Steel vs. Aluminum for Custom Tent Frames: Which is Best?

Steel vs. Aluminum for Custom Tent Frames: Which is Best?

We've been helping out our customers since 2006 choose the right custom printed tent for them. Rightfully so, our customers are most often concerned with the custom printed canopy top - the piece of the tent that makes your brand really pop and gets your message out to bring in new customers.

What we're going to talk about now is the other piece of the tent: the frame. There are two main types, aluminum and steel, and we'll go into why the choice between them is so important to keep top of mind when ordering your custom tent.

Steel Frames for Custom Tents

Here at MVP Visuals, our most popular type of frame is steel, and we actually offer it in two different shapes. This is pretty standard around the industry; one has square-shaped legs, and the other has hexagonal-shaped legs.

Square Leg Steel Frames

Our four-sided square leg steel frame comes with a one-year warranty and has a weight of about 45lbs, which is common for this type of steel tent frame. Square leg steel frames are really great for brands who maybe aren't using their tent as frequently - some sports clubs, businesses with very occasional events, or people who are setting up at different markets once a month or a handful of times a year, as these are our most cost-effective frames.

Hexagon Leg Steel Frames

This type, a six-sided hexagon leg steel frame, is our most popular style of frame that we offer at MVP. This tent frame sports a two-year warranty from us, and is awesome for a little more zealous user - sports teams with events and tournaments every weekend, or larger brands that are doing activations all the time and needing to ship their promotional materials all over the country. They're super durable and have more surface area in terms of the width of the leg, and the overall weight of the frame. In terms of the weight, our hexagon leg steel frame runs at about 52lbs, in line with other similar frames on the market. 

Aluminum Frames for Custom Tents

Aluminum is the last frame type that we offer. Our aluminum custom tent frame is also a six-sided hexagonal leg style, like its steel counterpart in our lineup. What sets the two frames apart, however, is that aluminum is more durable than steel. Not only is it a stronger frame, but it's more lightweight than steel frame options. Aluminum tent frames are usually around 30-40lbs, and ours is no different - at 37lbs, it makes transport and setup a total breeze.

Keep in mind, though, that aluminum is a more expensive material. Aluminum tent frames will run you a higher cost upfront, but along with that will come a longer life and a longer warranty. For us, it's a lifetime warranty. You can be really confident, because we are, that this aluminum tent frame is going to last you a long time.

Which Custom Tent Frame is Best?

To answer the age-old question - which frame is best for your custom printed canopy? - there is no right answer! 

It really comes down to your budget and to your needs. They're all great options, and we put all of our guarantees behind each one that we offer.

If you have any questions or still need help deciding, our team is available to help you Monday through Friday. Reach out to us via email at, call (800) 980-6871, or use our Live Chat during business hours.

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