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3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Custom Table Cloth

No matter how elegant and classy a table looks, it is somewhat incomplete without a suitable tablecloth accompanying it. Tablecloths are available in all kinds of shapes, designs and variants, hence buyers have a large number of possible choices to pick from. Many firms dealing with tablecloths also offer custom tablecloths for those who need personalized tablecloths for custom decorations. One can buy them online, via offline stores or from tablecloth trade shows

Choosing a tablecloth is not that difficult, but there are some factors to take into consideration when choosing the right one for your decoration needs.


Choosing the Right Size and Shape

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The first thing to do is to find out the right size of the tablecloth you need. One can measure the dimensions of the table surface, and determine what kind of shape will look good on it. For example, square or rectangular tables will require similarly shaped tablecloths, whereas oval and round tables will need the relevant shaped tablecloths. One can opt for either a cloth that is a bit smaller than the table surface, or a size larger than the surface, as needed for aesthetic purposes.


Choosing the Material

The first factor is the material of the tablecloth. Some of the most common tablecloth materials are cotton, polyester, silk and vinyl. Based on the decoration needs, different types of materials are preferred. 

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For example, tables that will probably be subjected to more use over time, such as utility tables and dining tables, use cotton material. The material is long lasting and doesn’t wear and tear easily. Polyester is generally used for decoration tables which don’t see much activity. Vinyl is for outdoor tables because they don’t get damaged easily due to weather or stains. Silk is for added elegance to decoration tables used for special occasions.


Choosing the Design and Color

Next comes the design and color of the tablecloth. It is important to match the color and design of the tablecloth with the table design and color, along with the overall look of the room. Many types of patterns are available such as printed, woven or embroidery designs. 

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Buyers can also opt for custom tablecloths that are personalized with specific designs of their choice. The same goes for color; light colored tablecloths are perfect for rooms with light color themes and dark colored are good for rooms with deeper color shades. Matching the colors add to the overall decorative aspect of the tablecloth.


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