4 Familiar Event Problems You Can Solve Using Custom Fit Table Covers

4 Familiar Event Problems You Can Solve Using Custom Fit Table Covers

We all know what happens when it comes to trade events: Hundreds of well-crafted stands line up (including yours), plenty of visitors show up (yay!), and the stage is set to tackle those familiar event problems, such as:

  • Getting noticed
  • Avoiding accidental spills that can suddenly ruin your entire setup
  • Guarding against weather and environmental conditions that eventually impact the fabric and prints on your table covers

Luckily, these challenges are solvable using custom-fit table covers. For instance, a custom-fit tablecloth featuring liquid-repellent fabric makes it easier to wipe off those awkward accidental spills that get in the way of branding. 

We’ve collated four familiar event problems custom-fit table covers solve. As we delve into them, you’ll learn:

  • How custom-fit table covers get you noticed
  • How wrinkles on your tablecloth can ruin your setup
  • Why top custom-fit table covers use dye sublimation printing
  • Where to find the best custom-fit table covers

Problem #1: Getting Noticed When The Event Is Completely Packed

Custom-fit table covers are the way to go when you need to stand out among hundreds of stands at those packed can’t-miss trade shows. They offer unique and eye-catching designs that will help you capture and hold your audience’s attention.

One of the most popular custom-fit designs is also the most attractive: Stretch mural table covers. This style stretches out your tablecloth’s fabric, eliminating any wrinkles or creases, and focusing attention on your branding. It’s like looking at a clean sheet of paper with engaging artwork.

Below is a stretch table cover by MVP Visuals for the college athletics association, America East Conference.

You’ll notice that the brand’s fonts appear against a taut and wrinkle-free backdrop that centers attention on the bold and multi-colored brand name.

Wrinkles and creases would’ve otherwise taken away from the attractiveness of this setup by distracting the attention of onlookers with blemishes and away from the fonts.

custom fit stretch tablecloth

In the same vein is the custom-fit convertible table cover. This design wraps snugly around 6' rectangular display tables but can expand to accommodate 8' display tables in seconds.

Hidden Velcro hooks and loops allow this table cover to fit standard rectangular tables of 6–8 feet easily. The result is an attractive, versatile setup that will help you attract crowds - you don't have to worry about being surprised by an incompatible table size ever again!

Problem #2: Messy Spills All Over Your Brand Display

Custom-fit table covers help you avoid that irksome feeling when months of preparation are suddenly soured by an accidental spill all over your setup.

Now your beautifully-worked brand colors and artwork bear an awkward and conspicuous stain that’s anything but engaging.

Enter in: our liquid repellent tablecloth options. 

Our Liquid Repellent Polyester Table Cover is the same 300D material as our standard tablecloths, but with a special liquid-repellent coating to avoid damage from spills and stains. It's available in a classic throw or two custom fit styles: fitted with inverted (tucked in) pleats, or fitted with no pleats for a sharp boxy look.

The best part, this tablecloth is still machine washable and the liquid repellent coating effect will not be damaged or diminished!

For the heaviest-duty option, check out our Outdoor table cover. Made from the same 600D polyester material as our custom pop-up tent canopies, it's not just liquid and stain repellent, it's also flame retardant and UV-fade resistant. These tablecloths feature a fitted-with-no pleats look and a rear zipper for easy on/off or to hide under-table storage. The below table cover for national nonprofit Arthritis Foundation had no problem against a rainy event day!

Arthritis foundation custom fitted tablecloth

Problem #3: Fading Prints on Your Setup From Usage in Ranging Environments

Custom-fit table covers will keep your prints vibrant and attractive to customers throughout various environmental conditions.

They’ll resist fading in sunny conditions and leaching and cracking under humid conditions. 

This durability comes down to their print process, dye-sublimation, which embeds your prints deep within the fabric of the table covers rather than on their surfaces.

The process allows the ink to permeate the fibers of the tablecloths, creating a stronger bond between the prints and fabric material than what would be possible with screen printing—the alternative printing method.

The following table compares the final print qualities of dye sublimation and screen printing over time.

Print Qualities

Dye Sublimation

Screen Printing


Prints will remain consistent over time due to even ink absorption

Prints can fade unevenly over time due to uneven ink transfer and layering


Prints remain vibrant as they’re embedded within the fabric

Prints lose vibrancy over time as they’re layered on the fabric surface


Prints resist flaking since dye sublimation forms a strong bond with fabric

Prints can develop cracks since ink layering forms a weaker bond with fabric 


At MVP Visuals, we go a step further with the Pantone Matching System (PMS) on all our custom-fit table covers.

This system allows us to identify and match various colors to create multiple high-quality prints with consistent color schemes. As a result, we can produce exact replicas of complex logo designs on multiple table covers with zero margins of error.

When you're printing your logo on multiple displays, such as a tent and trade show backdrops, you need the color output to look consistent - especially if you're showcasing other branded materials like product or apparel alongside them. In the below example, Course Hero provided their Pantone colors to us so that the tablecloth would coordinate appropriately with their branded t-shirts and tote bags.

pantone color table cover

Problem #4: Durable Displays for a Busy Event Schedule

Some brands may only need a custom tablecloth for a couple of trade shows here and there, and then keep it in storage the rest of the year. Other brands might be looking at a packed event calendar that they'll need a tablecloth for every single weekend year-round.

While we use only quality fabrics on all of our custom fit table covers, there are materials that are objectively more robust for heavy use. Like we noted earlier, our Outdoor table covers are made from a 600 Denier polyester material that's the same as our custom pop-up tents. That material is specifically made to stand tough against the elements, like rainfall or long exposure to sunshine, while keeping the print as vivid and crisp as the day you got it.

MVP customer Bone Hook Brewing Co. based in Naples, FL, prefers the Outdoor table cover with all over printing to pair with their bustling event schedule. As a brewery, they don't have to worry about spilling beer on the tablecloths and ruining that gorgeous blue and yellow branding!

custom table cover for breweries

Get Your Next Custom Fitted Table Cover from MVP Visuals

So, there are four familiar event problems you’ll solve using custom-fit table covers - and here at MVP, we tackle them all with ease.

We’re always looking to innovate with exciting and out-of-the-box ideas. We approach each design challenge with a fresh vision and don’t rely on a warehouse full of ready-to-go products. 

Each project we undertake gets a fresh set of design goals and the individual attention needed to realize them.

Since 2006, we've been helping brands maximize their ROI with top-quality event displays. We've worked with startups, mom-and-pop shops, high schools sports teams, and global companies such as Amazon and Google - just to name a few.

“I absolutely love MVP. You’re one of my favorites to work with and your process has been a breeze.”

Ryan, Marketing, Six Flags

Contact us today at (800) 980-6871 or visit our website to learn more about or easy & painless order process for custom fit table covers.

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