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Custom Vertical Hanging Banners

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Custom Vertical Vinyl Banners for Outdoors

This heavy duty vertical hanging banner is the real deal – an 18 oz. vinyl banner that can stand up to any weather you might encounter, whether it’s short-term or long-term use. Built for maximum visibility and durability, it's the perfect display to boldly showcase your brand in any setting, ensuring your message is seen and remembered.

  • Unlimited Custom Printing: With a palette of unlimited colors and designs plus double-sided printing, our banners capture attention from all angles. We offer free color matching and always print in full color and sharp detail. The design you send us is precisely what you'll see vividly stretched across your banner!
  • Ideal for Outdoors: Crafted from 18 oz vinyl, these heavy-duty banners are built to endure harsh weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rain, and intense sunlight.
  • Exceptional Durability: The 18 oz. vinyl material, reinforced with webbing, is robust enough to withstand everyday wear and tear of outdoor use. The outdoor vertical banner's sides are hemmed for extra durability, with top and bottom customization to fit either poles or grommets, depending on your display needs.
  • Versatile Hanging Options: Select grommets for easy fence or scaffolding attachment, or pole pockets for a streamlined stand display. 
  • Easy Design with Pre-made Templates: Our user-friendly templates make it simple to transform your designs and logos into eye-catching upright vinyl banners, ready for outdoor showcasing.

Choose the Right Size for Maximum Impact

Discover the perfect fit for your message with our range of custom vertical vinyl banners. 

  • Small: Ideal for targeted messaging in compact areas. Our small vertical banners are dimensioned at 18" wide x 36" tall, making them perfect for intimate spaces or specific promotions.
  • Medium: Achieve balanced visibility with a broader impact. These medium-sized hanging banners come in sizes of 24" wide x 36" tall and 24" wide x 48" tall, suitable for drawing attention in a variety of settings.
  • Large: Designed to make a bold statement in spacious outdoor environments. Select from our large options of 24" wide x 72" tall, 36" wide x 60" tall, or the impressive 48" wide x 96" tall for maximum visibility and impact.

Vertical Hanging Banners for Diverse Settings

Our vertical banners offer a unique blend of visibility and style, making them ideal for a range of events, from university campuses to high-energy events.

  • Trade Shows: Make a lasting impression with our custom vertical banners that stand out in crowded expo halls. Ideal for showcasing your brand and drawing in attendees from afar.
  • Sports Events: Elevate team spirit or display sponsor messages at sports arenas with vertical hanging banners. Their vertical design makes them perfect for stadium perimeters or courtside advertising.
  • Universities and Schools: Enhance school events, ceremonies, or campus promotions. These banners are excellent for university fairs, open days, and athletic events, showcasing school pride and information.
  • Sales and Promotional Advertising: Drive attention to your sales events or promotional campaigns. Our banners work great in retail environments, shopping malls, and outdoor sale events, offering high visibility.
  • Fairs and Large-Scale Events: Ideal for fairs, festivals, and community gatherings, these upright banners can guide crowds, advertise attractions or sponsors, and enhance the overall ambiance of any large-scale event.
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