Tent Accessories That Glam Up Your Boring Display

Tent Accessories That Glam Up Your Boring Display

Whether you're displaying indoors or outdoors, a tent can be your most convenient (and impressive) tool to draw in customers. However, it's easy to just set up a shelter and forget about it - leaving your display as just another tent in the midst of many. Tent accessories keep your display from being boring and give you a chance to really impress your customers.

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What tent accessories can I get?


Tents come with an printed or non-printed canopy and a steel or aluminum frame, but sometimes, you want more than that. Maybe you want coverage so your product is stored out of sight, or you want visitors to enter and exit your tent from specific sides. A sidewall or railskirt can help with both of these needs.

These barriers provide you with additional coverage, giving you an extra branded area and an easy setup that allows you to easily attach to your tent's existing frame.

What is the difference between sidewalls and railskirts?

While they may be similar, there are some pretty big differences between a sidewall and a railskirt. Here are some differences between the two:

Railskirts are only 1 meter high. They provide the "wrap-around" that allows ground-level coverage while still providing an open tent. Railskirts can be custom printed on one or both sides depending on your advertising needs.

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Sidewalls are tall walls that provide a means to close off your shelter. Use one sidewall as a backdrop, or fully enclose your tent for privacy purposes. We offer 5 types of sidewalls:

  • Standard Sidewalls
  • Panorama walls with clear vinyl
  • Food Booth walls with food grade certified mesh
  • Vinyl Mesh Walls
  • Sidewalls with Middle Zippers

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Railskirts and sidewalls can also be combined to create a kiosk-style exhibit booth.

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MVP Tip: Save money printing your sidewall by only printing the top 2/3 of the wall or using the same logo as the peak or valance.

Sky banners

Want to take your message to the next level? A sky banner is a great option to add more information to your shelter without disrupting your existing display. These banners secure above your tent's valances, acting like a billboard and displaying your message prominently.

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Blade flags attach to the side of your tent to ensure that your message reaches a larger audience. These sleek, tall flags are made to stand out. Blade flags come in a single side reverse print and are offered in 3 sizes: 11', 16' and 21'.

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Tear Drop flags are tight, tear-drop shaped flags that keep their shape rather than billowing freely in the wind. These can be printed single or double sided and are available in a 9', 11' or 14' size.

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Corner flags attach to your shelter's frame for an easy addition to the top of your tent. These flags come in four different styles for a small added flair.


Additional Accessories


Of course, with all your tent accessories, you want to make sure you are able to store and transport your items in a convenient manner. Grab a bag or carry case for both your accessories and your shelter, making your travel and setup easy.

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Weights & Stakes

Want to make sure your tent resists the weather? Add weight bags or stakes to your set-up for added security whether you're on grass or concrete. Weight bags will add an additional 40 lbs to each leg of your tent.

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How do you make your tent glam? Share your favorite tent accessories with us below.

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