Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print

5 Industry Tips for the Best Tablecloth Banner

You’re in the market for a tablecloth to grace your booth with at an upcoming trade show.

You know you need an attention-grabber that brings customers to your booth and leaves your brand etched in their minds. Shopping shouldn't take you more than a minute, you think.

So you head over to MVP Visuals, ready to place your order.

A quick look through our custom tablecloths collection, and you discover there's a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and fabrics to choose from. This might take longer than you thought.

To help you narrow them down and choose the perfect tablecloth, we've rounded up the top tips you should look out for when shopping.

Match the Material to the Occasion

Before settling for that glamourous tablecloth that looks like everything you imagined, ask about its fabric. Some materials can’t stand the scorching sun in outdoor events or turn into an unsightly mess from all the spills during your organic juice demo.

Here are the most common types of fabrics for tablecloths and what they’re best for:


full color custom logo

Polyester is packed with a plethora of features that make it an irresistible cloth material. It’s durable, affordable, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable. It also comes with a liquid-repellent option.

Choose polyester tablecloths if:

  • You’re on a tight budget and need a low-priced quality tablecloth.
  • You're attending outdoor events where your table gets exposed to the sun.
  • You expect spills from your food demos and don't want to deal with stubborn stains later.
  • Your event calendar is full, and you need a long-lasting custom printed trade show tablecloth that always looks crisp.


Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print
Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print

Your business is targeting high-end clients who have an eye for elegance. Draping your tablecloths with sleek spandex covers entices these customers to your booth. 

Besides, you can’t be offering top-dollar exclusive products with a tablecloth that reeks of a cheap, hurriedly sewn material.

Consider spandex tablecloths if:

  • Your company has an upscale image.
  • You have a flexible budget—it’s pricier than polyester.
  • You prefer a wash-and-go tablecloth—it’s 100% wrinkle-free and won’t need ironing after washing because the taut weave fits snugly on your table.


Outdoor Table Cover - Front Panel Print
Outdoor Table Cover - Front Panel Print

Outdoor events can be quite unpredictable—abrupt rainfall could soak your tablecloth, strong winds might blow everything away and ruin your setup, and a burst of unrelenting sunshine will make your cloth gradually fade.

Go for canvas tablecloths if:

  • You hold regular events in the open and need a heavy-duty, waterproof, and tear-resistant tablecloth that can handle everything nature throws at it.
  • You prefer an easy-to-maintain tablecloth that doesn’t need machine-washing—sponge clean and pack it for your next exhibition.

Measure Your Table to Get the Exact Tablecloth Size 

A baggy, shapeless tablecloth can make your booth look disorganized, while a tight, small one comes off as tacky and cheap. This isn't the look your brand is after.

If the event organizers provide promotional tables, you’ll need to confirm their sizes. If you carry your own, measure it before placing your order.

Most table covers come in these standard sizes:

Standard Table Sizes Standard Tablecloth Measurements
Rectangle 4ft table 24in X 4ft X 29in height
Rectangle 6ft table 30in X 6ft X 29in height
Rectangle 8 ft table 30 in X 8ft X 29in height
Round Cocktail table 30 in round X 42in height

Pro tip: If you want more flexibility, go for a convertible table cover with a hidden velcro hook and loop that allows you to adjust its size to fit a 6ft or 8ft table.

See how easy it is to adjust:

If you have a unique table, though, you’ll need to take its dimensions to get a custom tablecloth.

Choose a Functional Tablecloth Style 

Your tablecloth should be not only attractive but also functional for the employees who man the booth. They need to store and reach for more stock under the table and stretch their legs when they want to.

The most common table cover styles include:

Table Throw

Polyester Table Cover - 1 Color Front Panel Print
Polyester Table Cover - 1 Color Front Panel Print

Go for this flexible style if you’re looking for a cloth that you can use on various table sizes.

Our table throws come with rounded corners that give it an elegant drape with smooth edges, so you don’t have to worry about a bulky look.

Fitted Tablecloth

Fitted Tablecloth

Choose a fitted tablecloth if you’ll be using a specific table size. 

Since it’s tailor-made with the table’s dimensions in mind, it fits perfectly without being too tight or too loose, giving your table a polished look.

Stretch Table Cover

Stretch Table Cover

Made with spandex, this table cloth stretches over your table to give you a snug fit. Unlike fitted cloths, it can fit a variety of table sizes, giving you more flexibility.

Open Back Tablecloth

Open Back Tablecloth

Will you be sitting on one side of the table and need to quickly access the marketing products you’ve stored underneath? This 3-sided tablecloth is the perfect choice.

Closed Back Tablecloth

Closed Back Tablecloth

If your promotional table gets placed in the open where customers can approach from any angle, then a 4-sided tablecloth ensures you look good from all sides.

Since under the table gets completely covered, you’ll have a secure and discreet storage space.

Pro tip: If you love the neat look of closed-back cloths but would like to easily access stored items under your table, get a cover with zipper backs. 

Be Colorful; Plain is Boring

Everyone brings their A-game to the exhibition with colorful branded booths stocked with promotional items. A plain tablecloth will go unnoticed, and you don’t want that.

There are options for:

Front Panel Print

Front Panel Print

Perfect if:

  • Customers only see the front part of your table, and you use the tabletop to display promotional items or for demonstrations.
  • You’re on a tight budget but still need a full-color tablecloth—it’s cheaper than an all-over print.

To cut costs even further, consider a 1 color front panel print and get your logo, brand name, or any monochrome art displayed on your table cloth.

All Over Print

table print

Although it’s pricier than front panel print, all-over print gives you an unlimited space to get creative and make the tablecloth of your dreams.

If you want to dazzle customers from every angle with a colorful tablecloth printed on every inch, this print style is right for you.

However, if you prefer the simple and flexible style of plain tablecloths, you can dress them with personalized table runners to fit the occasion. 

Dye-Sublimation Printing is King

If you’re going for a custom tablecloth, you’ll need to choose a method that gives you realistic, high-quality images that don’t fade or bleed after many uses and washes.

You’ll come across two common printing methods:

  • Dye-sublimation—involves using sublimation inks, transfer paper, and a heat press to fully embed the image into the material.
  • Screen printing—involves using mesh screens with the image design to transfer inks onto the fabric’s surface.

While each has its advantages, dye-sublimation almost always beats screen printing.

Dye-sub printing is best for:

  • Complex, colorful designs
  • High image quality with vibrancy and clarity
  • Polyester fabrics with a white or light-colored background
  • Long-term use because the image doesn’t fade
  • Small volume orders with intricate designs
  • Quick delivery because the setup process is fast

You should go for screen printing if you need:

  • Simple and one-color images
  • To print on any material with no limitations
  • High volume orders because it’s cheaper to print in bulk

Order Your Custom Printed Tablecloth from MVP Visuals

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