Polyester Table Cover - All Over Print

Trade Show Table Covers: DIY vs Custom Made

Attending trade shows is an essential aspect of a business. You get to meet potential clients, exchange contacts with great connections, and even check your competitors out.

The booth is the centerpiece at a trade show. Therefore, the setup needs to be on point.

The table that you position everything on needs to be covered in a quality tablecloth. You need to leave an impression on current and potential clients, and you’ll want your competitors to notice your presence.

To DIY or custom-make, what is the best option?

DIY can be a great project to undertake, especially if it’s something you’ve done before. You can make exactly what you want for yourself and save some money.

In a competitive trade show where brands are competing for attention, a custom-made table cover comes across as more professional.

We’ll look at both DIY and custom-made tablecloths and explore the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is better for your future events.

Polyester Table Cover - All Over Print
Polyester Table Cover - All Over Print

DIY Table Covers

Making your own trade show table covers is a great project when you’re feeling artistic and in the creative spirit.

DIY isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need time, patience, and the ability to sew precisely.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • The fabric of your choice
  • A folding table
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins 
  • Measuring tape
  • Ironing board

In case you’d like the logo or an image printed on your table cover, you'll need:

  • An inkjet printer
  • An image or a photo.

After assembling all the items, the task is to sew a beautiful tablecloth that’s usable in a tradeshow, where there will be others—competitors—around.

If you’ve never attempted this before, you may have to check YouTube tutorials or Pinterest for some ideas.

Time is a factor you must consider. It’s going to take time to learn and create the perfect table cover.

If it looks good and you’re happy with what you’ve done, you’ll get to showcase your products with a tablecloth that you made from scratch.

Pros and Cons of DIY Table Covers

DIY is great, especially when you cannot afford a custom-made table cover for a trade show.

Consider the pros and cons of a DIY table cover:

Pros Cons
Great project to take on and enhance your creativity Without sewing skills, the result can be unexpected
Cheap if you have most of the items at home Expensive in the long run if you buy items you may never use again
You get to make exactly what you want yourself It could look amateurish at a tradeshow with lots of competitors
The time you could have spent preparing for the trade show presentation is spent working on a table cover
It’s not easy to incorporate your logo when you DIY

For DIY table covers, the cons outweigh the pros. Therefore, ordering a custom-made one is a savvier choice.

Stretch mural table cover
Stretch Mural Table Cover - All Over Print

Custom Made Table covers

Custom-made table covers come in handy if your homemade ones don't turn out as expected. They also offer a unique display in competitive events.

In a tradeshow where many brands showcasing similar products compete for attention, you want to really stand out.

You want them to recognize your brand and to remember you.

A custom-made table cover is the best way to turn your table into an advertising space. When it’s done professionally with the latest technology, the design is bright and colorful.

You have to keep investing in your business for it to grow. As such, when attending an important event, you need to be prepared and well represented.

Custom Tablecloth Options 

 At MVP Visuals, we offer different products suited for indoor and outdoor events.

  • Polyester table covers - Are perfect for outdoor events. They’re durable and come in a fitting or throw style.
  • Spandex table covers - These are fitted and look professional for indoor corporate events.
  • Convertible tablecloths - These can be transformed from fitting to throw style in a minute. They’re great if you’re attending many events.
  • Liquid repellent logo tablecloths - Are perfect for events with food and drinks sampling.
  • Table runners - Custom logos can be placed on top of a plain tablecloth.

See below what a custom table runner looks like.

Pros and Cons of Custom Made Table Covers

After you’ve invested in a quality tablecloth, you can store it and use it for several events.

Here are the pros and cons of custom table covers:

Pros Cons
Professional quality and superior looking It may take up to a week to receive the finished product
Expresses authority It may be expensive for a business that's just starting out
Brand uniqueness
It saves time, as ordering is easy
Durable and reusable

With the entire process made so easy, we can confirm that custom-made table covers are unique and worth every penny.

What People Say About MVP Visuals 

At MVP Visuals, we have made trade show table covers for some of the biggest brands in the world. We are masters in the art of personalized visual displays.

Our table covers are high quality and durable and come in spandex or polyester textiles.

We use the dye-sublimation printing method, an innovative technology that’s taking over the textile printing industry. It produces aesthetically pleasing designs that are bright and professional.

With over 50 colors to choose from, brand execution is effortless.

We’ve worked with Six Flags New England’s annual week-long Food and Brew Festival—an event with over 70 food and drink vendors and is attended by thousands.

Six Flags engaged us to help them stand out and be easy to spot in this highly successful event. You can check out more of our success stories and brands we’ve worked with.

Liquid repellant logo tablecloth

See what some of our customers had to say about the tablecloths from MVP Visuals.

“Great experience working with MVP! Fast service and excellent quality products for my business.”

“Our experience with MVP was exceptional, from design to the final delivery!

Would highly recommend.”

Dan Virkler

One of many polyester table runners
Polyester Table Runner

When and How to Order a Custom Table Cover

Making your own trade show table cover is an excellent project to undertake as a way to push your creative boundaries. It’s also something you can opt for if you’re unable to afford a custom-made one in the early stages of a business.

For a business’ profile to be elevated, you have to be professional and invest in your brand for it to flourish and bring in more sales.

In a competitive business environment, a custom table cover is not only essential but highly influential.

The time that you could’ve spent trying to sew a DIY tablecloth or table runner can be used to get ready for the trade show presentation.

At MVP Visuals, we believe in helping business owners take charge and bring out the authenticity of their brands.

If you’d like a sample, you can order one free of charge. It’ll be shipped within 24 hours of the request.

Getting your own custom tablecloth with your chosen logo or slogan is easy.

You can shop for table covers on our website right now or call our customer care on (888) 787-9612 to place your order.