3 Advertising Tips for Your Trade Show Tablecloth With Logo

You’ve got your trade show and event schedule all lined up. Your brochures are hot off the press. And your product samples and demo team are ready and waiting to go.

All that’s left to do is to get your booth in order.

Really get the crowd’s attention with an inflatable arch overhead. Rock their socks off with a set of our custom banners. And to complete your booth’s crowd-pleasing appeal, one of our custom trade show table covers.

Custom table covers don’t only complete a booth’s look; they can, by themselves, make it. In fact, if all you have to work with is one of our custom tablecloths, you can still create an eye-catching, brand-boosting trade show booth.

And that’s the aim of this guide—to give you three tips on how to best use your custom printed table cover to your best advantage.

Don’t ever be a drab trade show wallflower ever again. Create an event booth they’re sure to visit and a message they won’t soon forget. 

Trade Show Tablecloth Tip #1: Start Right by Choosing the Right Custom Table Cover

We carry several styles of table coverings to suit your needs. Before you start browsing our online catalog, however, there are some decisions you need to make. They include:

  • Table size. Will you be using primarily standard 6 or 8ft event tables? Or will you need a custom size? Round tables instead of rectangular? 
  • Water/Liquid resistance. Most brands don’t need to worry about spills, stains, and the like. Does yours? Do you plan to demo or distribute food, drinks, cleaning products, or other “messy” items?
  • Three or 4-sided tablecloth. If you need to store extra products or display items under the table, you should consider one of our three-sided spandex tablecloths that allow for easy access from the back. 
  • Logo and printing placement. Will you be out in the open so that all three sides of your table are visible? Or inside dividers that will block all but the front and top of your table? Do you need a printed top, or will your displays simply cover it up?
  • Indoor or outdoor use. Where will most of your displays and events be? Do you have to worry about the weather?
  • Budget. While all of our custom tablecloths are reasonably priced, they may not all fit your trade show advertising budget. There’s no reason for despair, though, as we sell table runners that’ll still give you a branded look for an affordable price.
  • Style of tablecloth. Our trade show table covers come in several styles: polyester for the traditional fabric tablecloth look; liquid repellant to avoid spills; outdoor for hardy uses; spandex stretch for a sleek, unique look; and convertible cloths that look either tailored or nicely draped, depending on the table length. 

Pro Tip: An 8ft. convertible tablecloth is ideal if you want to have table size options. A velcro hook and loop system allows you to move from a 6ft. to an 8ft. table covering in a matter of moments.

photo showing two women sitting at a display table covered with a single-sided branded convertible tablecloth
Convertible Table Cover - All Over Print

Trade Show Tablecloth Tip #2: Branding Without Bombing

The entire point of custom tablecloths for trade shows and events is to promote your brand and make a statement. You don’t want that statement to be:

“Oh my word! What a hot mess that booth is!”


“Brand X? They’re here?!? I don’t remember seeing their booth…”

That’s where your branding choices for your tablecloths and table runners come in.

Sure, your brand has established colors and a logo. Your job at the tradeshow is to proudly display those colors and that logo in a memorable, eye-catching way. Here’s a checklist to help you make sure your custom tablecloth is a crowd-pleaser:

  • The color choice is on brand and doesn’t clash
  • The logo is clearly readable and stands out from the background in a contrasting color
  • Your tagline, URL, contact info, and any other info are also clear and easily spotted
  • The background isn’t “too busy” 
  • Your promotional items and displays don’t cover up any vital printing
  • Your promotional items are clearly visible and stand out from the background color and printing
  • All your information is correct and spelled correctly

Pro Tip: When in doubt, choose to simply print your logo in white on a single brand-color tablecloth, as in the photo below.

outdoor display booth for photographer showing single-sided one color front panel printing
Polyester Table Cover - 1 Color Front Panel Print

Trade Show Tablecloth Tip #3: Let the Tablecloth Do Some of Your Work for You

Everybody remembers the things that make them stop and pay attention. The things that are different. Unique. Appealing in some way.

Keeping the above pointers about branding in mind, consider adding a bit of flair or an element to your tablecloths that’ll have them still talking about your booth at the next event.

Whether it’s the full-color print of a majestic scene that wraps around the table or a contest to guess how many mini-logos are printed on your 4-sided tablecloth, if your tablecloth is a way to keep them at your table longer, it’s doing its job and then some. 

What MVP Visuals Can Do for Your Next Trade Show or Event

At MVP Visuals, we sell everything you need to create a memorable, brand-booster of a trade show or event booth. Those arches we mentioned? We’ve got them. Those banners? You guessed it. We got those, too.

And yes, we have custom tablecloths and table runners. All sizes, full-color, personalized in just about any way, shape, or form your company needs. Here’s a small chart showing you your options:

Type of Table Covering Starting Price
Non-printed polyester single color $49
Non-printed spandex single color $69
Polyester table runner $79
Polyester one color front panel print $129
Polyester full-color front panel print $169
Liquid repellent polyester front panel print $179
Outdoor fabric front panel print $199
Spandex full-color front panel print $199
Polyester all-over print $219
Spandex all-over print $219
Liquid repellent all-over print $219
Outdoor fabric all-over print $239
Convertible front panel print $249
Stretch mural all-over print $279
Convertible all-over print $359

All our tablecloths and runners are created using our guaranteed premium dye sublimation process. They are available in an unlimited choice of fabric colors. They come with free storage bags and are price match guaranteed. You won’t get better, cheaper tablecloths anywhere. 

At MVP Visuals, helping you promote your business is our business. It’s a business we take seriously. Display your brand at your next show or event with pride, with an MVP Visuals custom tablecloth or runner.

Here’s a great little video we put together to show you one of the ways to keep your trade show tablecloth looking its best.

One of our happiest custom table coverings customers was Visit California, a nonprofit dedicated to maximizing tourism in California. Please read the full story of their success with us and our tablecloths and also how they grew in both needs and impact.

It’s all the proof we need that our products can, and do, make a difference for the organizations we serve. 

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