Top Custom Printed Tents for Breweries

Top Custom Printed Tents for Breweries


After working tirelessly to craft the perfect beer, the last thing you need is for your brewery marketing to feel stale. Whether you’re throwing an event of your own to showcase your brewery or you’re attending a local fair or trade show, your event marketing strategy is key to enticing customers to try your craft beer. A plain-colored table with some solo cups on it isn’t enough to get the job done. Instead, you’ll find you have the most luck when you invest in a customized event tent that’s right for your brand.

Most breweries find that custom pop up tents are right for their needs. But even among custom pop up tents, there are many choices to make, from the shape and material of the frame to the material and print of the canvas. No two breweries are the same, meaning that no two breweries should make the exact same decisions regarding the best custom tents for their brand. In this guide, we’ll help you determine how your specific budget and needs should dictate the best brewery tent for you.

Best Custom Pop Up Tent Frame

The first decision to make about your custom pop up tent is the best frame for your needs. There are two major types of custom tent frames: frames with square legs and frames with hexagon legs.

Custom Tent Frame with Square Legs

Custom tent frames with square legs are popular for breweries that are just getting started with event marketing and breweries on tight budgets.

Square legged frames are cheaper to manufacture than hexagon legged frames. However, this budget-friendly design choice comes at a cost. Most tent frames with square legs only have a 30mm diameter. You’ll find that these tent frames are not as sturdy as tent frames with hexagon legs.

Frames with square legs may offer less style variety. Generally, you’ll only be able to purchase these frames in stainless steel, while hexagon frames may come in more options, giving you a choice of steel or aluminum.

Custom Tent Frame with Hexagon Legs

For brands with a slightly bigger budget, tent frames with hexagon legs may be a wise investment. These tent frames are wider at the base and more rugged. You'll see this reflected in the warranty of the frames, which depending on the manufacturer will last anywhere from a few years to "lifetime" on hexagon leg frames, versus a couple of years on square leg frames.

Best Custom Brewery Tent Canopy

Once you've chosen the right frame for your brewery tent, the next step is to choose your tent canopy. There are two major factors to consider when it comes to your tent canopy: the fabric and your custom tent design.

Canopy Tent Fabric

MVP Visuals Custom Brewery Tent

The canopy tent fabric you choose determines how long your canopy will last and how well your custom design will show up. When considering the best custom tent fabric for your brand, you need to not only look at your budget but also look into the manufacturer’s fine print.

| 300 Denier vs. 600 Denier Fabric

Denier refers to the thickness of a textile. Think of it like the thread count on sheets: the higher the number, the higher the quality fabric.

For straight-up durability, 600 Denier fabric is stronger and longer-lasting than 300 Denier fabric. 600 Denier fabric also prints with a more true-to-tone color, meaning your design will show up more vividly on 600 Denier fabric than on 300 Denier, or similar thickness, fabrics.

Quality comes with a price tag, however. For budget-conscious breweries, especially those who only have a couple of events a year, 300 Denier fabric may offer the savings they need to invest in other marketing avenues at their events.

| Checking the Fine Print

Although you would think that all pop up tents for breweries would be water repellent, this isn’t always the case. Check with the manufacturer to ensure you understand exactly what kind of coating is applied to the canopy, and whether it’s water repellent, UV resistant, fire retardant - or all three. All of these factors should be considered before making your purchase, especially if you plan to use your pop up tent at outdoor brewery events.

Brewery Canopy Design

Designing the canopy that will advertise your brewery takes a practiced eye and an understanding of best pop up tent design tactics.

If you can, you should use Pantone colors rather than CMYK colors. Pantone colors print more consistently across different materials, meaning that your pop up tent canvas, your tablecloth, your tent flags, and any other marketing materials you use will have a better chance of matching in color tone. The same can not be said when you use CMYK colors, even with manufacturers who claim to offer true-color or color-matching services.

Customers respond better to tents that look well kept over time. For this reason, you want a tent that’s easy to keep clean. So, it’s probably best to avoid white as your background color. Darker colors don’t show dirt as readily, so even on day three of a long event, they still look beautifully professional.

Finally, keep in mind the placement of your messaging. The peak of your pop up tent is seen from furthest away, making it the most popular location for large, eye-catching marketing like your logo, your company name, or a picture of your craft beer. The valance, on the other hand, hangs just over your customers’ heads, making it a great spot for your phone number, website, or social media information.

Custom Tent Bundles and Kits

One way to save money on brewery marketing is by bundling your choices. Many custom tent manufacturers will give you a discount if you bundle your purchases through them. By choosing one manufacturer you like and making all your event marketing decisions up front, you can save a lot of money while putting together a cohesive design your customers will appreciate.

MVP Visuals Custom Tent Bundle

Bundle Your Custom Tent for Brewery Events

Your custom pop up tent isn’t the only marketing material you need at your next event. At the very least, if you’re going to be handing out product samples, you’ll want a water-repellent custom table cover. Side walls and custom flags can further enhance the effectiveness of your marketing. Check with your chosen pop up tent manufacturer to see what kinds of custom event bundles they have to choose from.

MVP Visuals Brewery Tent Bundle

Saving Money on Brewery Tents by Buying in Bulk

If you’re hosting a brewery event, you may need more than one tent. For example, you may need one custom pop up tent to check IDs at, another custom pop-up tent to serve snacks at, and maybe a misting tent to keep your craft beers cool beneath. Some manufacturers may allow you to buy custom pop up tents in bulk so that you can get everything you need for your big event in one fell swoop.

Protecting Your Investment

Whether you choose a square frame or a hexagon frame, or 300 Denier or 600 Denier fabric, your brewery’s custom pop up tent is only as good as the time you put into caring for it properly. To ensure your tent lives its longest possible life, you need to protect your investment throughout each event.

  • Event Set-Up: Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions when setting up your custom pop up tent, including using the right number of people. Never yank hard on your canopy fabric or tent frame. Secure your pop-up tent using stakes or weights, and never use your pop up tent in winds over 15mph.
  • Cleaning: Always clean your tent canopy using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach, which can strip the design from your canopy and ruin your tent. Check your frame for rust, and be sure both the tent and frame are completely dry before storing.
  • Transportation & Storage: Fold your tent canopy along its natural creases so that it comes out looking professional. Wrap your stakes separate from your canopy and be sure to store your tent in a cool, dry location. When storing or transporting your tent, be sure not to place anything heavy on top. 

The more care you take with your investment, the better chance you have of it lasting not just through its warranty, but well beyond. Save money and do more with your event marketing by spending a little extra time protecting your investment.

Choosing the Right Custom Tent for Your Brewery

There is no one perfect pop up tent for all breweries. Just as your beers are meticulously crafted for your customers, so, too, should your marketing strategy be crafted. Look to your budget and your specific event needs to make the best decisions about your custom pop up tent. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • How often will I be using this tent?
  • How long do I need this tent to last?
  • What's my budget for this event?
  • What message am I trying to tell my customers?

Once you’ve decided on the right custom canopy for your brewery, find a manufacturer you trust to create it for you. A good manufacturer should be happy to talk to you about your specific needs. They should be able to explain their pricing factors in a way that makes sense without sneaking hidden fees in at the last minute. Most importantly, they should have a proven track record for delivering high-quality products that their customers love. Do your research and be sure to check a manufacturer's reviews before making a purchase, just as you’d expect your customers to read reviews before buying your beer.

At MVP Visuals, we've had years of experience offering custom canopy tents and other branded event materials to breweries across America. Shop our custom tents collection online anytime, or request a quote so our reps can get in touch to address your needs!


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