A Buyer's Guide to Stretch Table Covers With Logo

A Buyer's Guide to Stretch Table Covers With Logo

Stretch table covers are super elastic and stretch to snugly fit your entire table. 

However, the table covers are not all about a perfect fit—a lot must be considered before settling on one. And with so many options available, a little help goes a long way. 

As custom tablecloths experts, we’ve put together the best advice and suggestions for purchasing the best quality stretch table covers.

You’ll learn all about custom stretch table covers, including:

  • Three of the best stretch logo tablecloths on the market
  • What makes every stretch tablecloth unique
  • What people love about MVP Visuals' stretch tablecloths
  • Frequently asked questions on logo stretch tablecloths

But first, let's discuss the different types of logo table covers perfect for your business.

Types of Logo Table Covers

Custom table covers are a walking billboard to any business. When used together with a custom logo banners or feather flag, your display will stand out and attract onlookers.

Below are five custom table cover options to consider:

  • Polyester Table Cover (Throw Style) - The most popular option. It's highly cost-effective and made with quality, flame-retardant polyester fabric. The throw style, which gently drapes over your table, is considered the most "classic" look.
  • Polyester Table Cover (Fitted Style) - Designed to snugly fit the dimensions of a table of any size or shape with inverted/tucked-in pleats, or no pleats at all. 
  • Convertible Table Cover - Can be adjusted to fit a 6ft or 8ft rectangular folding table. It's convenient and gives double the value for the money, as it's like having two covers for the price of one!
  • Outdoor Table Cover - Made with a sturdy canvas-like 600 Denier fabric that's flame-retardant, UV-fade resistant, and water-repellent. 
  • Spandex and Stretch Table Covers - Forms a smooth concave curve that gives your table a sleek, modern design. Its snug fit makes it perfect for outdoor events because even the strongest winds won't blow it around.

But we're here to talk about custom Spandex and Stretch table covers specifically, so let's go through their features in more detail.

#1: Printed Spandex Table Covers

A printed spandex table cover is the perfect match if you're looking to sell your brand's story in a unique, eye-catching way. 

This printed cover comes in two variations:

  • All over printed spandex cover, which showcases your brand's name, logo, or artwork/images from all 5 sides - front, sides, back, and top.
  • Front panel printed spandex cover has your logo, brand's name, or artwork/images on just the front panel.

Front panel print spandex tablecloth

Shown above: A front panel printed spandex tablecloth.

Custom spandex tablecloth

Shown above: A set of all over printed spandex tablecloths.

Important Features of Printed Spandex Table Covers

  • Wrinkle-free - Eliminates wrinkles because of its elasticity
  • Different back style options - Comes in both open and closed-back styles
  • Durable fabric - Made with 100% flame retardant 180g spandex


#2: Stretch Mural Table Covers

Stretch polyester, or what we call "Stretch Mural" table covers are popular and come in different weights and quality. Some manufacturers use the most basic, low quality fabrics, but the best stretch mural tablecloths are made with higher fabric grades with unique features like flame retardancy.

custom stretch polyester tablecloth

Important Features of Stretch Mural Table Covers

  • Dye sublimation printing - Ensures your brand's logo and product images remain vibrant and clear in the long run
  • Fully customizable - We offer this cover in only the all-over print configuration
  • Durable fabric - Made with 240g flame-retardant stretch polyester fabric
  • 3 Back style options - The back can be closed, open, or zippered; unlike most spandex covers that only offer open or closed-back options



Advantages and Benefits of Custom Stretch Table Covers

Easy to Set Up

A stretch table cover simply slides over your table, giving it a great fit and dramatically lowering your setup time. 

You don’t require tape or clips to set it up. The reinforced cups for your table’s feet ensure the covers stay in place. This also protects it from flying away on windy days.

Wrinkle Free

No matter if you choose the spandex or stretch polyester table cover, their elastic nature ensures they stay free from wrinkles, eliminating your need for ironing or steaming on event day. Once you slip it on the table, it's ready for presentation!

Protective and Decorative

A heavy-duty stretch tablecloth is flame-retardant. It minimizes the risks of fire spreads and material losses, so you won’t lose your most valued business items in case of a fire outbreak.

A custom logo stretch table cover also embellishes your presentation booth by adding colorful prints and designs to your table.

What Others Said About Logo Stretch Table Covers

Custom stretch table covers are highly versatile and functional pieces to add to any event. Here's what previous buyers love about them:

  • Made with high-quality fabrics that don't fade
  • Value for the money as they provide a lifetime of service
  • Add a sleek, professional look to the tables
  • Smoother finish than typical tablecloths
  • Comes with a free carry bag for easy storage and portability

"They hug the table and legs, giving a very professional and sleek look, much nicer than loose tablecloths." Peter R

"They are smooth and sharper than the typical tablecloth you see at tradeshows, and the printing quality is really good." James

"The quality of the Stretch Mural Table Cover is much higher than I expected and the colors are very accurate." T Fowler

"Clings to the table so you don't have to worry about anything blowing away!" Daniel

How Do I Wash and Care For My Custom Stretch Table Cover?

Proper care and maintenance ensures that your stretch tablecloth investment pays off for years to come. 

While the best care varies depending on your chosen fabric, there are also the general industry standards for caring for stretch tablecloths:

  • Hand or machine wash in lukewarm water.
  • Don't use bleach on any spandex fabric - it will instantly damage the print.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Drip dry or machine dry on a low temperature.
  • Steam gently on low heat if needed - but generally these covers are quite wrinkle-resistant!

What's the Difference Between Spandex and Polyester Stretch Table Covers?

Both spandex and polyester-based fabrics are recommended for stretch table covers. While they come in various colors and styles, there are a few distinctions between the ones we offer.


Stretch Mural 

Lighter weight 180g fabric

Thicker 240g fabric

Can be damaged by long-term machine drying (unless set at a low temperature)

Withstands machine drying 

Wrinkle resistant

May need gentle steaming after machine drying


Learn More: Custom Tablecloths: Polyester vs Spandex

How Does a Stretch Logo Table Cover Attach to Your Table?

A stretch table cover is made with pockets at the bottom where the table's legs are inserted to hold it in place.

Purchase a Custom Stretch Table Cover Today

MVP Visuals offers the best logo stretch tablecloths on the market. With different styles, fabrics, and color options, there’s indeed a cover for your table. 

Browse our entire collection of custom tablecloths here to see the different ranges we provide.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us at (800) 980-6871 and hello@mvpvisuals.com for any inquiries or custom orders. We offer always-live service via phone and chat during business hours, and email inquiries are responded to within one business day.

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