dirt or debris there may be in your vehicle. Most tent manufacturers will provide a carrying case with your tent purchase, but if your tent manufacturer didn't provide one or your original carrying case is long or broken, a sturdy duffel bag large enough for your tent and poles can serve you well. 
  • Don't stack heavy objects on your tent. Stacking your advertising products for transportation is a special skill. You always want to make sure that the objects you place on bottom can handle having things stacked on top of them. Don't make the mistake of placing heavy objects on top of your advertising tent. Stacking items atop your tent can cause the frame to bend or break in transit - and, in some cases, may even void your warranty.
  • Keep your custom printed tent secure. As you travel to your event and your vehicle goes over divots and twists in the road, the last thing you want is for your custom pop up tent to be jostling from one side of your vehicle to the other! Placing your carrying case in a safe location in the back, or securing it with bungee cords or rope keeps this from happening and protects your investment no matter where your next event takes you.

Custom Tent Care During Event Set-Up

One of the most stressful aspects of event day is the set up. You’re on a tight schedule, often understaffed, and struggling to make your table or booth look as inviting as possible before people start showing up. Because of all these stressors, it can be tempting to cut corners.

If you want to protect your custom advertising tent, tent set up is not the place to cut those corners. The best way to set up your tent involves following manufacturer instructions, including using the right number of people to set up your event tent.

Sometimes, it’s tempting to try to set the tent up yourself to allow your partner to do something else. However, setting up without the right number of people may cause you to yank on the canopy fabric or hold poles at unnatural angles. This can lead to bending your poles or ripping your fabric. Instead, take the time to follow manufacturer instructions. Be firm during set-up but gentle, and never yank hard on your tent parts.

Custom Canopy Care While Your Tent is in Use

The last thing you want is for something to happen to your custom printed tent in the middle of an event when all eyes are on you. That's why knowing how to care for your tent while it's in use is so important.

  • Secure your tent. Always keep your tent weighted down. If you're on grass or soft ground, use the stakes provided by your manufacturer. If you're on concrete or your event takes place indoors, consider weights like steel plates, sand bags, or water jugs.

MVP Visuals Custom Tent with Weight Bags

  • Avoid high winds. Check the weather before attending your event. Never use your custom printed tent in winds over 15 miles per hour. Not only can this be damaging to your tent, but it can also be dangerous to you and the people around you.
  • Take care on rainy days. Note that most event tents are made to be able to withstand rain. However, if you use your custom canopy tent in the rain, there are special considerations you need to make. Never use your custom tent if lightning is present. Additionally, before putting your tent away, it's important to let your custom canopy dry all the way before storing it so that it doesn't develop mildew.

How to Wash Your Custom Tent

After your event, there’s one major step to take before you store your tent: cleaning your tent. If you’re wondering how to clean your custom canopy, we’re here to help.

Cleaning your tent is as simple as wiping the tent canopy with a damp cloth. You never want to use harsh chemicals like detergent or bleach as these can damage your canopy and ruin your custom printed design. Instead, opt for warm water and a gentle soap. You can use a garden hose, set to the flat setting, to do a general, sweeping clean of your tent, while a damp cloth can be used to spot clean heavy deposits of dirt or sap.

As always, be sure that after you clean your tent, you let it dry completely before packing it up and storing it away. Lay your tent out so that the entire surface has the opportunity to dry. Try keeping it off the ground, if possible, using clotheslines or the bed of a pick-up truck.

Cleaning your tent also provides you with a great opportunity to examine your tent. Check your tent frame to make sure there is no rust developing anywhere on the frame. Also ensure that all of your bolts and screws are still tight. Regular tent examination can help you prevent small problems from getting worse over time, ultimately leading to a longer life for your advertising tent.

Once your tent is clean, be sure to fold it along existing creases before placing it in an appropriate storage bag. Bunching your tent up and shoving it in a bag will not only cause unsightly wrinkles to develop in the canopy, but can also cause the canopy to lose shape over time.

How to Safely Store Your Custom Canopy

When your event is over and your tent has been carefully cleaned and maintained, the next step is to find a good place to store your tent. If you want your expensive canopy tent to live its best life, throwing it in a backyard shed or in a cold basement probably isn’t your best option. Better options may include a climate-controlled storage room designed with your tent’s needs in mind.

MVP Visuals Custom Tent Storage

When choosing the best storage option for your custom advertising tent, look for the following qualities:

  • Climate control. You want to avoid extreme temperatures - either extremely hot or extremely cold rooms - which can negatively impact your tent.
  • Dry space. Storing your tent in a damp area where moisture hangs out is like asking for mildew to grow on your tent between events. Always store your custom tent in a dry area a few inches off the ground to prevent having moisture seep in. This will protect your frame from rusting, too.

Once you find the perfect storage location, the next step is to pay attention to how you store your tent. Be sure to store tent stakes in their own separate bag so that there's no chance they'll puncture your tent canopy when you're transporting your tent in and out of storage. Additionally, be sure not to place anything heavy on top of your tent while it's in storage, as this can cause damage to your tent frame.

Additional Tips for Custom Printed Tent Care

While this guide offers a comprehensive look at how to care for your custom tent once it’s in your hands, there’s one important factor we haven’t discussed: purchasing your custom tent. Advertising tents can be expensive. When it comes to this important business investment, doing your research ahead of time can save you headaches in the long run.

MVP Visuals Custom Canopy Tent

Only purchase from brands you trust. Saving a few dollars isn’t worth it if your tent doesn’t last as long and you don’t get the proper return on your investment. When choosing a company to purchase your tent from, look into the following factors:

  • Industry Experience. How long as this brand been selling custom tents? Have they worked with any brands that you've heard of?
  • Reviews. Positive company reviews are one of the best indicators of customer satisfaction. Take time to read both the reviews posted on a brand's website and reviews posted off of their website in blogs or comparison articles.
  • Warranties Offered. Even if you take meticulous care of your tent, accidents can and do happen. Buying an extended or lifetime warranty on your custom canopy tent is worth the upfront costs if it brings you peace of mind. In the event that something happens, your warranty ensures you don't lose out on this critical marketing investment.

Taking time to do research before you purchase your tent ensures that you make the wisest marketing investment possible. You may even be able to buy other advertising displays, such as custom tablecloths or printed banners, at the same time from the same manufacturer. This can help ensure your advertising materials match each other, presenting a seamless vision of your brand to your customers. 


At MVP Visuals, we have over a decade of experience with producing high-quality custom tents coupled with hundreds of happy customer reviews. Browse our custom tent collection today!

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