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Top Custom Tents for Lacrosse Teams

Top Custom Tents for Lacrosse Teams

Top Custom Tents for Lacrosse Teams


When you’re traveling to meets with other lacrosse teams, your team’s representation, from your lacrosse uniforms to your merchandise, can say a lot about your team’s sense of camaraderie and pride. Having a custom tent where your team can hang out, sell merchandise, and come together can help amp up your team spirit before a big game or tournament. At MVP Visuals, we understand the importance of your lacrosse team’s custom tent. That’s why we’ve designed this comprehensive guide to help you choose the best tent to represent your lacrosse team at your next big event.

Best Custom Pop Up Tents for Durability

When you’ve got a lacrosse team that may have multiple events a week, you need to be able to pack up your event tent quickly and set it up without worrying that it’s going to come apart at the seams. Durable custom pop up tents offer great versatility for lacrosse teams. They’re easily transportable, but by making a few key decisions affecting the durability of your tent, your investment can even a hard-wearing team for years.

Custom Pop Up Canopy

MVP Visuals Custom Lacrosse Tents

The first decision to make regarding your custom pop up tent comes in choosing the right pop up tent canopy.

Most pop up canopies are made from durable polyester fabric. Often, you’ll see brands advertising that they offer either 300, 400, or 600 Denier polyester fabric.

Without knowing the difference, you may find yourself tempted by the more budget-friendly 300 Denier fabric. But it’s important to know that the term “denier” is a bit like the term “thread-count” on sheets: the higher the number, the higher quality the fabric. For teams with multiple meets per week, investing in the more durable 600 Denier fabric can help your custom pop up tent last your team a much longer period of time.

Hexagon Leg Frame Custom Tents

There are two main types of pop up tent frames: frames with square legs and frames with hexagon legs. While the shape difference may not seem critical, hexagon-shaped legs are much more durable than square shaped legs.

When you’ve got games every weekend or back-to-back league events, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your custom tent frame is going to stand up to all the wear and tear. Investing in a hexagon leg framed custom tent ensures your team isn’t wasting time battling dented tent poles when they should be preparing for their game.

Custom Pop Up Tent Warranties

Even with the best pop up tents on the market, accidents happen. That’s why you always want to pay attention to a manufacturer’s warranty before investing in a custom pop up tent for your lacrosse team.

Warranties can last anywhere from a few months to a lifetime. Though longer warranties often cost more money up front, they may be worth it if they protect your team’s investment and allow you to attend multiple events per week without worrying that your pop up tent is going to break down.

Best Custom Lacrosse Tent Design

MVP Visuals Custom Pop Up Tent with Logos

In an instant, you want your lacrosse team’s tent to alert family, friends, and team members to your spot at an event. Custom tent design not only showcases your team pride to the other lacrosse teams at an event, but it also serves as an event beacon so that any latecomers to your event can instantly meet up with the team, get changed, and be ready to hit the field.

Pop Up Tent with Logo

Your team’s logo was designed to have a big impact. What better way to have that impact than to blow your logo up and print it boldly on the peak of your tent canopy?

Some manufacturers will offer a printing discount if you print in just one color or on just a specific portion of your tent canopy. Even better, though, are manufacturers that will offer full customization while still maintaining low prices. A pop up tent with logo design can be a great way to represent your team without investing your entire budget in tent design. Choosing sharp, contrasting colors between your logo and your canopy can help you make the most out of this design choice.

Mascots and Other Design Ideas

MVP Visuals Custom Mascot Tent

If you have a slightly larger budget, you can strike fear into the hearts of the other teams by investing in pop up tent design that takes advantage of every square inch of canopy space allowed. Put your team name in bold letters, blow up a fearsome rendition of your team’s mascot, and be prepared to stand out from all the other lacrosse teams on the field that day.

Even if you don’t have a full marketing team available for your custom tent design, you can put together a full-color canopy that will stand out. Contact your manufacturer to see if they have templates that you can work with to make the most out of your custom pop up tent design.

Custom Lacrosse Tent Special Considerations

As a lacrosse team, you have special considerations for your pop up tents that other brands don’t necessarily have to deal with. Lacrosse teams are dedicated. Events can be crowded with teams and fans alike, and your dedication to your sport means that a spot of rain doesn’t necessarily mean your event is cancelled.

10' x 20' Custom Tents for Lacrosse

MVP Visuals 10x20 Custom Lacrosse Tent

Though a 10 x 10 pop up tent may be fine for a lacrosse team that’s just getting its feet wet, big teams or organizations that host packed tournaments need tents with a larger footprint.

10’ x 20’ custom tents for lacrosse teams are a versatile option for teams that need more leg room. At large tournament events, these tents can be used to sell merchandise from or they can be an easy food and drink spot for team members on the go.

Water Repellent Custom Canopy Tents

Back-to-back events all season long is a recipe for having some games in less-than-perfect weather. While a downpour might be enough to get a game cancelled, on-and-off sprinkling throughout the day usually isn’t. Your team may be stuck outside for hours at a time as the rain comes and goes, not knowing whether or not they need to be ready to hit the field.

While many custom pop up tents come with water repellent coating on them, not all custom tents come that way. Make sure you check with your tent’s manufacturer before you buy. There’s nothing more miserable than sitting around in soggy uniforms waiting for game time. Water repellent custom canopy tents give your team a dry place to hang out even on a wet day.

Unique Lacrosse Tent Options

Though custom pop up tents are by far the most common tent option for lacrosse teams, they aren’t the only option. Maybe you already have a custom pop up tent for away events and are looking for something unique for events that you host, or maybe you need something to set your lacrosse team apart from the other teams at an upcoming event.

Whatever the case may be, there are a number of unique lacrosse tent options for teams looking to branch out from the typical pop up tent design.

Custom Star-Shaped Tents

Star shaped tents are great for teams or organizations that are hosting large tournaments and need a tent with a really big footprint. These gorgeous tents offer eye-catching design in 360 degrees: no matter what angle you’re standing at, it’s hard to miss the sloping peaks of the star-shaped tents.

MVP Visuals Custom Star Shape Tent

Star-shaped tents have the added benefit of working great in all weather conditions. The points of the star come down lower than with a traditional pop-up tent, offering more protection against high winds. On rainy days, the rain will be drawn down the peaks of the star and away from the center, meaning fewer leaks and an even drier location for your team to congregate.

Custom Misting Tents

 Custom Inflatable Misting Tents

If you’re looking for a fun place where your team can cool off after a hard game, look no further than a custom misting tent. These tents are designed to stay cool on a hot day. They make a perfect beverage tent, especially if you have back-to-back tournament matches and need your team to be able to cool off and rehydrate quickly between games.

Caring for Your Custom Lacrosse Tent

Whether you purchase a custom pop-up tent, a star-shaped tent, or a custom misting tent, your investment is worth protecting. Caring properly for your custom lacrosse tent will help it last as long as possible and will allow your team to get the most out of their tent.

Although you should always follow your tent manufacturer’s specific instructions regarding how many people to use to set up your specific tent, there are some care instructions common to all custom indoor/outdoor event tents:

  • Cleaning: Always clean your tent canopy using a damp cloth and a gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach as they can strip your design, as well as any weather-proof coatings, away from your canopy fabric.
  • Storing: Make sure your tent is completely dry before you store it. Store your tent in a cool, dry location. Extreme temperatures - either hot or cold - can ruin your tent, while dampness can lead to mold, mildew, or even rust.
  • Using: Don't yank or tug on your tent when setting it up. Use enough people that you can easily reach all edges of your tent. Be sure to stake your tent down or use weights to keep it firmly in place and always take your tent down if winds are going to be over 15 mph.

Choosing the Right Custom Lacrosse Tent for Your Team

MVP Visuals Lacrosse Tents

Your lacrosse team isn't exactly like any other lacrosse team in the country. So it stands to reason that your best tent isn't going to be the same as your rival's best tent. Choosing the best tent for your team involves looking at your team's schedule, needs, and budget. Once you've decided the type of custom tent you want, do your research on manufacturers. The best manufacturer for your team will have been in the business for a while and will have experience working with other lacrosse teams. Check their online reviews and reach out to their customer service team. Always double-check your research against your gut: if something doesn't feel right about a tent manufacturer, it's probably not the right manufacturer for you!


Here at MVP Visuals, we have years of experience designing and supplying custom tents for lacrosse teams all over the country. We've worked with US Lacrosse, Major League Lacrosse team the Boston Cannons, and more! Shop our custom canopy tents today.

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