Trade Show Essentials: Finding Your Furniture

Visuals are obviously an important part of planning out and setting up your trade show booth or event display. But don’t get carried away with banners and flags and forget about the essentials that create the organization and flow of your space: furniture!

Specifically, trade show tables and chairs help you design a floor plan for how your display area will be used and moved around in. They also help to create an inviting space that will welcome event-goers to come and look around, discuss your company, and exchange information. In terms of practical functionality, trade show tables and chairs will help your staff stay comfortable and professional during long hours at an event.

Cocktail Tables

cocktail tableThese tall, round tables are very common at conferences, events, trade shows and meetings. Cocktail tables can help you display your products or lay out information for visitors, and create a natural space for discussion and conversation with visitors who stop by your booth. If you’re planning on product demos, cocktail tables create an ideal surface for showing off.

We offer cocktail tables in two styles – one with an adjustable upright pole (3 heights) and the other with two uprights of different heights that can easily be swapped out. You can also choose from different diameters, and a wood finish or black marble finish. Our custom spandex table covers look great on cocktail tables as well!

Trade Show Tables

instant trade show tableLong, rectangular tables make up the centrepiece of many trade show booths. But having a large trade show table to improve your space doesn’t have to be a big, bulky inconvenience. We offer a folding Lifetime trade show table, and our instant trade show table completely deconstructs (no tools required) for easy transport.

Our trade show tables are heavy duty but still lightweight, since we have both durability and convenience in mind. Table covers are among our most popular visuals – any one of our custom polyester or spandex table covers, runners or table skirts would be a great way to display your logo for visitors to see.

Trade Show Chairs

Using trade show chairs as part of your booth or display setup is a good idea for functionality and style. The practical benefits of including a few chairs should be pretty obvious to anyone who’s ever sat in one (especially during those long event hours!), and you and your staff will be thankful for comfortable chairs that also improve the overall look and feel of your space.

Director's chairThe right chairs for your space will give it a professional, modern vibe – we offer both a simple, classic Lifetime folding chair (in sets of 4), and a director’s chair that even gives you space for custom branding, with printing or embroidery (or both).

At MVP Visuals, it shouldn’t be surprising that visuals are our speciality. But we also want to make every aspect of your trade show planning easy and effective, and offering the tables and chairs to improve your space is definitely part of that effort. Browse our table and chairs online, and then get in touch to talk quotes and details!

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